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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Allen, George P. Daviess Oath 03-15-1862 F1462
Allen, William L. Daviess Gallatin Telegram to Gen. Manson from H. F. Valletto. Valletto said Allen claimed to know Judge Loring (?); asks Gen. Manson to speak with the Judge and inquire about Allen's loyalty. 02-18-1863 F1462
Baaden D. Daviess Gallatin Letter informing that he issued an order to pay Peter Griffith a voucher for services as a clerk in the quartermasters department of the 8th Brigade 05-01-1863 F1334
Ballinger, John Daviess Statement that the statement of Joseph N. McGee on George Ballard is correct, and Ballard is a violent secessionist who threatened Union men 11-07-1861 F1222
Bennett, William Daviess Oath of Allegiance 06-23-1862 F1230
Betts, Benjamin E. Daviess Parole 04-23-1863 F1231
Betts, Benjamin E. Daviess Alta Vista Statement that he only spoke in jest to his friend Capt. Brown, who was drunk at the time, and although a Democrat, isn't a copperhead Democrat, and is loyal to the Union 04-23-1863 F1231
Bowen, Moss. M. Daviess Oath of Allegiance 07-23-1862 F1233
Brown, Andrew Daviess Statement about a brown horsed seized by Lt. Brown 03-25-1863 F1285
Burnette, William Daviess Katherine Trosper testifies that Burnette acknowledged stealing a black mare from Ewen Lake in the fall of 1861 06-11-1863 F1289
Burton, William Daviess Disloyal language about Gov. Gamble by Willis Cooper 01-05-1863 F1240
Cargo, Willis; Cargo, John Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 40
Casey, Thomas J. Daviess Statement of James P. Cox that Casey was a violent secessionist who followed Hughes out of town and took his revolver. Joseph H. McGee stated Casey said every Union man should have his throat cut. 10-28-1861 F1140
Casey, Thomas J. Daviess Gallatin Statement of William S. Hughes that while in Gallatin his buggy was stopped by John D. Casey; a crowd surrounded him. Upon leaving, Thomas Casey followed on horseback and threatened with a pistol. ??-31-1861 F1140
Colston, Edwin; Colston, John D. Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 17
Colston, George; Colston, John D. Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 33
Cottingham, Joseph Daviess Owensboro Is river man; was taken Feb. 16 and released on parole; was given no transportation because had $6, but cannot report to St. Louis on that sum; reported locally, wishes to remain there ??-??-186? F1241
Coulson, John D. Daviess Statement: bay horse taken by quartermaster at Breckinridge never used in rebellion 04-09-1863 F1242
Cox, Levi P. Daviess $1,000 bond 11-30-1861 F1242
Cox, S. P. Daviess Gallatin Cover sheet for statement by Cox 12-20-1864 F1657 1271 21398
Cox, S. P. ; Weldon, Thomas; Thompson, [Unknown]; Phillips, [Unknown] Daviess Gallatin Two-page letter by Cox; supplies information about Weldon who is considered "a bad and dangerous man", Cox captured two of the bushwhackers horses while they were being shod at Millville in Ray County on 10-25-1864 12-07-1864 F1657 1274 21398
Cox, S. P.; Enoch, Thomas; Weldon, Thomas; Hall, D. Daviess Gallatin Two-page report by Cox that Enoch had been arrested by his command on 02-22-1862 and was released upon taking the oath of allegiance; Hall of Lafayette County can supply information about Welden and his Confederates 12-20-1864 F1657 1272 21398
Cravens, John Daviess Oath 12-11-1862 F1243
Cravens, Thomas Daviess Letter from Capt. Joab Woodruff that Cravens is rampant rebel who left home about time of Lexington battle; has 2 sons in rebel army 06-28-1863 F1243
Crawford, William D. Daviess Oath 07-29-186? F1243
Crawford, William V. Daviess Statement that his father lives near Gallatin in Jefferson Township 07-23-1863 F1339
Creekmore, Jesse A. Daviess Gallatin Letter from James McFerron re: Creekmore, a prisoner held at McDowell's College, vouching for him 01-14-1862 F1244
Creekmore, Jesse A. Daviess Gallatin Oath 01-18-1862 F1244
Cruzen, Mary Daviess Oath of allegiance 08-08-1863 F1246
Early, Robert Daviess Oath 01-17-1862 F1309
Early, Robert Daviess Statement that Catharine Tresher told him that William Bennett stole a black mare from Ewen Lake of Davies County 06-10-1863 F1230
Fiala, John T. Daviess Oath of allegiance 09-24-1861 F1317
Flint, [unknown]; McDonald, W. D.; Richardson, Samuel A.; Keene, G. M.; McGee, Owen H.; O'Neil, Thomas; Davis, D. Harfield; Nelson, J. L.; Sheets, John W.; Shriver, A.; and others Daviess Petition recommending that McDonald be appointed as provost ??-??-186? F1654 0904 20330
Frazier, W. P.; Austin, D. C.; Stagner, James; Christin, G. B.; Payne, Asa M.; Ellis, R. F.; Canthorn, G. W.; Crowder, L. B.; Williams, George; Williams, Roger; Brougton, Joseph A.; Scoggins, M. W.; Wilson, Russel; Lockwood, Jacob; Nutter, Matthew Daviess Gallatin Weekly report of Assistant Provost Marshal containing list showing Frazier etal as being individuals who gave bond during the present week in Daviess County. The bond amounts are noted for each person. 04-27-1862 F1653 0189 19810
Gay, James Daviess Spl. Order 27 (by William McHurath at Chillicothe): Gay, under oath and $1000 bond, having been threatened by Radical Union men, is permitted to go to Iowa. 08-14-1864 F1323
Gillespie, George W. Daviess Gallatin Letters of Administration: Joseph Gillespie is appointed administrator. 03-21-1862 F1326
Golfinney, William Daviess Letters of administration from the probate court for Golfinney's estate 03-20-1862 F1328
Grant, Thomas B. Daviess Document stating that Grant was taken at home while chopping wood. Grant is 18 years old, a Union man, and has a 360 acre farm. N. D. F1331
Grant, Thomas B. Daviess Oath of allegiance 01-30-1862 F1331
Green, M. T. Daviess Claim for horse stolen out of a stable by bushwhackers; horse now in government stable at St. Joseph; young man Blair drives stage for Green 08-17-1864 F1332
Greene, M. T. Daviess Special Orders No. 123-1 from St. Joseph to deliver horse to Greene, esquire; claims it was stolen then captured by U.S. forces as contraband; he must establish ownership and proof of loyalty 08-17-1864 F1332
Harmen, Jacob Daviess Statement that he lives with his father, Nathan, in Gallatin Township and has been home for the last 12 months. He also knows Capt. Woodruff 07-23-1863 F1339
Harmon, Jacob Daviess Oath of Allegiance, witnesses Jeff Chandler and C. B. Ayres, both of Buchanan County 07-29-1864 F1339
Hines, John B. Daviess Gallatin Order from Daviess County Probate Court appointing B. N. Hines Administrator of the estate of John B. Hines. 03-21-1862 F1473
Jackson, Jesse Daviess Oath of Allegiance 12-4-1862 F1477
Jordan, William Daviess Oath of allegiance 07-23-1862 F1353
Kueu, G. M.? Daviess Gallatin Letter of Administration, Probate Court, appointing Mary Baker as Administrator of estate of Grandbuy Baker, deceased 03-19-1862 F1221
Laytham, James Daviess Statement that he is a southern sympathizer but has never taken up arms against the government, was arrested by the Macon County E.M.M., is willing to take the oath and give bond 10-??-1862 F1153
Lockwood, David Daviess Bond, $1000, security George Shutz 11-06-1861 F1482
Mann, Jacob Daviess "$2,000 bond being guilty of serving in rebel army" 01-30-1864 F1366
McClue, Franklin Daviess Oath of allegiance 01-22-1862 F1197
McCollum, David Daviess Gallatin Statement of T. H. Collins that he met McCollum the previous winter and found him to be a Radical Union man. Believes that McCollum was forced to be with the guerrillas. 08-10-1864 F1197
McCoy, Jessie Daviess Letters of Administration for McCoy, who died intestate. 03-19-1862 F1197
McCoy, Lewis M. Daviess Gallatin Statement of McCoy regarding 6 horses which were taken from him, allegedly under orders of 1st Lt. Levi Clin as contraband. Claims that the horses were instead taken for the men's personal use. 05-20-1863 F1197
McCray, John Daviess Bond in the amount of $1,000 for McCray, James Ross and J. H. Cientis(?). 02-20-1862 F1198
McCue, James W. Daviess Oath of Allegiance, witness Thomas C. Fletcher and Thomas J. Burke 01-17-1862 F1370
McGee, Joseph H.; McGee, Owen H.; Shriver, Andrew; Welden, William G.; Ballinger, John; Leand, A. C.; Fitts, Jackson; Brown, Samuel; Morrison, Nathan; O'Neil, Thomas; Morris, M.; Rader, Robert; Caster, George; Wren, W. J.; Hughes, John S.; etal Daviess Letter from 360 citizens of Daviess and Harrison counties accusing the "St. Louis Christian Advocate" newspaper of treason; says is worse than the "St. Louis Bulletin", a publication already suppressed by authorities 02-17-1862 F1583 0981 682
McGee, Joseph N. Daviess Statement that George Ballard is a violent secessionist who threatened to hang anyone who supported the Union, that he searched a wagon with Thomas J. Casey, and he's capable of violent actions if he has support and can hide in the brush afterwards 10-28-1861 F1222
McNeal, Joseph Daviess Gallatin Letters of Administration regarding McNeal, who died intestate. 03-22-1862 F1371
McNeal, Matthew; Dixon, F. M.; Leeper, James R.; Adair, A. E.; Gorrell, Isaac; Tucker, Zachariah; Snowe, Pleasant; Kneedler, Adam; Chinn, James S.; Earnest, E. K.; Trenchard, Nathan; Little, P. F.; Chinn, George; Austin, Robert A.; Dyzart, John; etal Daviess Recommendations on 24 prisoners held at McDowell's College and Chestnut St. Hospital, whether to allow to take oath or keep imprisoned; men from Davis [Daviess], Adair, Carroll, Audrain, Linn, Chariton, Saline, Howard, Randolph, Shelby, and Marion counties 02-05-1862 F1583 1038 692
McNeil, Mathew Daviess Letter from P. H. Bishop noting that McNeil was arrested in Daviess County and sent to military prison. Notes that McNeil has gone back and forth between prison and the hospital and looks very ill. 01-22-1863 F1371
McNeil, Mathew Daviess Oath of allegiance 02-13-1862 F1371
Moore, Milton H. Daviess Parole, witness J. M. Bassett 04-18-1863 F1202
Murphy, David Daviess Bond, $1500 for good behavior F1249
Nations, Thomas Daviess Probate letters of administration appointing James N. N. Morton administrator of estate 12-30-1861 F1375
Newton, Samuel Daviess Oath of Allegiance 02-28-1862 F1204
Noah, George N. Daviess Statement that R. Harlan claimed he was a rebel and that the rebels got a horse from him 07-07-1864 F1339
Paine, Phelps Daviess Gallatin Letter saying the comanding officer desires Mr. Griffin to take a blanket to Mr. Richard's pond 01-02-1863 F1334
Payne, George L. Daviess Statement of Francis M. McCrary, E.M.M. regarding mare seized by Capt. Givens: while Price in Lexington, Payne went with rebel army, stayed about 3 months; rode the mare into service and brought her back 03-30-1863 F1382
Payne, George L. Daviess Statement of Samuel Murray, E.M.M.: Payne told Murray he had been in rebel army, riding the mare seized by Capt. Givens as contraband 03-24-1863 F1382
Payne, Henry Daviess Oath 04-07-1862 F1382
Powell, Joseph W. Daviess Testimony about Willis Cooper's treasonable talk 01-14-1863 F1240
Pryor, Silas H.; Brady, James; Small, I.; McDaniel, James R.; Enyart, H. W.; Christie, J. L.; Grooner, W. J.; Grooner, David; Pendleton, Robert; Pendleton, Willis M.; Baskett, William H.; Christie, Jesse M.; Wade, James; Gillilan, Nathan etal Daviess Gallatin Weekly report of Assistant Provost Marshal containing list showing Pryor etal as being individuals who gave bond during the present week in Daviess County. The bond amounts are noted for each person. 04-10-1862 F1653 0193 19812
Ray, William E.; Black, R. D; Price, Charles; Oxford, Jacob; Harmon, Nathan; Coulson, J. D.; Henderson, David; Pugh, B. F.; Adkinson, William Daviess Gallatin Report of business done during week ending Friday March 21, 1862; lists persons bond and amounts, number of oaths, number of arrests, etc. 03-22-1862 F1584 0165 858
Ross, David Daviess Breckenridge Received one horse from Capt. John Coller 03-21-1863 F1395

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