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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Adams, Eli Bates Oath of Allegiance 06-15-1865 F1214
Adams, John Q. Bates Oath of Loyalty F1214
Allen, James W. Bates Butler United States vs. Allen, charged with violation of the laws of war (keeping a rebel safehouse and spying) and marauding. Testimony follows. Sentenced to 6 months in prison. 07-16-1862 F1462
Atkinson, John, Sheriff Bates Johnstonn Letter to governor; civilian battle with Bushwhackers; captured W. W. Brenton, Buchanan County; worse are Kansas Troops that keep returning; county needs help 04-27-1865 F1220
Birch, Samuel; Burrows, Zachary; McWalters, John; McCrohan, Thomas; Achord, Thomas; Clowers, David; Snodgrass, James; Chatwell, James S.; Davis, Robert; Hornsinger, Jacob; Goodson, S. B.; Tate, Miles V.; Bickford, F. S. etal Bates Butler List of 62 prisoners at Butler. List includes names of prisoners and charges against them. N. D. F1660 0183 22148
Blair, William Robert; Gilbreath, William Bates Recruiting Station: Clinton F1893.5 12
Brown, O. A. Bates Adrian A.J. Chappell states that Brown has succeeded in getting money for soldiers and then keeping it 06-03-1863 F1286
Cantrell, Andrew J. Bates Oath of allegiance 02-08-1863 F1292
Cantrell, Andrew J. Bates Statement of Cantrell that he is 28 years old and was pressed into the Confederate army. Deserted the Confederated army with the intention of joining E.M.M.; has taken oath of allegiance. 02-14-1863 F1292
Cawthorn, James W. Bates Butler Cawthorn charged with violation of the laws of war. Raised company of marauders/guerrillas near Caplinger Hill in Cedar Co.; attacked and killed citizens at Humansville. Witness testimony follows. 07-30-1862 F1140
Cawthorn, James W. Bates Butler Military Commission found Cawthorn guilty of being at and assisting in the attack of Humansville, but not in raising a company. Sentenced to one year in prison. 07-31-1862 F1140
Cooper, Webter; Stapp, W. B.; Martin, James; Simms, John R.; Davis, G. B.; Clerk, Henry; Bell, James F.; Reader, Austin; Vandyke, Van B.; Prigmon, Thomas; France, T. L. Bates Letter from Col. Richard D. Cutts requesting charges on file against prisoners (named) held at McDowell's College; seven are from Johnson County, MO, five are from Bates County, MO; reply included from Logan Clark, Sedalia; See also File 618 01-11-1862 F1583 0049 466
Crissy, James Bates Butler Encloses charges and specifications against Frank Hunt 06-09-1862 F1302
Deweise, Martha Bates Oath of Allegiance 04-22-1862 F1300
Douglass, John H. Bates Oath of Allegiance 06-20-1862 F1304
Doyal, John Bates Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy 04-01-1862 F1305
Drumman, T. J. Bates Statement on Oath F1306
Dyer, Z. F. Bates Pleasant Gap Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy 03-14-1862 F1308
Eberman, R. J. Bates Hudson Statement that William W. Harrison of Macon County was sent from Laclede and is charged with giving two guns to members of the E.M.M. posing as rebels, is considered a good citizen 11-21-1862 F1338
Edwards, Burton Bates Hudson Statement that Simeon Haliburton claimed he lied when he took the Oath 10-24-1862 F1337
Elswick, Oliver Bates Butler Sworn statement 05-14-1862 F1235
France, Terrell S. Bates Oath of allegiance 01-16-1862 F1322
Gatliff, James Bates Oath 09-09-1862 F1323
Hall, Jackson; Doyel, Michael Bates Recruiting Station: Clinton F1893.5 13
Hannah, J. M. Bates Hudson Citizen of Randolph County, was with Poindexter, took the oath in Macon 10-13-1862 F1338
Hansinger, Martin T. Bates Oath of Allegiance 04-02-1862 F1338
Hardgrove, John P. Bates Hudson Parole of honor to report at Hudson, Bates County ?, lives near Vienna 10-18-1862 F1339
Harper, Jonathan E. Bates Butler Charges violation of laws of war, marauding 05-30-1862 F1191
Hase, John Bates Subject states that he was with, not in, the southern army, at Springfield, but not in the battle. n.d. F1340
Hitt, Abraham C. Bates Hudson Letter from George Merrill sending a transcription of the statement of a prisoner regarding Hitt. The prisoner said Hitt always gave them information and was with them when trying to take horses. 11-07-1862 F1473
Hitt, Abraham C. Bates Hudson Letter from Maj. George Merrill written from the NE MO District. Notes that Hitt was a notorious rebel who had ten bushwhackers at his home the Saturday before the Moore's Mill fight. 11-07-1862 F1473
Hitt, Abraham C. Bates Hudson Letter from Major George Merrill to G. O. Yeiser stating that Maj. Gen. Curtis wants the original charges against Hitt. Merrill states he sent copies which were returned and the originals demanded. 11-14-1862 F1473
Honsinger (Housinger), Jacob Bates Oath; taken at Sedalia 04-02-1862 F1343
Honsinger (Housinger), Martin T. Bates Oath; taken at Sedalia 04-02-1862 F1343
Hunn, Mary A. Bates Butler Note for $16.00 made payable to H. C. Gentry 04-29-1861 F1345
Hunt, Frank Bates Butler Evidence against Hunt has been sent to Farrar in St. Louis; witnesses reside in vicinity 06-30-1862 F1345
Hunt, Frank Bates Butler Evidence in case has been received; prisoners from Clinton are in Butler, awaiting evidence 07-13-1862 F1345
Jones, Acquilla Bates Chesnut Ridge Note from William Harris certifying that Jones is known as a rebel sympathizer and was heard saying after Lincoln's assassination that "the President ought to have been shot long ago." 04-28-1863 F1350
Jones, Albert Bates Butler Letter from Captain A. J. McQuin, Judge Advocate, regarding case before Military Commission against Jones. Letter is largely illegible. 07-??-1862 F1350
Kemper, Wm. T. Bates Oath of Allegiance 06-15-1865 F1194
Landis, John B.; Landis, Abraham; Requa, William; Holly, Daniel; Duke, George L.; Wilson, John L.; Clendining, James; Pyle, Lavina; Stewart, Lazarus; Linch, James; Nugent, William; etal Bates Charges, specifications, and eyewitness statements in case of United States versus John B. Landis, heard in Clinton Co.; includes Landis' own statement; events took place in Henry, Bates, St. Clair and Vernon counties 06-30-1862 F1585 1182 1394
Langin, Elizabeth Bates Butler Letter from A. G. McQueen ordering Mrs. Langin to appear before a Military Commission and testify in the case against John M. Waters. 07-10-1862 F1479
Laswell, Charles M. Bates Hudson Parole of Laswell, promising to report in person to Hudson whenever required to do so. States that he lives 5 miles east of Sandhill, Scotland County. 09-21-1862 F1480
Ludwick, William Bates Case No. 247, military commission proceedings; arraigned, no charges; unconditionally released; notation: order of release sent to Alton, released 31 Dec. 1862 12-12-1862 F1363
Ludwick, William Bates File notation only: sympathizer ??-??-186? F1363
Ludwick, William Bates File notations only: military board, examined, released 12-24-1862 F1363
Martin, Henry; Thompson, Jonah; Smell, William; Liggins, George; Byers, G. W.; Pallon, T. J.; Lewallen, Jacob; Bently, George; Canterbury, G.; Ware, A. C.; Williams, Lemuel; Tipton, John T.; Vanmeter, David; Thompson, John W.; Matlock, J.; etal Bates Hudson List of 24 prisoners sent to St. Louis from Macon; additional list included of 104 prisoners sent to St. Louis from Hudson, dated Nov. 6, 1862; some names appear on both lists 12-13-1862 F1585 0413 1179
Masterson, John Bates Oath of Allegiance 01-11-1862 F1484
McArty, [unknown], Parsell, [unknown]; Loofbourrow, Hudson Bates Butler Check for $11.58 01-01-1861 F1581 1088 216
McCollum, William Bates Oath of allegiance and parole of honor 06-24-1862 F1197
McComb, William Bates Oath of allegiance 01-01-1863 F1197
McCormick, Thomas Bates Hudson City Petition from citizens asking that McCormick not be released from his banishment. Notes that McCormick is "the worst kind of enemy", a man of wealth of influence who can help foes of the U. S. 03-12-1863 F1197
McDaniel, James Bates Bond in the amount of $1,000. 03-28-1862 F1198
McHenry, Daniel Bates Marble Oath of Allegiance, witness Charles O. Patier, sworn at Jefferson City 08-11-1862 F1369
McVeigh, R. M. Bates Tower of Rocks Letter from William Louis Schley(?) that McVeigh has been received. McVeigh is to be sent over the river upon penalty of death is he should return. 03-05-1863 F1371
McWaters, Hugh Bates Bond in the amount of $1,000. 03-28-1862 F1371
McWaters, John Bates Notes stating that the charges against McWaters have never been sent. McWaters is unconditionally released. N. D. F1371
McWaters, John Bates Butler Letter from A. G. McQueen calling for Levi H. Croy to appear before Military Commission to give testimony in case against McWaters. 07-10-1861 F1371
McWaters, John Bates Butler Statement of James Plummer that McWaters, Jacob Hornsinger and others came to the home of Elizabeth Plummer. They stole goods and asked whereabouts of horses. 04-29-1862 F1371
McWaters, John Bates Butler Statement of Levi H. Croy that McWaters, Richard Young and [?] Gibson came to his home and demanded to know his politics. When Croy said he was a Union man, the men searched and robbed his home. 05-01-1862 F1371
McWatters, John Bates Camp Butler Charges and specifications against McWatters. Charged with jayhawking, robbery and grand larceny. Says McWatters acted with Wiley Clowers, James McDaniel, Joseph Sanford and Newton Scott. 05-01-1862 F1371
Mellring, Matthew Bates Lone Oak Bond in the amount of $2,500. 03-13-1862 F1372
Moody, N. B. Bates Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness G. A. Smith, clerk at the Alton Military Prison 06-14-1865 F1201
Myers, John D.; Page, Thomas D.; Wright, Jacob; Golden, Tom R.; Newberry, John B. Bates Butler General Order No. 3 and Special Order No. 121 appointing county board. 08-01-1862 F1587 0357 1928
Noel, John Bates Hudson Petition from Union men and neighbors of Noel, a prisoner. Petition states that during the war Noel has stayed close to home and has never willingly aided the rebellion. Claims Noel was taken by the rebels and forced to do unspecified things for them. 10-20-1862 F1377
Nugent, William; Ryan, William; Sartorious, John Bates Butler Deposition of Nugent of Vernon Co., MO; states that Ryan and Sartorious, both of Vernon Co., are loyal men; Ryan is owner of horse now in possession of United States government; horse had been stolen around April 20, 1862 05-10-1862 F1585 0143 1111
Pitts, Hillory Bates $1,000 bond; arrested for giving aid and comfort to enemies; security John Q. Adams; limited to Bates, Henry and Pettis Counties 03-29-1862 F1384
Pitts, Hillory Bates Oath ??-??-186? F1384
Priest, M. J. Bates Hudson Priest's word of honor that he will leave the State of Missouri and go to Illinois. 10-06-1862 F1487
Prigman, Thomas Bates Statement of Prigman that he is 24 years old and was captured near Clinton. Prigman states he was in the area helping to recover horses taken from an old Union man by secessionists. Prigman says he is a secessionist, but is willing to take the oath. 01-10-1862 F1487
Prigmore, Theodore Bates Oath of allegiance 01-16-1862 F1487
Pyle, J. W. Bates Oath of Allegiance, witnesses G. W. Terrow of Springfield, Wisconsin and Jeremiah Gordy of Pleasant Grove, Kansas 01-01-1863 F1388
Reeder, Austin Bates Oath of Allegiance 12-16-1862 F1205
Sartorious, John A.; McWaters, William; Tate, Miles V.; Ryan, William C.; Hamblin, Cally; Brown, [unknown]; Hartman, [unknown]; Jent, John; Pulaski, [unknown]; Lawrence, Tom; Stanford, [unknown]; Scrogguns, Bill Bates Butler Charges of jayhawking and robbery against McWaters and Tate; stole goods from Ryan and Sartorious in Vernon County; affidavits and testimony included, other men involved named; case heard at Butler, MO 05-05-1862 F1585 0204 1132
Simmerman, John Bates Butler Oath of Allegiance 06-20-1862 F1260

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