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1840: A Revolution in Treatment

1851: A Place for a Cure

1870: Long Term Care

1900: Emerging Treatments

1900-1960: Tuberculosis

1956: Spiritual Health

1900-1980: Carnivals & Amusements

1900-1960: Life on the Ward

1960-1980: Life on the Wards

1930-1950: New Treatments

1950 to the Present: Drug Therapy

1947: Occupational Therapy

1930-1966: Surgical Treatment

1988: Social Learning Program

1957: Youth Program

1980: Outpatient Treatment

The Hopeful Future

1900-1980: Carnivals & Amusements

Medical therapy alone could not foster recovery. A guiding strategy of the hospital was to combine medical treatment with amusement, exercise, and physical labor. Activities designed to relieve the monotony of life on the wards included walking in the gardens, playing croquet, reading, watching films, performing in musicals and dramas, and playing baseball, cards, or billiards. Patients and staff also participated in the hospital's annual carnival, with its rides, games, and live entertainment.

Patients in costume at a Halloween party.
Fulton State Hospital

Patients in costume at a Halloween party.

Some images in this exhibition have been electronically altered to protect the identity of past and present hospital patients.

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