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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Bray, Nathan Barton Lamar Statement that Mrs. Hooper claims her husband, James Hooper, is in the guard house at Springfield, charged with being in Price's army, and he should keep his bond and oath if released 07-22-1862 F1476
Daneton, G. C. Barton Oath of allegiance 08-24-1862 F1295
Davis, Rhoda A. Barton Lamars Station Three letters written from Davis regarding the arrest of her husband, a former officer in the Missouri State Militia. Refers to herself as a "bloody Radical." 06-06-1864 F1296
Duckett, James Barton Oath 1 July, 18 F1306
Duke, William H. H. Barton Parole 01-24-1863 F1188
Hammonds, Martin V. Barton Statement that he was pressed into the Confederate Army under threat of death while moving his brother's family north from Elm Springs, Arkansas 10-22-1862 F1337
Hooper, James B. Barton Oath of Allegiance 07-25-1862 F1476
Hooper, James B. Barton Statement that he was a member of Co. B, 11th Regiment, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard, arrested shortly after the Battle of Pea Ridge, willing to take the oath and post bond 07-25-1862 F1476
Hooper, James B. Barton Statement that he was arrested after the Battle of Pea Ridge, is willing to give bond and take the oath for which Col. Clayton said he would be released 07-25-1862 F1476
Markham, Hiram Barton Oath of Loyalty 04-01-1862 F1367
McDonald, John Barton Receipt for a horse which was taken from McDonald when he was arrested in Barton County, MO. N. D. F1198
Morgan, Branch T. Barton Charges and specifications: violation of the rules and regulations of war by providing food, clothing, ammunition, money, intelligence and correspondence to and with the enemy ??-??-186? F1202
Rector, James W. Barton Oath of Allegiance 09-13-1862 F1256
Rector, James W. Barton Physical description 09-13-1862 F1256
Shaffer, D. W. Barton Description of person 01-07-1862 F1400
Shaffer, N. Barton Description of person 01-07-1862 F1400
Unknown Barton Report on members of the committee: illegible ??-??-186? F1659 0525 21832
VanCleeth, James Barton Charges and specifications against VanCleeth include 1) belonging to a guerrilla band, 2) taking E. L. Buffington from his home; 3) taking Buffington's overcoat, saddle bags, bridle, and gun 01- ? -1862 F1273
Wells, Reuben Barton Oath of Allegiance 8-31-1862 F1415
Wilkey, Malinda Barton Statement about horse thieves 06-15-1863 F1420

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