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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
Brugioni, Lente Macon 1931 view details
Brugioni, Lento Italy Macon 1927 view details
Brugioni, Olinto France Macon 1910 view details
Bruno, Dominic Italy Macon 1925 view details
Bruno, Enrica Macon 1942 view details
Bruno, James Jim Italy Macon 1925 view details
Bruno, Jeasseph Italy Macon 1925 view details
Bruno, Poul Italy Macon 1925 view details
Bunichia, Joe Italy Macon 1925 view details
Burghardt, Geo Macon 0 view details
Burgioni, Charley Italy Macon 1937 view details
Burns, Gangale Macon 1916 view details
Bushakra, Fouad Syria Macon 1914 view details
Busiese, Theoppile France Macon 1920 view details
Cadrobbi, Marciso Holland Macon 1911 view details
Cannon, Mike Macon 1940 view details
Cerva, Charles Macon 1941 view details
Cerva, Charley Italy Macon 1938 view details
Cerva, Mary Macon 1942 view details
Chiarotti, Sem Italy Macon 1908 view details
Christiansen, Carl Norway Macon 1935 view details
Christiansen, Elizabeth Macon 1941 view details
Christinsen, Carl Macon 1938 view details
Coils, Samuel Italy Macon 1914 view details
Coils, Samuel England Macon 1914 view details
Colo, Pietro Italy Macon 1938 view details
Colo, Pietro Macon 1941 view details
Colombatto, Antonio Italy Macon 1921 view details
Colombatto, Dominic Macon 1915 view details
Colombatto, Georgeo Italy Macon 1916 view details
Conci, Francisco Austria Macon 1910 view details
Contratti, Giovanni Macon 1939 view details
Contratto, Andrew France Macon 1922 view details
Contratto, Andrew Italy Macon 1941 view details
Contratto, Andrew Contito Macon 1944 view details
Contratto, Battista Italy Macon 1936 view details
Contratto, Giacomo Macon 1938 view details
Contratto, Giovanni Italy Macon 1937 view details
Contucha, John Italy Macon 1910 view details
Coppi, Dominick Italy Macon 1914 view details
Coppi, Francesco Italy Macon 1940 view details
Coppi, Francesco Macon 1944 view details
Coppi, Francisco Italy Macon 1914 view details
Crovetti, John Italy Macon 1914 view details
Culler, Thomas Scotland Macon 1912 view details
Dack, Norman Canada Macon 1917 view details
Dante, Domenic France Macon 1919 view details
Davies, James Wales Macon 1908 view details
Davies, William Wales Macon 1910 view details
Davis, George C. Canada Macon 1914 view details
Davis, George Conway Macon 1914 view details
De Ioli, Dominic Italy Macon 1908 view details
Di Varmo, Lesbo G.F. Italy Macon 1937 view details
Donati, Adamo Italy Macon 1939 view details
Donati, Adamo Macon 1941 view details
Donati, Adamo Macon 1943 view details
Donelli, Italy Macon 1908 view details
Donelli, Ismael Macon 1911 view details
Dorkins, Gronowy Owain Macon 1942 view details
Dorkins, Gwendolyn Italy Macon 1941 view details
Duncan, Thomas Ireland Macon 1916 view details
Elkins, George Salmon Canada Macon 1920 view details
Euesno, John Battista Italy Macon 1919 view details
Euucerno, Antonio Italy Macon 1914 view details
Evans, Edward Watson Wales Macon 1917 view details
Evans, Edward Watson Wales Macon 1924 view details
Evans, Edward Watson Macon 1932 view details
Facchinato, Giacomo Italy Macon 1911 view details
Fardon, A.H. England Macon 1915 view details
Farris, Herman Turkey Macon 1915 view details
Farris, Ollie Macon 1924 view details
Fassino, Giacomo Macon 1940 view details
Fiedler, Frank Macon 1905 view details
Fiedler, Herman Germany Macon 1917 view details
Fiedler, Joseph Austria Macon 1917 view details