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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
Bensler, Joseph France Clark 1886 view details
Blakely, Samuel England Clark 1885 view details
Cordas, John Germany Clark 1886 view details
Dammermann, Otto Herman Germany Clark 1926 view details
Denham, James Great Britain Clark 1886 view details
Enders, William Germany Clark 1884 view details
Feldhansen, Wilhem Germany Clark 1884 view details
Gangler, Martin Germany Clark 1884 view details
Gearing, Henry Germany Clark 1886 view details
Guler, William H. Switzerland Clark 1920 view details
Hassle, Moders Germany Clark 1884 view details
Heigel, Eugine France Clark 1884 view details
Hernandez, Basillio Mexico Clark 1919 view details
Jansen, Carl Holland Clark 0 view details
Jansen, Carl Holland Clark 1911 view details
Jansen, John William Holland Clark 0 view details
Jette, Frederick Germany Clark 1884 view details
Kirker, Frank Bavaria Clark 1885 view details
Lalone, Elias Canada Clark 1926 view details
Lalone, Nina Clark 1926 view details
Lang, Jacob Switzerland Clark 1885 view details
Nixon, John Great Britain Clark 1886 view details
Savage, Thomas Great Britain Clark 1884 view details
Thompson, Benjamin Franklin Missouri Clark 0 view details
Vernkohl, Ernest Germany Clark 1886 view details
Walker, Samuel Great Britain Clark 1885 view details
Winkler, Henry Germany Clark 1884 view details