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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Alexander, Henry; Garret, E. Dade Recruiting Station: Mt Vernon F1895.10 121
Allison, Joseph Dade Oath 10-04-1862 F1216
Amos, John Dade Amos claims to be a loyal citizen and asks permission of the Government to remain at home. 07-06-1864 F1216
Amos, William H. Dade Statement claiming that he voluntarily reported to take oath. Pledged to take up arms in support of United States government. 10-29-1862 F1216
Amos, William W. Dade Statement claiming that he voluntarily reported; had been hiding for 6 weeks from Federals. Hadn't taken oath earlier because of fear. Was willing to take oath, but not to enroll in army. 10-28-1862 F1216
Bailey, Franklin K. Dade Additional statement of whereabouts during service in Price's army ??-??-18?? F1464
Bailey, Franklin K. Dade Oath 10-05-1862 F1464
Bailey, Franklin K. Dade Parole 10-05-1862 F1464
Bailey, Franklin K. Dade Statement of John Baker, Lawrence County, who raised Bailey, attesting to his veracity 10-05-1862 F1464
Bailey, Franklin K. Dade Statement of service in southern army; arrest, offer to take oath 08-27-1862 F1464
Baker, Robert B. Dade Greenfield Statement of innocence to being in rebel army 08-17-1862 F1221
Benders, Samuel Dade Melville Letter to Maj. Switzler that a soldier of the 5th Kansas Volunteers left a horse with Mrs. Rice, and it ran off, and she agreed to keep it if found, that it was found, but Capt. Morgan took the horse against her wishes, had it branded, and refused payment 09-24-1862 F1390
Bigley, James Dade Oath 09/02/1862 F1465
Bishop, James; Bishop, Thomas J. Dade Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 95
Bishop, Thomas Dade Statement that Levi Stark has always been a quiet and peaceable citizen 08-21-1862 F1267
Blackburn Dade Charges that Blackburn was part of Coffee's Band and stealing horses F1138
Boatman, Henry Dade Letter to provost marshal regarding Boatman (prisoner). Letter references St. Clair County. 12/11/1862 F1184
Bowman, David Dade Bowman's statement regarding his arrest and reason for not taking the Oath of Allegiance ? F1233
Bowman, David Dade Oath of Allegiance 10/17/1862 F1232
Breedan, Preston Dade Statement concerning cattle found in his possession 10-24-1864 F1282
Brown, John W. Dade Oath of Allegiance 10-09-1862 F1285
Brutsche, J. D. Dade Charges and specifications against Samuel Hoover, disloyalty by saying he was a rebel 08-01-1864 F1476
Burris, William Dade Greenfield S.G. Appleby states that he was captured and while being held he noticed Wm. Burris, also a prisoner; states that he believes Burris was one of Coffee's men, sent as a spy 08-02-1862 F1289
Carmack, H. P. Dade Statement that Captain Morris told Jacob H. Fannen (ing?) and himself to put David Clarkson family out of their home, but did not burn it 08-27-1863 F1238
Carmack, H. P. Dade Sworn statement 08-27-1863 F1238
Carmack, Hardin Dade Melville Letter from Robert Cowan stating that if they send for Robert Mulkey of Dade County, they will get evidence against Carmack. 02-10-1865 F1292
Carmack, Isaac Dade Oath of allegiance 10-19-1862 F1292
Carmack, Isaac Dade Greenfield Testimony of Mrs. Lucinda Smith, Carmack's daughter, regarding bushwhacker Isaac West, who was at Carmack's home. She told Matilda Carmack to take West food when he returned to the bush. 05-20-1862 F1292
Carmack, Isaac Dade Greenfield Two pages of testimony from Mrs. Arminda C. Smith regarding bushwhacker Isaac West. Made pies and took them to Carmack's house so they could be given to West. West asked her to get info for him. 05-20-1864 F1292
Carmack, Isaac Dade Melville Order that Carmack be released from custody by taking oath and agreeing to report to E.M.M. at Melville twice a month. N. D. F1292
Carmack, James H. Dade Charges and Specifications. Carmack charged with stealing a mare from Hezekiah Ruth, a loyal citizen of Dade County. N. D. F1292
Carmack, James H. Dade Melville Letter from Jesse C. Kirby (?) regarding Carmack's theft of a horse belonging to a Union citizen. Carmack traded horse after stealing it; was arrested. Carmack released after paying for horse. 01-25-1862 F1292
Clark, R. A. Dade Dadeville Application for permit to sell ammunition in Dadeville 04-18-1865 F1238
Clopton, R. G. Dade Melville Special Order No. 147 allowing Clopton to sell and dispose of arms at Melville, MO 06-10-1865 F1239
Coldwell, Thomas J. Dade Parole 01-14-1863 F1141
Colenell, Thomas J. Dade Parole 01-14-1863 F1141
Cotner, Joel Dade Abandoned farm south of Melville and taken up arms against U.S.; permit for James Riffee to use land for 1 year; 1/3 of crops go to U.S. quartermaster 05-20-1865 F1241
Couch, Lindley Dade $2,000 bond; charged with giving aid and comfort to enemies; sureties W. B. Logan and Charles Hughes 12-29-1862 F1242
Cowan, William L. A. Dade Oath 10-09-1862 F1242
Cowan, William L. A. Dade Oath to report at Melville for enrollment; file notation: parole 10-09-1862 F1242
Cowan, William L. A. Dade Took oath; never in rebel army; in co. of Union and Southern men to keep out jayhawkers and thieves at beginning of war; in favor of south but not rebellion; 32 yrs old; released to enroll at Melville ??-??-186? F1242
Cox, John H. Dade Arrested Sept. 18, 1862; was working in field when bushwhackers came through pursued by Federals; when Federals fired he ran in fear then surrendered; file notation: paroled, must enroll in M.S.M. 11-01-1862 F1242
Cox, John H. Dade Pledge of parole to report for enrollment and send papers to headquarters; given at Springfield 11-01-1862 F1242
Crabtree, Lafayatt (sic) Dade Request to remain at home with wife and 2 children; loyalty attested to by William Clerass and William M. Holmes; file notation: granted ??-??-186? F1243
Dale, Thomas Dade Melville F. M. Ethridge of Co. K, 8 M.S.M. states that Dale had left his 40-acre farm and gone south. Joseph K. Witt and Henry Compton signed. 03-23-1863 F1294
Davidson, David Dade Statement of Davidson that he was arrested at home. Said that Mr. James was there at the arrest and accused Davidson of knowing who shot at him (James). 09-22-1862 F1297
Dollins, Francis Dade Oath of Allegiance 10-29-1862 F1303
Dollins, Jane J. Dade Oath of Allegiance 11-12-1862 F1303
Donley, O. P. Dade Dadeville Requests pass to Sugar Creek 08-25-1862 F1299
Edge, James; Edge, Martin D. Dade Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 34
Epperson, Samuel Dade Sworn statement that he is worth $1,000 11-14-1862 F1312
Fanning, Jacob H. Dade 1-page petition by Dade countians, seeking pardon of Fanning n.d. F1314
Fanning, Jacob H. Dade 2-page petition by Dade countians, seeking pardon of Fanning n.d. F1314
Fanning, Jacob H. Dade 4-page petition by Dade countians, seeking pardon of Fanning, “a good citizen and good soldier” who killed in the heat of the moment n.d. F1314
Farmer, William H. Dade Parole. Farmer is 33. The signature Isaac Dodge appears. 11-17-1862 F1314
Finley, Benjamin F. Dade Parole 11-19-1862 F1317
Finley, William C. Dade Parole 12-06-1862 F1317
Freedle, [unknown]; Hulstone, [unknown] Dade Letter sent to Springfield, MO regarding orders to send named men 12-17-1862 F1591 0753 3336
Garrett, John; Garret, E. T. Dade Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 35
Greene, P. H. Dade Statement of Capt. John H. Howard; Greene loyal, living on land of Thomas Dale, a rebel who left with Price in 1862; Gen. Holland gave permission; Greene should pay rent and have written lease 02-20-1865 F1332
Hacklemo, Thomas; Conway, D. H.; Smith, Samuel; Montgomery, William; Ross, John E.; Jackson, James; Dunegan, Francis; Hartley, James; Fox, Thomas A.; and others Dade Greenfield Cover letter and list of names of influential men in Cedar County; gives name, occupation, post office, political views, and remarks 05-28-1864 F1648 0839 18961
Haire, Thomas J. Dade Haire's statement that he belonged to southern army; served 16 days and was discharged; went to brother's home for three weeks; was arrested on way to Cedar County; willing to take oath and give bond 11-10-1862 F1190
Haire, Thomas J. Dade Paroled to work on fort until further orders; (age, 29) 11-10-1862 F1190
Hall, William P. Dade Polk Township Charges and Specifications: Violation of the Laws and Customs of War in that he belonged to guerrillas known as Leslie's Company and stole guns owned by S. A. Harshbarger 06-21-1862 F1336
Harralson, James Dade His statement, arrested for not enrolling in E.M.M. 10-18-1862 F1191
Harris, Samuel Dade Greenfield Oath of Allegiance and Parole, with physical description 10-26-1862 F1191
Harris, Thomas J. Dade Oath of Allegiance 10-09-1862 F1191
Hastings, Virginia; Hooper, Lavinia; Dickey, Elizabeth; Lassly, Mary Jane; and others Dade Greenfield Women wish to move south; all their friends were in the south, and if they moved there, they would be able to get support 09-01-1863 F1654 1076 20380
Henry, Ephram Dade Oath of allegiance and physical description 09-08-1862 F1471
Henry, Ephram Dade Statement of Henry almost entirely illegible. States he never took the oath of allegiance. 09-08-1862 F1471
Herrons, John Dade Statement concerning cattle found in his possession 10-24-1864 F1282
Hoover, William C. Dade Statement that he was discharged from the Confederate Army, joined the Mellville Militia, was taken prisoner by rebels, escaped, surrendered and sent to Springfield, willing to take the oath 11-12-1862 F1476
Hopper, William H. Dade Oath of Allegiance 03-29-1864 F1476
Hover, William C. Dade Oath 11-12-1862 F1343
Huffman, W. Dade Evidence against Huffman. Refers to members of guerrilla bands and says is was best to arrest Huffman. ??-??-1863 F1146

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