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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
Tassi, Ernest France Macon 1915 view details
Tassi, Nazzareno Italy Macon 1911 view details
Tholl, Frank Macon 1905 view details
Traise, William England Macon 1917 view details
Traussning, Mathis Austria Macon 1908 view details
Vanoni, Auselmo Macon 1920 view details
Vanoni, Tony Italy Macon 1912 view details
Venturoni, Joseph Italy Macon 1915 view details
Venturoni, Joseph Italy Macon 1915 view details
Venturoni, Joseph Italy Macon 1926 view details
Venturoni, Joseph Macon 1930 view details
Viers, Charles Canada Macon 1920 view details
Viers, Stephen Canada Macon 1920 view details
Vittorio, Prestino Italy Macon 1942 view details
Vobornik, Frank Germany Macon 1917 view details
Vobornik, Frank Macon 1917 view details
Wagner, August Macon 1911 view details
Walton, Joseph Osmen Macon 1938 view details
Weber, August Germany Macon 1919 view details
Weber, August Macon 1923 view details
Westerberg, Iwar Sweden Macon 1908 view details
Williams, Alfred Wales Macon 1918 view details
Williams, Ellen Welsh Macon 1936 view details
Williams, George Russia Macon 1911 view details
Williams, John R. Wales Macon 1912 view details
Williams, John Richard Macon 1914 view details
Zaleuke, Richard Germany Macon 1910 view details
Zaleuke, Richard Macon 1914 view details
Zapuder, Frank Macon 1904 view details
Zatelly, Robert Italy Macon 1911 view details
Zuccarini, Josephine Macon 1940 view details
Zweien, Gustav East Germany Macon 1954 view details
Zweier, Wilhelmine East Germany Macon 1914 view details