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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Adams, George; McShane, [unknown]; Adams, Henry; McMillan, [unknown]; Angel, [unknown]; Roberts, William; Adams, Mathew; Adams, Sam; Pelham, Thomas; Walker, [unknown]; Hill, John; Garrison, [unknown]; etal Christian Statement regarding group of men who formed an independent rebel company that stole horses, forced men into service, took guns 06-23-1862 F1585 0942 1345
Aleshire, Jacob Christian Whiteoak Spring Reports that David Jackson and 30 men kidnapped, shot, burned, and mutilated Thomas Budd near Camp Creek near Green Gidions--nose cut off. And took his daughter's shoes and table cloth. 9-?-1861 F1477
Allred, Thomas W.; Jones, J. O.; Shipman, Nathan; Weever, William; Ressee, Arthur; Teague, William W.; Thomas, James; Cates, William; Barnett, George; Crusenbury, James; Garrison, A.; Clation, W. I.; Williams, Rice; Friend, William; Adams, Samuel; etc. Christian Linden Petition to the provost marshal at Springfield to release J. H. Shipman from his parole 06-14-1864 F1259
Ayres, Lambert P. Christian Ozark Charged with treason against U.S.; while U. S. postmaster at Ozark transmitted southern mail Oct. 1-31, 1861 N.D. F1463
Ayres, Lambert P. Christian Ozark File cover notations: was U.S. postmaster, forwarded correspondence to rebels, charge not fully sustained, released on oath Dec. 11, 1861 12-11-1861 F1463
Ayres, Lambert P. Christian Ozark Oath given at St. Louis 12-11-1861 F1463
Ball, Jackson Christian Camp Finley Report to Brig. Gen. Sanborn at Springfield, Missouri, that he has searched for Joseph A. W. Logan, but can't find him, but will arrest him when he does 09-10-1864 F1482
Bane, Rufus Christian Oath of Allegiance 07-05-1864 F1223
Bane, Rufus Christian Physical description 07-05-1864 F1223
Barrett, Henry Christian Oath of Allegiance 03-22-1862 F1224
Bowlin, Joseph; Jordan, William; Murphy, George W. Christian Ozark Depositions for United States v. Joseph Bowlin. Related to search for bushwhackers near Ozark. 04-14-1864 F1612 0765 9360
Clapp, Calvin C. Christian List of prisoners discharged on oath of allegiance and bond. List gives name, residence, and date released. 07-??-1862 F1586 0660 1709
Clapp, Calvin H. Christian Statement that he belonged to Captain Galloway's Company of Home Guards, never in Southern Army F1237
Clime, Johanner(?) Christian Ozark Got kicked to of her house, asks redress ?-16-1864 F1239
Climer, Johanna Christian Ozark Husband died in U.S. army a year ago, she is very poor, has little children; Capt. Moore, commander of post at Ozark, ejected her from house, she is now outdoors; file notation by Moore (illegible) 09-16-1864 F1239
Coaker, Jesse Christian Charges and specifications against him F1187
Coffman, Eyres A. Christian Reno Oath of Allegiance 02-??-1862 F1187
Crison, Allen Christian Ozark Receipt for one horse and saddle taken at Ozark by provost marshal 07/16/1962 07-17-1862 F1244
Crison, Jackson Christian Ozark Receipt for one horse and saddle taken at Ozark by provost marshal; see Crison, Allen and Creason, Allen and Creason, Jackson 07-17-1862 F1244
Cross, John Christian Ozark Report to Lieut. Col. J. K. Miller in Springfield that the E.M.M. has arrested Edward Porter of Taney County, and he has a suspicious story, as well as a pass given by the provost marshal of Lamar County, Texas 12-11-1862 F1386
Cunningham, Josiah Christian Ozark Pass for Bolen Reames to go home ??-??-186? F1256
Decker, Geo Christian Ozark Mrs. H. H. Buchanan of Louisville writes to St. Louis that she saw that Geo. Decker had been taken prisoner; was he her brother? 07-01-1862 F1298
Dodge, I. C. Christian Ozark Report that William Betterton belonged to a Home Guard and then a band of bushwhackers under Capt. Suttle, that he provided cattle to the rebel army and was visiting United States camps on a false oath, witnesses Jeff Tate, Rufus McCoy, William McCoy 08-24-1862 F1231
Dodge, Isaac C. Christian Ozark Report to T. A. Switzler that he has arrested Robert R. Stiles, purported Arkansas refugee, who was given a horse by Mr. Ham of Springfield, believes he is a spy as he isn't a scout, "at least not one of Uncle Sam's" 08-14-1862 F1270
Dryden, Christian Compensation for corn F1306
Dryden, J. W. Christian Ozark Payment for cord F1306
Dye, William Christian Description of Person 01-08-1862 F1308
Giddeon, Hiram Christian Bond of $1,000 10-08-1863 F1325
Gideon, James H. Christian Bond of $2,000 05-25-1863 F1325
Gideon, James H. Christian Parole 05-25-1863 F1325
Harper, Sarah E. Christian Parole and letter from her asking permission to go south 07-22-1863 F1191
Hayden, Granville; Hayden, R. P. Christian Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 48
Hitchcock, W. A. Christian Ozark Letter from Hitchcock presenting his application for a new position. Notes that he has two years experience in the railroad business and thinks this has given him knowledge of public service. 11-14-1862 F1473
Hitchcock, William Christian Ozark Letter from Col. B. Crabb recommending Hitchcock to a post under Col. N. P. Chipman. Says Hitchcock is a good worker and deserves a better position than what he has to give. 11-14-1862 F1473
Howard, Dick; Howard, Francis C. Christian Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 79
Hughes, William S. Christian Ozark Testimony in case of Hughes killed by M.S.M. as prisoner 09-05-1862 F1147
Hunt, John Christian Charges and specifications: habitual disloyal speech, swapping gun to rebel, running south at U.S. approach, threatening Union people, violating parole; confession ??-??-186? F1345
Hunt, John Christian Parole of honor to report weekly in Springfield; must report to military commission in Springfield when called 09-15-1862 F1345
Hunt, John Christian Statement: lives at Ozark; never belonged to any rebel group; is a conditional Union man, in favor of Jeff Davis; "I have talked a great deal." 07-31-1862 F1345
Ingram, S. N. Christian Ingram and McCracken's Mill Report on the report of Mrs. Lee concerning Doctor McHatten and Mr. Hankens disturbing the neighborhood while eating at her place, stopped on their way to Ozark 05-31-1864 F1369
Inman, James; McDaniel, J.; Goodnight, W.; Smith, Braxton; Smith, J.; Turpin, Simpson; Turpin, Champon; Vaughn, G.; Davis, [unknown]; Mullius, Thomas; Willoughby, A.; Fullerton, R.; Thomson, Marion; Wisner, Mary; Lawing, Ellen; Hauks, Catharine; etal Christian Ozark List of persons arrested and discharged at Ozark Provost Marshal office for August. Prisoners from Christian, Taney, Dallas Counties and Searcy County, Arkansas. 22 names. 08-??-1862 F1587 0681 2000
Ivans, James Christian Letter claiming that William Handcock was with a band of guerrillas that took him prisoner, as well as William R. Watts, Harvy Fry, James Maupin, and Mangrum Gray, from whom a horse was stolen 04-23-18?? F1338
Jackson, Martha; Smith, Emaline; Gibson, John A.; Morris, L. B.; Willard, S. T.; Clapp, Calvin; Wilks, Samuel Christian Ozark List of prisoners discharged from Ozark. 22 names. 09-??-1862 F1588 0567 2292
Jessup, Samuel; Jessup, Enoch Christian Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 80
Jessup, Thomas W. Christian Oath; description: age 35, 5' 9", blue eyes, light hair 01-06-1864 F1347
Johnson, George Christian Ozark Statement of James Preston that he was to intercept strangers and suspicious persons traveling from Missouri to Arkansas. A chase ensued with three men. Johnson, one of the men, was shot and killed. 09-05-1862 F1348
Jones, Franklin Christian Bond in the amount of $200. 06-06-1864 F1350
Kirk, H. J. Christian Statement that he saw Doctor McHatten and Mr. Hankens eating at Mrs. Lee's, and that one had papers and letters in one pocket and newspapers in the other 05-31-1864 F1369
Larkin, James H. Christian Parole 12-18-1862 F1479
Larkin, William H. Christian Charges and specifications against Larkin. Larkin charged with violating the laws of civilized warfare for shooting at and stealing from, James A. Jackson, a loyal citizen. N. D. F1479
Larkins, William H. Christian Copy of testimony of James Benniley. Testimony partially illegible. 08-??-1862 F1479
Larkins, William H. Christian Oath of allegiance 10-13-1862 F1479
Larkins, William H. Christian Statement of James A. Jackson partially illegible. Jackson states that Larkins came to his home on different occasions and stole guns from his home. 07-19-1862 F1479
Larkins, William H. Christian Statement of James Benniley partially illegible. Benniley's statement regarding gunshots he heard and his interaction with Larkins when he inquired about what happened. Larkins said he shot Jackson. 08-19-1862 F1479
Larkins, William H. Christian Statement of John H. Pettijohn illegible. 08-26-1863 F1479
Lathrop, Armon Christian Bond in the amount of $1,000. 05-09-1864 F1480
Lawing, William A. Christian Illegible 07-22-1862 F1479
Lee Christian Mrs., statement that Doctor McHatten and Mr. Hankens demanded dinner from her and questioned the location of soldiers at Ingram and McCracken's Mill and in the area 05-31-1864 F1369
Litterell, M. Christian Ozark Document showing that Miss Litterell was charged with aiding the South, cooking food for Calvin Moore, going South after taking the oath and carrying news for the South. 12-18-1862 F1481
Littrell, M. Christian Ozark Document showing that Miss Litterell was charged with aiding the South, cooking food for Calvin Moore, going South after taking the oath and carrying news for the South. N. D. F1481
Mack, John; Rainey, W. P.; Murphy, N.; Faught, L.; Hacock, Martin; Jackson, J.; Coleman, S.; Ward, W.; McCorkle, N.; Campbell, J.; Morrow, J.; Raynor, H.; Hollingworth, H.; Wilkerson, J.; and others Christian Petition from Greene County and Christian County citizens requesting that passes no longer be given to female relatives of known bushwhackers currently hiding out in Arkansas. 79 names. 08-08-1864 F1620 0132 11281
McHaffey, James D. Christian Ozark Statement that he and William Lamb in disguise stopped at the house of Thomas Mullins and interviewed him of troop movement in the area, not complete 08-05-1862 F1369
McLemmon, A. J. Christian Ozark Bond, $1,000, arrested for giving aid to the enemy, security L. T. Ayres 02-24-1863 F1370
McLemmon, A. J. Christian Ozark Parole, age 36 01-24-1863 F1370
McLemore, A. J.; Williams, John; Leighton, [unknown] Christian Ozark Letter regarding prisoners; McLemore of southern sympathies but only accused of talk; Williams charged with horse theft by Mrs. J. Leighton; Mrs. Leighton a secessionist 12-27-1862 F1591 0145 3186
Moore, James C. Christian Citizen of Greene County, statement that he was a prisoner, released on oath, took to the brush to avoid working on the fortification, father is in the Confederate Army 09-07-1862 F1201
Nance, Wright Christian Statement: never belonged to any independent company; went with Gunning to take guns from Union men; up Swan Creek and down Little Beaver Creek; took Elisha Hampton prisoner, to Forsyth; Gimlin might have been along ??-??-186? F1375
Nance, Wright Christian Was pressed twice to go with company of armed men; stayed with Thomas Baker and Sam Lawrence; went to Forsyth; Mathew Adams and Hampton taken prisoner; Germany's (Gunnings?) company; prisoner ill, will be released on $2,000 bond until final examination 07-22-1862 F1375
Nance, Wright Christian Witnesses Mathew Adams, Henry Walker, Edward Y. Vaughn, John Hill, Toliver Roberts, Thomas Pelham, Elisha Hampton, William J. Claton, Thomas Baker ??-??-186? F1375
Parson, John Christian 2nd Wisconsin Cav. squad bringing prisoners from Forsyth to Springfield robbed Parson, good Union man, of nearly everything while family was gone; file notation: ordered to be arrested and sent to headquarters 06-21-1862 F1381
Phenix, unknown Christian Letter from headquarters at Ozark post; Mrs. Phenix went to Springfield to get exchange for husband, captured by jayhawkers stealing under Confederate colors; it is a deception so that the party referred to by Mrs. Phenix may obtain freedom 12-08-1862 F1383
Pierson, George Christian Oath and safeguard; physical description: age 49, 5' 10", hazel eyes, black hair 10-28-1862 F1383
Pierson, George Christian Statement made at Springfield: never belonged to independent company, never took oath; will take oath but not take up arms to defend U.S. government; file notation: release on taking oath and send to work on fortifications 10-28-1862 F1383
Pierson, George Christian Testimony against Pierson; statements by William J. Piland, Peter Howard who was a prisoner of rebels, John Nave and William Lord, who all said Pierson belonged to a company of southern men 09-03-1862 F1383
Preston, James; Shipman, Hiram; Baker, James; Baker, James, Jr.; Johnson, Charles L.; Haycliff, William; Stewart, William; Keenin, Robert; Keltner, William; Keltner, Henry Christian Ozark Those suspected of committing the murders of McDaniels, Morrow, and Morley, according to Stephen Link. 01-19-1865 F1630 0253 14318

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