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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Andrews, William Dent Statement of Andrews that in August 1862 guerrilla forces stole a wide variety of goods from him including wagons and corn. 10-07-1862 F1137
Bailey, John W. Dent Salem Oath 01-19-1862 F1464
Barksdale?, William Dent Oath of Allegiance F1183
Barron, Noble Dent Salem Assigned reasons from Lt. Col. Weydemeyer as to why Dr. Barron and Barber should not receive vouchers for their claims against the military. 10-01-1862 F1589 1257 2703
Bedinger, Jacob Dent Watkins Township Description of a mule taken by Captain Monks's men F1228
Belew, John N. Dent Oath of Allegiance 01-21-1862 F1228
Berry, James H. Dent Oath of Allegiance, witness Owen Evans, Co. G, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry Volunteers 10-26-1863 F1231
Berry, James H. Dent Salem Bond, $2,000, arrested for disloyalty, having served in the rebel army, securities John Berry and Horton Triplett, witness Samuel G. Bedwell 10-26-1863 F1231
Birly, Peter Dent Salem Oath 03/21/1862 F1465
Black, Lewis Dent Texas Twp 11th MO Cav took his horse 12/03/1863 F1138
Black, William Dent Salem Re Capt. Witham refusing her subsistence 10/06/1864 F1138
Black, William Dent Salem Report on character as husband a rebel 05/08/1865 F1138
Black, William Dent Salem Statement of Mrs. Black about Berry taking cattle and Capt. Whybark's actions in case 03/18/1865 F1138
Blackwell, William H. Dent Loyalty oath, witnessed by Thomas C. Fletcher 01/18/1862 F1138
Blackwell, William H. Dent Statement of loyalty F1138
Boggs, Joseph Dent Loyalty Oath 03/19/1863 F1184
Bradway, George D. Dent Captain, Co. E, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, statement that he captured Julius Mitchell in a skirmish against Coleman's guerrillas ??-??-1862 F1486
Braiser, Isaac; Braiser, Yancy Dent Recruiting Station: Rolla F1896.4 9
Buckalew, Abner; Buckalew, Thomas; Buckalew, James; Livesay, J. W.; Orchard, A. H.; Bernard, Hiram; Crawford, H. J. Dent Salem Letters by Deputy Provost Marshal A. H. Griswold at Salem regarding the Buckalews of Texas County; arrested on various charges of attempting to aid rebels; petition from several individuals asking that leniency be shown them included 03-06-1862 F1584 0233 874
Byrd, Jesse Dent Bond ($2000); arrested for disloyalty 03-14-1863 F1290
Byrd, Jesse Dent Parole 03-14-1864 F1290
Byrne, Jesse Dent Salem J. H. Wilson and J. A. Watkins (Jesse Byrne's securities) are sufficient to satisfy amount of bond 03-26-1864 F1290
Cage, W. E. Dent Parole; physical description (hand-written and printed copies) ??-??-1862 F1291
Cage, William E. Dent Oath 11-29-1862 F1291
Callahan, James E. Dent Asks $87.50 for theft by rebel marauders; rebels Peter Sciles, Wily Prewer and Walter Hegly fed by James Campbell 12-11-1862 F1291
Callahan, William W. Dent Salem Bond; charged with violating oath of allegiance 10-16-1863 F1291
Campbell, James Dent Bond in the amount of $500 06-01-1863 F1185
Campbell, James B. Dent Bond in the amount of $3,000 07-19-1862 F1185
Campbell, James B. Dent Oath 07-19-1862 F1185
Campbell, James M. Dent Bond in the amount of $1,000 10-01-1863 F1185
Campbell, James M. Dent Oath 10-01-1863 F1185
Cantly, Samuel G. Dent Bond in the amount of $2,000 11-13-1862 F1292
Carder, James L.; Honey, Albert; Honey, Jasper; Orchard, James M.; Bland, C. C.; Simmons, P. H.; Kenamore, G. A.; Livesay, J. W.; White, William W.; etal Dent Petition for release of three men from Alton, IL prison; signed by 17 citizens of Dent County, MO; many signatures too faint to be read on microfilm 06-16-1862 F1585 0804 1297
Carney, John Dent Oath of allegiance 11-26-1862 F1293
Carney, John Dent Parole, including physical description. N. D. F1293
Carr, [unknown]; Livesay, J. W.; Roberts, A. T.; Powers, D.; Howell, A.; Kenamore, G. A.; Henderson, J. R. Dent Salem Bills of goods taken from firm of "Carr and Livesay"; also documents attesting to firm's loyalty to United States government 11-13-1862 F1590 0091 2831
Carter, Job Dent Oath of Allegiance for disloyal citizens 07-20-1863 F1235
Carter, Job Dent Franklin Oath of Loyalty 12-03-1862 F1235
Carter, Leonard D. Dent Oath of allegiance 01-20-1862 F1247
Causey, John Dent Oath 12-26-1862 F1140
Causey, John S. Dent Oath 12-16-1862 F1140
Chilton, Joshua; Chilton, Alexander; Smith, Henry; Gallian, James; Chilton, William; Heron, [unknown] Dent Salem List of prisoners captured in Shannon County. Joshua Chilton was a state senator and considered a very dangerous rebel. Alexander Chilton, Smith, and Gallian were rebels, murderers, and horse thieves. William Chilton and Heron were rebels. 08-29-1862 F1587 0381 1935
Chilton, Joshua; Chilton, Alexander; Smith, Henry; Gallian, James; Chilton, William; Heron, Jackson Dent Salem List of contraband in Capt. Duncker's possession. List of prisoners from Shannon County killed while trying to escape. 09-01-1862 F1588 0842 2351
Chitwood, Aaron; Miller, Charles A.; Newton, Ebenezer; Aldridge, Hiram; Ballenger, Joseph; Carter, John; Treadway, Thomas; Smith, Thomas; McFarland, T. R.; Edgar, William J.; Rouse, A. M.; McFadin, Noah; Scaggs, A.; Bayless, Freeland; etal Dent Loyalty oaths of 26 men; gives names and residence; men from Crawford, Iron, Washington, Reynolds, Jefferson, Wayne, St. Francois, Dent and Butler counties 01-22-1862 F1583 0844 636
Clark, James E. Dent Watkins Township Affidavit to the veracity of the claim of Philip Mathenia for a horse taken by the rebels to be worth about $80 11-08-1862 F1485
Clarke, George W. Dent Bond 02-16-1862 F1237
Clarke, George W. Dent Bond, $1000, arrested for disloyalty 02-16-1863 F1237
Clarke, George W. Dent Oath of Allegiance 02-16-1862 F1237
Clarke, George W. Dent Oath of Allegiance 02-16-1863 F1237
Clayton, Abner H. Dent Oath of Allegiance 11-06-1862 F1238
Clayton, Abner H. Dent Oath of Loyalty 11-06-1862 F1238
Click, Stephen Dent Oath 12-27-1862 F1239
Cliek, Irving(?) Dent Texas Oath of Loyalty 12-27-1862 F1239
Cobb, W. H. Dent Oath of Allegiance 11-28-1862 F1187
Cobb, W. H. Dent Parole of honor and description ??-??-1862 F1187
Cooley, Jas. Dent Oath of Allegiance 08-08-1863 F1240
Cooley, Jas. Dent Still another Oath of allegiance 08-08-1863 F1240
Cooley, Jas. Dent Dry Fork Bond. Guilty of disloyalty and attempting to smuggle goods to enemy F1240
Cooley, Jas. Dent Watkins Sp. Oath of Allegiance 01-03-1863 F1240
Cooley, Jas. Dent Watkins Township Another oath 01-03-1863 F1240
Cooper, William A. Dent Salem Oath of Allegiance 05-20-1864 F1240
Cope, A. B. Dent Oath 01-22-1862 F1241
Cope, A. B. Dent Summary of statement taken at Sinking Creek ca. Dec. 5; signed to join rebel company but did not; no family; wants oath; file notations: McDowell College, take oath and give bond ??-??-186? F1241
Copeland, Ransom Dent Assessors' damage report: 17th IL Cav. under Capt. Austin took hay, hogs and clothes, burned fence, damaged field; total $105; an adjoining waste field would have been equally good 01-17-1865 F1241
Copeland, Ransom Dent File notations: damage done by men of the 17th IL Cav.; regiment did much vandalism, recommendation to pay claim out of their payroll; Copeland in Federal army 3 years 01-17-1865 F1241
Copeland, Ransom Dent Investigation of damages; file notations: referred to Commander, 17th IL Cav. whose quartermaster will execute vouchers; returned with vouchers 02-??-1865 F1241
Copeland, Ransom Dent Statement by wife Luisa Copeland to board of assessors that house burned 08-12-1862 by rebels; file notation: Order No. 8 11-17-1862 F1241
Counts, George W. Dent Dent Twp, Osage Co? likely Claim filed with (county?) board for horses, saddle, guns, blanket taken by secessionist guerrillas; statement attested to by H. N. Wilkins 11-05-1862 F1242
Crawford, William J. Dent Oath 02-2?-1862 F1243
Crouch, William R. Dent $2,000 bond; arrested for stealing horse and mules; must appear for charges 12-15-1862 F1245
Cummings, John Dent Oath of allegiance 01-16-1862 F1246
Day, Samuel Dent Oath of allegiance 01-18-1863 F1297
Demeyer, Galey Dent Salem Letter to Col. Glover stating evidence in the case of D. T. Murray vs. T. A. Kenamore, that Kenamore is Union, and the horse was left with him by a soldier who traded for it, and Kenamore sold the horse to Jude Pomroy, from whom it was taken 09-25-1862 F1385
Dent, James M. Dent Oath of Allegiance 05-13-1862 F1299
Dewase, Wm. H. Dent Bond of $2,000 10-16-1862 F1300

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