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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Adens, Columbus; Bowser, A. J.; Martin, Thirsa; Tod, Thomas; Holt, Allen; Wells, Joseph Andrew Report of stolen horses 04-10-1862 F1584 0937 1040
Alexander, Joseph; Downing, George; Cook, Bartlett Andrew Savannah List of men and their political affiliations. [Text is light and difficult to read] 05-06-1864 F1613 0690 9617
Allen, Marion Andrew Statement that David Moran bought a mule from Jeff Dougherty that had been in the rebel service at Camp Highley 03-13-1862 F1202
Allen, William B.; Bowman, William L.; Beauchamp, H. M.; Boggs, John; Breck, E. C.; Bryant, W. H.; Brown, Elisha; Brooks, John J.; Bennett, Joseph L.; Buck, James; Combert, A. J.; Cowan, C.; Courtenay, W. H.; Capps, W. T.; Culp, C. S.; Cain, Robert etal Andrew List of names showing individuals who gave bond. Includes the date they gave bond, the bond amount, and what appears to be the securities on the bond. Seventy-two names on list. 09-??-1862 F1653 1013 19993
Ashley, Thomas Andrew Bond 11-??-1862 F1219
Bare, David Andrew Bond, $2,000, arrested for the murder of Alexander, paroled, securities Rupel L. Dobbs, John Stoner, and Newton Rhodes 11-12-1863 F1223
Barnett, T. A. Andrew Statement that John Clark was a member of the rebel army with Paten and Sanders, currently in St. Joseph 02-02-1865 F1238
Berry, John W. Andrew Charge of murder; John and James Berry, Ham Ouseley, Henry Ogle and other armed guerrillas went to Henry Duff's house in the night, Jul. 9, 1863 (incomplete) ??-??-186? F1241
Berry, Joseph V. Andrew Parole, limited to Andrew and Buchanan Counties ??-??-1862 F1231
Berry, Joseph V. Andrew Savannah Saloon keeper, statement that Capt. Singleton arrested him for being in a gang of horse thieves, that William Kersey had turned state's evidence and given names from Council Bluffs to Junction City ??-??-186? F1231
Bolen, T. Andrew Affidavit by James Fisher 10/10/1862 F1184
Bonham, D.; Webb, Dennis; Murphy, Hugh; Hobson, [unknown]; Livingston, Samuel; Livingston, Sibley; Robinson, Joe; Smith, Lowery Andrew List of property taken by men under letter author, D. Bonham's command; states that all persons named were southern sympathizers; horses, tack and weapons 07-30-1864 F1617 0407 10548
Bowen, A. G. Andrew Sworn statement regarding horse 04-09-1862 F1233
Bowland, John D. Andrew Sworn statement that horses were stolen from him 10-13-1863 F1233
Brokaw, T. B.; Murphy. A. R.; Hutchison, B.; Bowland, M. T.; Murphy, Thomas; Terrell, W. H.; Bryant, W. H.; Roberts, P. S.; Singleton, P. K.; Elliott, Robert; Starter, J. S.; Ardey, William; Singleton, H. T.; Todd, Isaac; Zumwalt, William F.; and others Andrew Savannah Petition for the arrest of men who had purportedly attended a secret meeting of rebels 06-10-1864 F1616 0955 10387
Brown, William C. Andrew Rochester Township Statement that Dick McManns claimed to put his slave, Arthur, in jail until he would enlist in the army and Dick could get the $300 for him, that he is a rebel who went off with Jack Edmonson for three months, and Virgil McManns is a southern sympathizer 04-22-1864 F1370
Cain, Robert Andrew Oath 08-08-1862 F1291
Calvert, George W. Andrew Oath 05-06-1865 F1291
Cameron, Elisha F. Andrew Oath 03-31-1862 F1185
Capps, William T. Andrew Bond in the amount of $1,000 05-10-1862 F1292
Capps, William T. Andrew Oath of allegiance 05-10-1862 F1292
Carrol, John and Lewis Andrew Statement of John Noran that the Carrols tried to pick a fight with him. John said to Lewis, "if I miss the damned Irish son of a bitch don't you miss him." Located before C. W. Carson file. N. D. F1293
Carroll, William Andrew Bond in the amount of $1,000. Carroll charged with driving a citizen away from his home. 11-02-1863 F1660 0565 22250
Carson, C. F. Andrew Statement that Alexander Murphy said he was a southern man and would do all he could to aid the rebel army F1249
Carson, C. W. Andrew Statement of B. F. Dickson that Carson moved into his house without his (Dickson's) permission. Details the conflicts the two had about possesion of property and money needed to buy the land. 12-01-1863 F1293
Carson, C. W. Andrew States that Mr. Clansey of Rochester, Andrew County, served in Price's army, with Paton, in three battles 02-02-1865 F1237
Casey, Samuel R. Andrew Oath 02-10-1863 F1140
Castor, Joseph Andrew Statement of James H. Beattie that one night 20-25 men came to his father's home in search of arms and ammunition. Stole a shaw, saddle and 2 horse colllars. Also says Stephen Clark was there. 10-11-18?? F1140
Christman, Granville Andrew Oath of Allegiance and description 06-23-1865 F1186
Clark, John Andrew Oath of Allegiance 11-10-1862 F1238
Clark, John Andrew Oath of Allegiance 11-10-1863 F1238
Clark, John Andrew Parole 11-10-1863 F1238
Clemens, Jesse Andrew Bond 11-12-1862 F1239
Clemmens, Jesse G. aka Clements Andrew $2,000 bond; arrested for murder of Alexander Officer, paroled until appearance 11-12-1863 F1239
Clemmons, Jesse G. Andrew Fillmore Maj. S. A. Hunter sending Clemmons to Gen. Hull, St. Joseph; Clemmons may be one who shot officer Pettyjohn; should send all arrested men to Maj. Paul but he let Nathan Row and Henderson Bayes go 07-19-1863 F1239
Cliser, Joshua Andrew Oath 06-14-1862 F1239
Cliser, Joshua W.; Golden, R. C.; Canarium, John; Whitmore, William T. Andrew Members of the Missouri State Guard held as prisoners at Alton, IL; had been taken prisoner in southwest MO; wish to take loyalty oath and give bond; men are from Andrew County and Atchison County, MO; see also file 1376 06-03-1862 F1585 1100 1373
Clizer, Charles B. Andrew Oath 06-22-1863 F1239
Clizer, Charles B. Andrew Oath of Allegiance 06-22-1865 F1239
Clizer, John E. Andrew $1,000 bond 01-08-1864 F1239
Clizer, John E. Andrew Bond 01-08-1863 F1239
Clizer, John E. Andrew Oath 02-10-1863 F1239
Clizer, John E. Andrew Oath of Allegiance 02-10-1863 F1239
Clizer, Sarah M. Andrew Savannah Asking what will become of her brother, a rebel, if he returns home 01-24-1864 F1239
Clizer, Sarah M. Andrew Savannah Sixteen year old brother was in rebel army, now in Territories freighting to Laramie; wishes to return without incarceration, will give oath 01-24-1864 F1239
Coffer, William Andrew $1000 bond for aiding enemies 04-07-1862 F1187
Collaham, Jackson Andrew Oath 08-14-1862 F1467
Courtney, Alfred H. Andrew Statement that John Clark of Andrew County was in rebel army 02-12-1864 F1238
Courtney, Hollis Andrew $1,000 bond; securities William H and Thomas J Courtney 08-08-1862 F1242
Courtney, Hollis Andrew Oath 08-08-1862 F1242
Courtney, Thomas J. Andrew $1,000 bond; limited to Andrew County 08-08-1862 F1242
Courtney, Thomas J. Andrew Oath 08-08-1862 F1242
Courtney, William H. Andrew $1,000 bond; limited to Andrew and Buchanan Counties 04-30-1862 F1242
Courtney, William H. Andrew $1,000 bond; limited to Andrew County 08-08-1862 F1242
Courtney, William H. Andrew Oath 04-25-1862 F1242
Courtney, William H. Andrew Oath 05-28-1862 F1242
Courtney, William H. Andrew Oath 08-08-1862 F1242
Cowan, Columbus Andrew $1,500 bond; limited to Nodaway, Buchanan, Andrew Counties 06-18-1862 F1242
Cowan, Columbus Andrew Oath 06-18-1862 F1242
Crook, Allen Andrew Savannah Wagon taken by Capt. Woodcock's Co. of Andrew County Home Guards; now in possession of military in St. Joseph 02-17-1862 F1245
Crook, Jerry Andrew Oath; laborer on Pacific RR 02-19-1862 F1245
Crowley, Samuel Jr. Andrew Oath 08-27-1862 F1245
Culp, Calvin S. Andrew Oath of allegiance 05-23-1862 F1246
Culp, Calvin S. Andrew Savannah Bond in the amount of $1,000 05-13-1862 F1246
Culp, James A. Andrew Oath of allegiance 04-08-1862 F1246
Culp, Nathan Andrew Oath of allegiance 04-16-1862 F1246
Curl, Albert G. Andrew Bond in the amount of $1,000 07-18-1862 F1247
Curl, Albert G. Andrew Oath of allegiance 07-18-1862 F1247
Davis, John T. Andrew U. S. vs Davis - charged with disloyalty. Multiple pages of depositions. Depositions freqently refer to Davis as a disloyal man who asked them if they knew about the Knights of the Golden Circle. 06-06-1863 F1296
Davison, Anse Andrew U. S. vs. Davison - charged with threatening and forcing people away from their homes. Statements of Rebecca Holt and Sarah Murphy that Davison threatened Holt; was forcing many from their homes. 11-06-1863 F1297
Deavenport, John Andrew Oath. [Another entry (1865) indicates St. Louis.] mm-dd-1862 F1298
Deavenport, John Andrew Special Order XVI [illegible] 04-xx-1865 F1298
Deavenport, John Andrew Savannah Bond and oath; he was charged with giving aid and comfort. [Another entry (1865) indicates St. Louis.] 08-30-1862 F1298
Deaver, David Andrew Petition in behalf of Deaver by 25 Missouri citizens. 06-02-1862 F1298
Dizart, Lohan Andrew Savannah Charged with uttering treasonable sentiments against the government, calling the Oath of Allegiance null and void, and threatening his Union neighbors 06-14-1861 F1308

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