Harry S Truman Fiftieth Election Anniversary 1948-1998
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The Election Remembered

Closing Thoughts

Clark Clifford, special counsel to President Truman, reflected on why Truman won in 1948. "It wasn't in my opinion because he was a skilled politician that he won. He was a good politician...a sensible politician...But that wasn't why he was elected President...It was the remarkable courage in the man-his refusal to be discouraged, his willingness to go through the suffering of that campaign, the fatigue, the will to fight every step of the way, the will to win...It wasn't Harry Truman the politician who won, it was Harry Truman the man."

(McCullough, David. Truman. Simon & Schuster: New York, 1992. Page 654)

photo of Harry S Truman

Harry S Truman
President of the
United States of America
1948 - 1953

The Missouri State Archives would like to thank everyone who contibuted to this commemoration of Harry Truman's election.



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