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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Beaumont, James Caldwell Kidder Oath of Allegiance; employee of Hannibal and St. Joseph Rail Road Co. 03-01-1862 F1227
Bradley, Felix Caldwell Oath of Allegiance 07-06-1862 F1139
Bradley, Felix Caldwell Summary of statement, description F1139
Brown, Franklin Caldwell Oath of Allegiance and description 06-15-1865 F1285
Burnett, W. Caldwell Breckenridge Receipt for sorrel horse marked on contraband book 04-15-1863 F1289
Buster, John Caldwell States he is a soldier but does not belong to any company; bought military coat in Kingston; came to area for railroad cars on which to ship hogs 03-25-1864 F1290
Butts, P. Caldwell Oath of Allegiance 07-05-1862 F1290
Butts, Thomas Caldwell Oath of Allegiance; bond ($1,000) giving aid to the Confederates 07-05-1862 F1290
Campbell, Joseph Caldwell Oath 09-12-1862 F1185
Cathcart, Joseph P.; Roswell, Wesley; Roswell, Marion Caldwell Breckenridge Statement regarding a mare seized as contraband 03-25-1863 F1654 0834 20320
Caton, Alexander Caldwell Oath 10-12-1862 F1140
Cheshier, Solomon; Cheshier, Presley Caldwell Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 68
Cormana, John Caldwell Kingston Description of horses stolen Dec. 4, 1861 by rebel army 01-25-1862 F1241
Cormana, John Caldwell Kingston Transmittal of description of his stolen horses; may have been recaptured by Gen. Pope 01-25-1862 F1241
Cox, Joseph Caldwell Statement of William Holder that after battle at Lexington, Milford Moore used father Epper Holder's horse to convey supplies for Price's army; horse now sold to Joseph Cox 03-31-1863 F1242
Cravin, William Caldwell Breckenridge Document illegible 04-03-1863 F1660 0920 22363
Culver, James Caldwell Kingston Letter from citizens of Caldwell County asking that Culver be given payment for crops taken from him by U. S. troops as they fell back from Richmond, MO. They note that Culver is a poor man. 01-02-1864 F1246
Davis, Daniel D.; Davis, Dennis; Vanderpool, Mundy; Morris, Ashford; Boone, Presley; Gentry, Belitha; Austin, Peter; Whitton, Samuel R.; Welden, Martin; Alsup, Joseph; etal Caldwell Breckenridge Report of local Provost Marshal; arrests, 48 oaths of allegiance and bonds; gives names and bond amounts 06-17-1862 F1585 1537 1508
Davis, Dennis Caldwell Statement of Payton Owen regarding a slave named Dick seized from Davis. Dick was riding one of his master's horses; his mistress said that Dick was going to fight for his master against government. 01-09-1863 F1296
Davis, Dennis Caldwell Breckenridge Document labeled "Evidence vs Davis." The document says "Special Requisition for Stationary". 01-10-1863 F1296
Davis, Dennis Caldwell Breckenridge Letter from W. F. Flint regarding a contraband horse which was seized from Davis. Davis wanted to keep the horse (family favorite) and swapped a better horse for it; horse again seized. 04-11-1863 F1296
Davis, Samuel D. Caldwell Statement of Davis that a few days after the battle of Lexington and while General Price was camped in the area, he supplied a wagon load of goods for the rebels. 03-31-1863 F1297
Davis, Tilton Caldwell Kingston Letter from Davis stating that he has been confined with measles since arriving home. His illness has prevented him from reporting in person for his parole. 02-03-1862 F1297
Duncan, Edmund B. Caldwell Oath of Allegiance 12-28-1864 F1188
Dunn, L.; Crawford, William; Shuter, M. R.; Haskinson, [unknown]; Chapman, M.; Donalson, R. A.; Lillard, C.; Chosier, M.; Partins, William; Davis, A. D.; Kemper, J.; Margnan, William; Moria, J.; Penny, Eli; Thompson, William; Davis, J. C.; and others Caldwell List of prominent citizens; notes home post office, occupation, and political leaning 05-11-1864 F1655 1104 20721
Dunn, Lemuel; Sackman, J.; Esteb, John M.; Esteb, Elijah; Nelson, H. B.; Buckingham, George M.; McBride, James; McBride, Thomas D.; Donaldson, W. A.; Mack, Augustus; Spivey, William; Chapman, H. J.; Davis, Charles; Lewis, Elwood; Young, George; and others Caldwell Kingston Petition that a small military force be sent to protect the citizens, public records, and property of the county 06-09-1864 F1616 0957 10388
Esteb, E. F. Caldwell Kingston Letter, James and Lemuel Dunn, H. B. Nelson, John M. Ruch?, Abraham Jones, J. Y. Frank?, J. Sackman and S. M. Davis to Hon. S. O. Scofield that Hon. E. F. Esteb goes to St. Joseph to seek authority to r 08-01-1864 F1313
Estes, Robert; Estes, William Caldwell Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 26
Estes, Shoe; Estes, William Caldwell Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 27
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony by Horace W. Ardinger that Estes did not bear arms. 11-05-1861 F1313
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony by Jesse N. Flint that Estes is quiet and peaceable. 11-05-1861 F1313
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony by Malinda Ribelin that Estes went to the Southern Army solely to get his two sons out of that army. 11-04-1861 F1313
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony by Robert G. Murray that Estes is quiet and peaceable. 11-05-1861 F1313
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony of Hamon Henry that Estes was seen riding in a buggy siezed as contraband. 03-18-1863 F1313
Estes, William Caldwell Testimony of Lemuel Dunn, County Clerk, that Estes is quiet and peaceable. 11-05-1861 F1313
Flint, W. F. Caldwell List of property which has come into the possession of Lt. Col. Flint, Asst. Provost Marshal for the counties of Caldwell and Daviess from November 27, 1862 through July 12, 1863. Property is noted only as being taken from rebels or guerrillas. 07-12-1863 F1660 0821 22330
Flint, W. F. Caldwell Breckenridge Letter to Col. Dick asking for instructions on how to proceed in the case of James Minnick of Daviess County, arrested for using disloyal language; also asks what he should do about rebels taking the Chicago Times newspaper and causing problems therewith 01-15-1863 F1486
Flint, W. F. Caldwell Hamilton Letter from Lt. Col. Flint to Lt. Col. James O. Broadhead sending a correct schedule of all property which has been seized since becoming Asst. Provost Marshal. 07-13-1863 F1660 0820 22330
Gray, John M. Caldwell Kingston Bond in the amount of $80. Gray's two horse wagon was seized. 12-13-1862 F1331
Greenwood, Josiah Caldwell Breckenridge Receipt for mare seized by Capt. Ross and to be returned when called for; file notation: receipt for contraband 02-11-1863 F1332
Griffey, William Caldwell Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy, confined to Clinton, Carroll, Caldwell, and Ray Counties 07-05-1862 F1334
Griffey, William Caldwell Oath of Allegiance 07-05-1862 F1334
Grouse, George W. Caldwell An enclosed letter found in the area 06-06-1864 F1161
Hardisty, N. H. Caldwell Breckenridge Doctor, statement that Hiram Morgan said Lincoln's administration was no more constitutional than that of Jeff Davis 03-31-1863 F1202
Herald, George W. Caldwell Breckenridge Letter from W. F. Flint saying that Herald, a rebel prisoner, is surely the same man whom he paroled in December. Herald had given $2,000 bond for future loyal conduct, but never reported to Provost. 01-14-1863 F1472
Hickman, James H. Caldwell Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy, securities George W. P. O'Donnell and James Ellis 08-13-1862 F1192
Hickman, James H. Caldwell Oath of Allegiance and parole of honor, witness Frank Barkey 08-13-1862 F1192
Hilton, William J. Caldwell Beckenridge Oath, on form of Hannibal and St. Joseph R.R. 03-01-1862 F1193
Houghton, William Caldwell Kingston Receipt for $35.15 payment of commutation tax exempting him from militia duty for the year; file notation: he may be given pass to go out of state 03-09-1863 F1343
Ireland, Thomas S. Caldwell Oath 06-21-1862 F1346
Jones, Abraham Caldwell Statement that he heard Jeremiah Moree, school trustee, advocate the cause of Jeff Davis, use disloyal language, and believes he is a rebel 03-14-1863 F1202
Jones, John Caldwell Breckenridge Statement that he saw the horse in question in the possession of John Stamper at the Widow Welden's house in Daviess County, accompanied by Joseph Weldon, and James McBride said the horse had been stolen from him at Lexington 09-??-1862 F1267
Jones, William Caldwell Breckenridge Statement of Nicholas Hebner regarding the number of times he had seen men at the home of Jones who were rebels and on their way to the rebel army. 06-05-1863 F1352
Kayser, John Caldwell Breckenridge A receipt for goods taken from him 03-23-1863 F1354
Kennedy, Benjamin Caldwell Parole 06-11-1863 F1194
Kennedy, Daniel Caldwell Oath of Loyalty 08-21-1862 F1194
Kesterson, William Caldwell Receipt showing Kesterson paid $0.40 for his road tax for 1862. 12-30-1862 F1660 0930 22366
Kesterson, William Caldwell Statement of Kesterson's property. Property includes hogs, cattle, and farm tools. N. D. F1660 0924 22365
Kesterson, William Caldwell Breckenridge List of property confiscated from Kesterson. 11-13-186? F1660 0904 22356
Kesterson, William Caldwell Kingston Kesterson's tax receipt, showing for the year 1861 he paid his full state, county, mill and asylum taxes. Receipt lists legal land description of Kesterson's real estate. 05-26-1862 F1660 0926 22366
Kesterson, William Caldwell Kingston Kesterson's tax receipt, showing for the year 1862 he paid his full state, county, mill and asylum taxes. Receipt lists legal land description of Kesterson's real estate. 10-10-1862 F1660 0928 22366
Kesterson, William Caldwell Kingston Receipt for $17.63 for taxes due on Kesterson's property. 03-21-1863 F1660 0931 22366
Kesterson, William; Keyser, John; Owen, Pete; Henkins, Rawly Caldwell List of Kesterson's property sold prior to the seizure. Items consist of hogs and cattle. Property sold to Keyser, Owen and Henkins 01-30-1863 F1660 0891 22352
Kesterson, William; Scott, Samuel Caldwell Statement of Dr. Proctor that he believes Kesterson is in the rebel army. He also states knowledge that the family of Kesterson has been feeding and aiding a rebel. N. D. F1660 0899 22354
Kesterson, William; Scott, Samuel Caldwell Statements of various individuals largely illegible. File notation states the statements are in regards to property seized from Kesterson and Scott. Statement of Henry Hibner notes Kesterson is a rebel who has used his influence in the neighborhood. N. D. F1660 0896 22354
Koyle, William Caldwell Breckenridge Oath, on form of Hannibal and St. Joseph R.R. Co. Witnesses: J. C. Howard (Hannibal), John Shrieves (Brookfield), G. H. Davis (St. Joseph) [2 copies] 03-01-1862 F1359
Lee, James M. Caldwell Hamilton Promise to report all excitements in the county and to form as many companies as possible independent of the E.M.M. and to contact him at Kingston 07-23-1864 F1361
McClelland, P. F. Caldwell Bond in the amount of $1,000. 06-24-1862 F1197
McClelland, P. F. Caldwell Oath of allegiance 06-24-1862 F1197
McClure, Mathias Caldwell Statement of Thomas B. Colvin, a clerk at the November 1863 election. Colvin discusses events at the election, including McClure being denied the vote. Notes McClure was the only rejected voter. N. D. F1197
McCoy, L. S. Caldwell Petition from loyal citizens of Caldwell County, recommending the appointment of McCoy as Assistant Provost Marshal for the enlistment of black troops. Thinks he can operate at Kingston. 11-27-1863 F1197
McGarvin, Richard Caldwell Breckenridge Statement of Silas Henderson regarding a wagon taken from McGarvin. Henderson states that the wagon was taken from McGarvin without his consent while he was in the hospital . 01-28-1863 F1199
McGee, James Caldwell Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 38
McNicholas, John Caldwell Breckenridge Oath of allegiance taken by the officers and employees of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Co.; duplicate follows 03-01-1862 F1371
Miller, Michael Caldwell Hamilton Sworn statement about a man named Nicholson claiming to be a recruiting officer 01-12-1864 F1376

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