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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
Lalli, John Italy Macon 1928 view details
Lapini, Zio Italy Macon 1915 view details
Larsen, Christian Frederick Denmark Macon 1917 view details
Larsen, Christian Frederick Denmark Macon 1917 view details
Larson, Charles Macon 1917 view details
Laske, Richard Germany Macon 1924 view details
Lauwaret, Alfonso Macon 1916 view details
Lauwaret, Theopfeil Belgium Macon 1918 view details
Lenzini, Amedeo Italy Macon 1941 view details
Lenzini, Amedeo Macon 1946 view details
Lenzini, Domenica Italy Macon 1941 view details
Lenzini, Domenica Macon 1944 view details
Lenzini, Joe Italy Macon 1909 view details
Lenzini, Rosina Italy Macon 1943 view details
Lenzini, Rosina Macon 1945 view details
Lewis, Owen Thomas England Macon 1916 view details
Lewis, Thomas Wales Macon 1914 view details
Liebhart, Larorus Austria Macon 1913 view details
Liebhart, Lazarus Macon 1913 view details
Lifshutz, Keile Macon 1941 view details
Loli, John Italy Macon 1908 view details
Lolli, Domenica Italy Macon 1936 view details
Lolli, Domenico Macon 1940 view details
Lolli, John Macon 1931 view details
Loske, Herman Germany Macon 1936 view details
Lowery, Elizabeth K. Macon 1941 view details
Madona, Albert Italy Macon 1925 view details
Madona, Albert Macon 1930 view details
Maillet, Lucien France Macon 1914 view details
Mana, Pater Italy Macon 1912 view details
Manera, Domenic Bruno Macon 1939 view details
Manera, Giovanni B. Italy Macon 1939 view details
Manera, Giovanni B. Macon 1941 view details
Manera, John Italy Macon 1930 view details
Marchetti, Barney Italy Macon 1915 view details
Marchetti, Cesare Italy Macon 1941 view details
Marchetti, Cesare Macon 1945 view details
Marchetti, Crucifissa Italy Macon 1941 view details
Mardini, Stephen Italy Macon 1916 view details
Marra, Maria Macon 1941 view details
Marra, Pete Macon 1932 view details
Marra, Peter Italy Macon 1920 view details
Marra, Peter Italy Macon 1928 view details
McCoard, Alice Russell Macon 1945 view details
McGrath, Katherine England Macon 1919 view details
Mellini, Guiseppe Macon 1922 view details
Merinc, Faustino Italy Macon 1927 view details
Merini, Faustine Macon 1931 view details
Michael, David Wales Macon 1917 view details
Mingo, Eurico Italy Macon 1917 view details
Minzo, Ennis Macon 1917 view details
Mircs, George Austria Macon 1908 view details
Montgomery, Edgar Canada Macon 1907 view details
Morelli, Angelo France Macon 1914 view details
Morris, John England Macon 1916 view details
Morris, John Lloyd England Macon 1910 view details
Musbaum, Carl Poland Macon 1917 view details
Nardini, Arcongioto Italy Macon 1917 view details
Nardini, Giovand Italy Macon 1917 view details
Nerini, Catarina Macon 1940 view details
Nerini, Rosa Italy Macon 1941 view details
Nezzi, Barto Italy Macon 1914 view details
Nicolai, Marianina Macon 1940 view details
Nicolai, Primo Italy Macon 1920 view details
Nicolai, Primo Italy Macon 1937 view details
Nicolai, Primo Macon 1939 view details
Nizzi, Alfred Italy Macon 1910 view details
Nizzi, Bartolo Macon 1915 view details
Nizzi, Battista Macon 1910 view details
Nobis, John Paul Germany Macon 1911 view details
Oates, Joseph England Macon 1919 view details
Ostertag, Rosa Germany Macon 1938 view details
Ostertag, Rosa Macon 1941 view details
Pagliai, Anunziata Macon 1943 view details
Pagliai, Frank France Macon 1919 view details