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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
?arfmann, Griffian? Andrew 1870 view details
?ntcher, Lewis Andrew 1882 view details
Anderson, Lars Larsen Andrew 1873 view details
Arn, Jacob Andrew 1886 view details
Atkinson, David Andrew 1876 view details
Baechler, Ulrich Andrew 1879 view details
Bambrough, Ralph Andrew 1878 view details
Banse?, Christian Andrew 1871 view details
Barber, Jacob Andrew 1870 view details
Bateman, William Andrew 1888 view details
Bechter, Jacob Andrew 1884 view details
Becker, John Andrew 1883 view details
Benham, John Andrew 1870 view details
Berger, Christian Andrew 1874 view details
Beschoff, Adolph Andrew 1886 view details
Beschoff, Peter Andrew 1887 view details
Bielmann, Philip Andrew 1880 view details
Bitzer, John Andrew 1873 view details
Blackler, John Andrew 1883 view details
Blake, John Andrew 1875 view details
Blaser, Fried Andrew 1891 view details
Bonham?, David Andrew 1871 view details
Bostwick, Adolphus J. M. Andrew 1872 view details
Bostwick, George L. Andrew 1886 view details
Bostwick, William C. or E. Andrew 1872 view details
Bower, Phillip Lorenz Andrew 1872 view details
Brechbiehler, Frederick Andrew 1886 view details
Brugger, Arnold Andrew 1891 view details
Brummer, Daniel Andrew 1882 view details
Buhr, Ernst Andrew 1876 view details
Buhr, Ferdinand Andrew 1876 view details
Bunse, Charles or Carl T. W. Andrew 1888 view details
Bunse, Christian Louis Andrew 1890 view details
Bunse, Louis C. Andrew 1888 view details
Bunse, William L. Andrew 1888 view details
Burtch, William E. Andrew 1892 view details
Butler, Charles Andrew 1871 view details
Carey, William Andrew 1872 view details
Christianson, Jacob F. Andrew 1882 view details
Christianson, John C. Andrew 1877 view details
Cloutier, George Andrew 0 view details
Cobb, Amos Andrew 1880 view details
Collett, John Andrew 1871 view details
Cox, Charles E. Andrew 1884 view details
Cross, John William Andrew 1888 view details
Cummins?, Patrick Andrew 1876 view details
Dallenbach, John Andrew 1884 view details
Deely or ??nli, John or Johannan Andrew 1884 view details
Deshmier, George Andrew 1871 view details
Dick, Adolph Andrew 1901 view details
Dick, Fred Andrew 1888 view details
Dick, Gottfried Andrew 1889 view details
Dick, Louis J. Andrew 1885 view details
Doersam, Jacob Andrew 1888 view details
Doersoom?, Adam Andrew 1871 view details
Donald, Alexander Fowler Andrew 1870 view details
Donald, Lewis Andrew 1870 view details
Dreyer, Henrich Nicolaus Wilhelm Andrew 1873 view details
Drydale, George Andrew 1886 view details
Drydale, Harry Andrew 1882 view details
Drydale, John Andrew 1884 view details
Drydale, Joseph Andrew 1884 view details
Drydale, William Andrew 1892 view details
Duddek or Duddeh, Franz Andrew 1872 view details
Durtschi, Adolph Andrew 1889 view details
Eeka or Flke, Frederick Andrew 1871 view details
Eggar or Egger, Samuel Andrew 1882 view details
Egger, Albert Andrew 1885 view details
Egger, Fred. W. Andrew 1885 view details
Egger, John S. Andrew 1886 view details
Eliosson, Holm Andrew 1898 view details
Estle, James Andrew 1879 view details
Farrel, John Andrew 1872 view details
Fava, Maurice Andrew 1902 view details
Fider or Fiord, William Andrew 0 view details