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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Austin, James L. Carter Van Buren (Document indicates Wright County) Oath 07-04-1862 F1220
Brown, Samuel C. Carter Oath of Allegiance and $1,000 bond (arrested on charge of having been in rebel army) 07-06-1862 F1286
Brown, William Carter Oath of Allegiance 06-09-1863 F1286
Hardin, Martin Carter Oath of Allegiance, physical description included 10-19-1863 F1339
Mabury, David Carter Oath 06-06-1865 F1365
Raymer, A. Carter Wrapper only, charged with bearing arms against the government, arrested and referred to provost martial general in St. Louis 03-29-1862 F1256
Taylor, John Carter Oath of Allegiance 04-13-1865 F1402
Williams, Isaiah Carter Examination of prisoner at Myrtle St. Prison; is southern sympathizer, did not know he violated oath; has 2 brothers-in-law in rebellion; was in rebel camp once; recommendation to exchange 04-20-1863 F1278
Williams, Isaiah Carter File jacket notations only: sent from Patterson, Missouri 11 Apr 1863 by provost; violating oath; send him south, send him to (illegible) 04-20-1863 F1278
Williams, Isaiah Carter Oath of allegiance; physical description: age 35, grey eyes, dark hair, florid complexion, 6' 2", farmer, lives in Johnson Township; witness Robert Bramley 12-28-1863 F1278
Williams, Isaiah Carter Statement of Maj. Henry L. McConnell: Williams stated he took oath 1 Mar 1862, subsequently said his sympathies were entirely with rebels but was willing to take oath 04-07-1863 F1278
Williams, Isaiah Carter Statement of Willoughby Rogers, Ripley county: Williams took oath at Doniphan but said he cared nothing for it; is a brother-in-law of Tim Reeves, commander of guerrilla band 04-08-1863 F1278

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