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Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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Name Native Country County Year of Record  
(Pope), Antone Prussia Cole 1872 view details
(R)otter, (Damien) Germany Cole 1881 view details
Affolter, Simon Switzerland Cole 1872 view details
Akerlind, Eric Axel Gideon Sweden Cole 1928 view details
Albrecht, George Germany Cole 1888 view details
Alfier, Emmanuel P. Greece Cole 1910 view details
Alkema, Bert Netherlands Cole 1884 view details
Allen, Mary Josephine Ireland Cole 1936 view details
Altgilbers, Hermann Hanover Cole 1873 view details
Amend, Mary Catherine Newfoundland Cole 1944 view details
Anderson, August Sweden Cole 1897 view details
Andreas, Daniel Germany Cole 1892 view details
Angerer, Christoph Bavaria Cole 1872 view details
Angerer, Johann G. Bavaria Cole 1872 view details
Arndt, Frank Germany Cole 1893 view details
Azbe, Victor Austria Cole 1909 view details
Bachmann, John Switzerland Cole 1874 view details
Bachmann, Louis Switzerland Cole 1872 view details
Bachof, Charley Germany Cole 1890 view details
Bachof, Herman Germany Cole 1890 view details
Baer, Gottfried C. Bavaria Cole 1871 view details
Baer, Jemmie Cole 1925 view details
Baer, Jennie Poland Cole 1925 view details
Baer, Max Herman Russia Cole 1917 view details
Baer, Max Hermann Russia Cole 1921 view details
Bainer, John Germany Cole 1894 view details
Baische, ??rich Germany Cole 1897 view details
Barrer, Louis Germany Cole 1886 view details
Bates, Bridgett Ireland Cole 1936 view details
Bauer, August Prussia Cole 1870 view details
Baumhoff, Elisabeth Germany Cole 1922 view details
Beck(er), John Prussia Cole 1868 view details
Beck, Joseph Germany Cole 1922 view details
Beck, Paul Germany Cole 1924 view details
Becker, August Germany Cole 1886 view details
Behr, George Germany Cole 1884 view details
Bemboom, J. B. Holland Cole 1884 view details
Bemboom, J. H. Holland Cole 1886 view details
Benker, John Albr?? Bavaria Cole 1875 view details
Benne, John E. Germany Cole 1906 view details
Benne, John Ernst Germany Cole 1884 view details
Berger, Franz H. Germany Cole 1892 view details
Berger, Joseph Germany Cole 1884 view details
Berkover, Mousah Gerce Russia Cole 1922 view details
Berkover, Mousah Gerce Russia Cole 1924 view details
Berkover, Movosch Gerce Cole 1924 view details
Bernhardt, Lawrence Germany Cole 1884 view details
Beschorner, Albert Germany Cole 1876 view details
Binder, Frederick Germany Cole 1875 view details
Block, B. Germany Cole 1874 view details
Block, Bernard H. Germany Cole 1903 view details
Bocking, Frederick Prussia Cole 1869 view details
Bode, Ernst Germany Cole 1883 view details
Boechner, John Germany Cole 1909 view details
Boehmer, John Cole 1909 view details
Boehner, John Germany Cole 1906 view details
Bogg, Charles Frederick Cole 1924 view details
Bogg, Charles Frederick England Cole 1924 view details
Bogg, Eleanor Scott Cole 1925 view details
Bogg, Eleanor Stott England Cole 1925 view details
Bohner, Heinrich Germany Cole 1884 view details
Bortsch, Joseph Prussia Cole 1871 view details
Bour, Peter Germany Cole 1908 view details
Brandstatter, Adalbert Austria Cole 1897 view details
Brassler, W. Germany Cole 1872 view details
Bratsakis, George Greece Cole 1924 view details
Bratsakis, George Greece Cole 1926 view details
Bratschi, Fritz Switzerland Cole 1886 view details
Bratschi, Jacob Switzerland Cole 1882 view details
Braun, Adolf Germany Cole 1888 view details
Braun, Eugene Corneille France Cole 1872 view details
Brauner, "Karl, Jr." Austria Cole 1895 view details
Brauner, "Karl, Sr." Austria Cole 1895 view details
Brauner, Ferdinand Austria Cole 1930 view details
Brauner, Fred Frank Austria Cole 1917 view details