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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
A.C. Montgomery, James Hartley, Isaac Keel, etal Cedar Stockton Testimony about the stolen muster roll. 10-08-1862 F1240
Allen, Joseph Cedar Parole; notes that Allen is 20 years old. 12-08-1862 F1462
Bacon, Abel Cedar Oath 05-14-1862 F1463
Bacon, German P. Cedar Charged with violating laws of war; part of guerrilla band that in March 1862 under James M. Frazier attacked State Militia party under McCabe in Cedar Co. and attacked Humansville, Polk Co. N.D. F1463
Baldwin, J. P. Cedar Stockton Statement that Doctor Stevenson said he didn't care how much the bushwhackers robbed the Union people, that he claimed to be Union but everyone knew he was a rebel ??-??-186? F1222
Beckley, Levi Cedar Bond, $1000, arrested for giving aid to the enemy 09-13-1862 F1228
Boe, Otho Cedar Oath of Allegiance F1234
Bradshaw, I. A. Cedar Oath of Allegiance and description 07-23-1865 F1139
Bradshaw, Isaac Cedar Oath of Allegiance 07-12-1862 F1139
Brazier, J. H. Cedar Oath of Allegiance 05-14-1862 F1282
Brewer, William Cedar $1000 bond for not enrolling 11-13-1862 F1282
Brown, James Cedar Parole 12-20-1862 F1285
Brown, Preston Cedar Oath of Allegiance and bond ($1,000) 09-19-1862 F1286
Burris, Zachariah Cedar Letter from Burris questioning charges against him; states he has never taken up arms against the government; requests trial and investigation of case 09-01-1862 F1289
Burris, Zachariah Cedar Notation that there is no account of this man; his name is down but no charge against him 09-30-1862 F1289
Burriss, George W. Cedar Oath of Allegiance and bond ($1,500) 07-07-1862 F1289
Burriss, James E. Cedar Oath of Allegiance and bond ($1,500) 07-07-1862 F1289
Callahan, Allen Cedar Oath 02-16-1862 F1291
Caplinger, F. M. Cedar Petition from citizens of Cedar County stating that they do not believe that Caplinger would have done anything to harm the Union. Petition notes that Caplinger was confined in Springfield. 11-08-1862 F1292
Caplinger, Francis M. Cedar Statement of Caplinger that he is 30 years old and was enlisted in the Confederate army for six months. Admits to having Southern sympathies; is not willing to take up arms in defense of U. S. govt. 10-28-1862 F1292
Capps, Lewis P. Cedar Oath of allegiance 10-24-1862 F1292
Clark, Absalom K. Cedar Bond 11-29-1862 F1237
Clark, Absalom K. Cedar Bond, $1000, arrested for non-compliance with Orders 19 and 22 11-29-1862 F1237
Clark, Absalom K. Cedar Parole 11-24-1862 F1237
Clark, Absalom K. Cedar Parole, ordered to sign $1000 bond and join the E.M.M. 11-24-1862 F1237
Cook, James C. Cedar "Charged with stealing a muster roll. I just got mixed up in his personal papers, he says." 09-20-1862 F1240
Cook, James Clinton Cedar Posting $1500 bond 10-11-1862 F1240
Cornweld, B. L.; McCarlet, Thomas; Bishop, James; Cornweld, Silas L.; Josee, Samuel Cedar Stockton Parole of honor ??-??-186? F1659 0217 21737
Cotner, W. M. Cedar Findly Prairie Oath; file notation: parole 05-14-1862 F1241
Coulter, George L. Cedar Stockton Report that Coulter has been arrested; supposed to be participant in affray of Jan. 12 02-01-1865 F1242
Curnett, W. M. Cedar Hand-written oath of allegiance 05-14-1862 F1247
Daniels, George Cedar $1000 bond; Elisha Wood and C. A. H. Glascock, sureties 10-16-1862 F1294
Daniels, George Cedar Oath 10-16-1862 F1294
Davis, Thomas B. Cedar Oath of allegiance 07-12-1862 F1297
Dearing, William and Benjamin Cedar Caswell Hamilton's testimony against the Dearings. [From other entries, William Dearing is of Macon City.] 06-14-1862 F1298
Dickson, George W. Cedar Brother believes him to be loyal and wishes to take him back to Illinois F1301
Dickson, George W. Cedar Served under Coffee F1301
Dixon, Silas Cedar Statement claiming innocence 02-10-1863 F1302
Dixon, Silas Cedar Statement of evidence and charge against him 07-03-1863 F1302
Eddleman, William Cedar Oath 07-04-1862 F1310
Edsall, William H. Cedar $2500 bond; arrested on charge of disloyalty 02-28-1863 F1310
Edsall, William H. Cedar File notations only: Springfield; will be released on oath and $2500 bond and enlisting; complied with 02-20-1863 F1310
Edsall, William H. Cedar Parole; required to enroll in MO volunteer service and send certificate of enrollment; age 39 02-20-1863 F1310
Etheredge, James; Addison, William; Addison, Samuel; Loyd, Thomas B.; Elliot, Mary; Ellliot, James; Smith, Benjamin S.; Lowry, Henry; Evans, L. H. Cedar Testimony in cases against Etheredge, the Addisons, and Loyd; Etheredge from Cedar Co., stole livestock from Smith for Price's army; Addisons threatened the Elliots near Osceola; Loyd taken prisoner at White Hair, MO, tried to escape 04-24-1862 F1584 0631 956
Firestone, Samuel J. Cedar Bond in the amount of $1,000 11-29-186? F1317
Firestone, Samuel J. Cedar Parole 11-29-1862 F1317
Firestone, Samuel J. Cedar Statement of Firestone, a prisoner. Notes that he is 46 years old; was arrested at home but does not know why. Asks to be released on any honorable terms. 04-21-1863 F1317
Ford, Monroe Cedar Oath of allegiance 05-14-1862 F1320
Fox, Austin Cedar Bond in the amount of $1,000. 01-15-1863 F1322
Francis, Boyd M. Cedar Bond in the amount of $1,000. 09-19-1862 F1322
Francis, Boyd M. Cedar Oath of allegiance 09-19-1862 F1322
Francis, Matthew Cedar Bond in the amount of $1,000. 09-19-1862 F1322
Francis, Matthew Cedar Oath of allegiance 09-19-1862 F1322
Gilliham, Thomas Cedar $2000 bond; William Webb, security. 08-26-1862 F1326
Gilliham, Thomas Cedar Oath before J. L. Morris 08-26-1862 F1326
Hall, Thomas D. Cedar States he was in a company raised to keep down the jayhawkers and joined Price's Army at Johnstown, but left the company because they weren't doing what they formed to do 08-31-1862 F1336
Hall, Thomas D. Cedar Jefferson Township Bond, $2000, arrested for aiding the rebellion 11-25-1862 F1336
Hall, Thomas D. Cedar Jefferson Township Parole 11-25-1862 F1336
Hamly, Manley; Hamly, Amos Cedar Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 92
Hance, Marian Cedar Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy 06-11-1862 F1338
Hance, Marian Cedar Oath of Allegiance 06-11-1862 F1338
Hanse, Elizabeth Cedar Oath of Allegiance 11-20-1862 F1338
Hartley, Wm. C. Cedar Bond 06-03-1863 F1145
Hartley, Wm. C. Cedar Oath of Loyalty 10-14-1862 F1145
Hearn, Warren Cedar Parole of honor 05-14-1862 F1342
Hensley, William Cedar Parole 06-16-1863 F1471
Hensley, William Cedar Parole 12-18-1862 F1471
Hensley, William Cedar Statement of Hensley that he is a Union man, but has never taken the oath of allegiance. He is now willing to take the oath of allegiance. 10-14-1862 F1471
Holeman, Thomas ;et.al. Cedar Petitioning for clemency for H. Hartley 11-07-1862 F1145
Hopper, James M. Cedar Oath of Allegiance, physical description included 10-21-1862 F1476
Horn, Robert O. Cedar Letter from James Dudley, Stockton, to provost at Osceola; Horn on his way to report; he is regarded well by Union neighbors 06-03-1862 F1343
Horn, S. W. Cedar James G. Buford is and has been in poor health 10-24-1862 F1287
Horn, Wesley Cedar Physical description on back of blank oath: age 48, 5'1", grey eyes, dark hair ??-??-186? F1343
Horne, Robert O. Cedar Petition from Horne's neighbors to not require bond, or reduce it to within his means; charge of secreting lead for southern army untrue; he is poor man with young family 06-02-1862 F1343
Hosey, Isaac Cedar Charges and specifications: joined Price's army; was at home in military district of Federal Army in citizen's clothes; with Frazier's guerrilla band, attacked state militia at Humansville ??-??-186? F1343

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