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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Neal, James Texas $1,000 bond; under arrest for giving aid and comfort to enemies; limited to Texas and Phelps Counties 11-26-1862 F1375
Neal, James Texas Oath 11-26-1862 F1375
Neal, James Texas State vs. Neal; order to sheriff to arrest Neal and have him before the circuit court in Nov. 1862; grand jury indicted him for stealing horses; sheriff served order 11 Feb 1862 ??-04-1862 F1375
Neal, James M. Texas Petition for Neal's release; after being discharged from Southern army, gave bond at Rolla and has ever since lived up to duty as loyal citizen 02-12-1863 F1375
Neal, James M. Texas State vs. Neal; statement of Emily C. Gwynn: Capt. Daurden, John Fielding and Neal, before the fight at George Brazone's, said they belonged to Coleman and had one of Washam's horses and one of Knight's horses 02-17-1863 F1375
Nichols, William S. Texas Bond of $1,000 07-04-1862 F1376
Nichols, William S. Texas Oath of Loyalty 07-11-1862 F1376
Paulding, George Texas $1,000 bond; surety Wiley Purcell ??-??-186? F1382
Pickett, Solomon J. Texas Pea Ridge $1,000 bond; a deserter from rebel army; security James A. Bates (county erroneously given as Phelps) 09-22-1863 F1383
Pickett, Solomon J. Texas Pea Ridge Oath, given in Phelps County 09-22-1863 F1383
Proctor, I. L. M. Texas Houston Wrapper only, letter to D. B. Jenkins asking for reinforcements or they will have to abandon the post, that there are enemy squads in every direction capturing trains and express riders 05-24-1862 F1390
Pryor, Philip A. Texas Houston Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness Daniel C. Steel of Cooper County 02-09-1864 F1388
Quinn, James Texas Houston Statement that William M. Lawson and Isaia Randen of Miller County are horse thieves, his men caught Lawson but couldn't find Randen 05-17-1864 F1153
Ragland, Jesse B. Texas Oath of Allegiance, sworn in Rolla 01-26-1863 F1389
Randal, Orman Texas Statement that rebels stole a horse and four head of cattle and claims $89 10-24-1862 F1255
Ratliff, William Texas Claim for personal property taken by rebels, $285 10-24-1862 F1255
Reed, Thomas Texas Affidavits his case, accused of joining “guerrilla chief McBride” 05-11-1863 F1205
Reed, W. C. Texas Statement of Reed regarding being conscripted 11-23-1864 F1205
Richardson, John Texas Houston Citizen of Poinsett County, Arkansas, left with his family to avoid conscription, bought a horse from Brown Wytt who was out with Capt. Mark of the E.M.M., and he later went with Alexander Saterfield to Houston where he went with D. Boone as a scout ??-??-186? F1390
Riley, John Texas Oath of allegiance for those who have by word or deed been disloyal citizens 04-27-1863 F1391
Riley, William Texas Bond ($1000) for aiding the rebels and other acts of disloyalty 07-30-1862 F1391
Riley, William Texas Oath of allegiance 01-27-1863 F1391
Robertson, M. Texas Bond ($500) 08-24-1863 F1392
Robertson, M. Texas Oath of allegiance and description 08-24-1863 F1392
Rodgers, William C. Texas Bond ($2000) for disloyalty 12-21-1863 F1394
Rogers, Caroline Texas Oath of allegiance ? F1394
Rutlidge, Wiley Texas Sherrill Township Bond ($1000) for aiding and comforting the enemies of the United States and other acts of disloyalty 11-22-1862 F1397
Rutlidge, Wiley Texas Sherrill Township Oath of allegiance 11-22-1862 F1397
Sappenfield, Daniel Texas Oath of allegiance 01-09-1863 F1206
Sexton, Barton Texas Oath of allegiance 02-28-1862 F1400
Sexton, Barton Texas Oath of Allegiance 02-28-1862 F1488
Shelby, Hugh Texas Capias; order for sheriff to have Shelby before next circuit court at next term to answer indictment against him for horse stealing 06-06-1862 F1207
Sherill, Jane Texas Parole 05-13-1863 F1207
Sherrell, Joel Texas Oath; age 48 05-1?-1863 F1207
Smith, Abram Texas Oath of Loyalty 02-02-1862 F1209
Smith, William Texas Statement of Smith that he was arrested for not enrolling. Smith, who lives 28 miles from Waynesville, states that he has heard contradictory reports about military orders and he didn't know the truth. Smith describes his physical and health problems. 08-03-1862 F1264
Stephens, Alvis P. Texas Clinton Township Oath of Allegiance 01-23-1863 F1268
Stephens, Andrew J. Texas Spring Valley Township Oath of Allegiance 01-23-1863 F1268
Stepper, George Texas Benton Oath of Allegiance 08-12-1862 F1268
Stepper, George Texas Benton Received from Lieut. Morse, one horse that was taken from him 08-12-1862 F1268
Studdard, Thompson; Wood, Thomas; Studdard, Henry H.; Morton, James; Taylor, George W.; Gwinn, James; etal Texas Houston List of 6 named and 20 unnamed prisoners being transferred from Houston to Rolla. Taylor was pressed into rebel service by Coleman. The Houston fort was evacuated and the command moved to Salem, Dent County. 08-10-1862 F1587 0243 1909
Sturgeon, Isam Texas Bond in the amount of $2,000 04-13-1863 F1271
Sturgeon, Isam Texas Oath of allegiance 04-13-1863 F1271
Sturgeon, Nancy Jane Texas Sturgeon's parole 05-13-1863 F1271
Sturgeon, Squire Texas Oath of allegiance 01-30-1863 F1271
Sullivan, Dempsey L. Texas Houston Statement that he believes William Hargraves and the notorious Westlakes stole his horses 09-07-1863 F1339
Tate, Spencer W. Texas Bond of $1500 09-28-1863 F1401
Tate, Spencer W. Texas Oath of Allegiance 09-28-1863 F1401
Thomas, Samuel M. Texas Oath of allegiance 01-27-1863 F1404
Thornhill, Robert Texas Oath 02-02-1863 F1164
Trail, W. F. Texas Houston Charges and testimony against him treason 12-15-1862 F1406
Trusty, Jackson Texas Bond in the amount of $1,000 09-29-1863 F1407
Vance, J. B. Texas Vance states that two men came to his house, took dinner and, by force, a bushel of salt; one of the men was Francis King, a noted guerrilla; soldiers who arrested Vance will have more evidence 12-13-186? F1273
Wafford, Dick Texas Houston Alias is Dick King 3-16-1864 F1165
Wafford, Dick Texas Houston Sent to Rolla, where evidence was taken before Judge Advocate 3-16-1864 F1165
Wafford, William Texas Roubideau Township Bond for $1,000 7-07-1862 F1165
Walker, J. B. Texas Houston Letter from Lt. W. C. Kerr stating that he is enclosing the oath and bond of Walker of Oregon County, MO. States Walker is one of the worst men in the area and secreted said oath and bond under the floor while confined in the guard house. 09-01-1863 F1275
Walker, Jesse Texas Oath of allegiance 02-02-1863 F1275
Walsh, John; Maher, Daniel; Forman, Jacob, G. Texas Houston Charges of stealing against Walsh and Maher, teamsters in United States government employ; charges made by Forman, a chaplain with the Third MO Volunteers 05-14-1862 F1585 0305 1160
Wammock, J. R. Texas Houston Oath of allegiance and description 06-13-1865 F1279
Ward, Anderson Texas Sworn statement that he was stolen during Price's raid and sold to Capt. Olds near Thomasville; well acquainted with Griffith and Wallace, who support and aid guerrillas and bushwhackers 04-09-1865 F1277
Ward, Hiram M. Texas Oath of Allegiance 03-25-1862 F1277
Warner, Van Texas Upton Township Attorney for Robert S. Moore, who claims Peter Sanders, James Brickland, Richard Douglas, T. P. Sanders, Thomas F. Sanders, Johnathan McSamuels stole his horse, saddle and bridle worth $98 10-06-1862 F1202
Well, J. L.; Crow, D.; Ratliff, William Texas Affidavit that the statement and claim of Orman Randal is true and he is a Union man 10-24-1862 F1255
Whitby, Robert E. Texas Oath of allegiance 07-19-1862 F1417
Wilhite, Moses; Allen, Archibald Texas Illegible N. D. F1653 0678 19918
Wilhite, Moses; Allen, Archibald Texas Petition from citizens of Texas County seeking the immediate release of Wilhite and Allen, prisoners held in Alton, IL. Petitioners state that the men are good and law abiding citizens. N. D. F1653 0679 19918
Wofford, John D. Texas Oath of allegiance 01-30-1863 F1279
Wofford, William G. Texas Roubideaux Oath of allegiance 07-07-1862 F1279
Wright, F. M.; Walker, W. B.; Edwards, W. H. Texas Current Statement in cases regarding Wright and Walker; horses stolen, Wright applies to recover damages; Wright and Walker's loyalty viewed as suspect; see also file 2876 11-25-1862 F1590 0253 2875
Wright, F. M.; Walker, W. B.; McFarland, Horatio Texas Current Statements in cases regarding Wright and Walker; horses stolen, Wright and Walker apply to recover damages; Wright and Walker's loyalty viewed as suspect; see also file 2875 11-25-1862 F1590 0256 2876

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