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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
[unknown], Mary Jane; Major, Reuben; Weaver, William; Williams, S. K.; Means, R. D.; Means, Sarah; Austin, Jane; Buchanan, Thomas; Davis, William M.; Lewis, Howell Henry Order for sheriff to arrest a female slave; Capt. Weaver threatened to burn down jail if she were not released; Weaver from Clinton County; additional materials regarding Weaver taking slaves and horses 07-19-1863 F1617 0277 10510
Adair, Abner E. Henry Oath of Loyalty 03-13-1862 F1214
Adin, Abner E. Henry Citizen request to travel 1862 F1215
Albut, Henry Henry Statement that Andrew Clark believes the South to be in the right 03-23-1862 F1237
Allen, R. Henry Calhoun Letter from Allen to General Brown. Claims a gang of "Kansas negroes" are taking Negroes and wagons and stealing all over the county. Asks General to "for God's sake put a stop to it." 11-02-1863 F1462
Allison, William Henry Clinton Military prison. 03-??-1863 F1594 0881 4104
Amand, William Henry Petition that J. G. Dorman is the rightful owner of twenty head of cattle shipped to St. Louis 02-01-1865 F1304
Anderson, ? Henry Clinton J. N. Coats sent to arrest Anderson, but he was gone. His wife said if her husband was arrested she would "live for vengeance" and threated the wife of Coats. 03-20-1862 F1217
Anderson, James M. Henry Oath and physical description. 06-23-1865 F1217
Armstrong, F. M. Henry Oath of Allegiance signed at Alton, ILL 06-23-1865 F1218
Atkerson, G. W. Henry Clinton Order to take Atkerson's bond with B. C. Collins as surety 04-15-1862 F1220
Atkison, John; Clark, David; Davis, William; Devinney, J. A.; Erhart, Albert; Greenhalgh, John; Kock, John; Vicker, Stephen; Stubblefield, R.; Schmedding, John; Dobson, F. T.; Moore, William; Hunt, William; Puthoff, Joseph; Means, Eliza; and others Henry Clinton Letter noting the influential persons of Henry County; their names had been offered by men known to be loyal; includes list of over 200 names, noting who were Radical, Conservative, or rebel 05-16-1864 F1648 0723 18938
Avery, P. G. Henry Clinton Men in Federal uniforms, but apparently not Federals, came to his store in Calhoun for caps, buckshot, and guns 08/03/1862 F1463
Baker, John; Kidd, Christopher G.; Hastain, Daniel M. C. Henry Calhoun Letter from military officers vouching for men who wish to have permission to ship stock to St. Louis market; Baker also wishes to ship to Iowa; stock accumulated prior to issue of Gen. Order 6, Headquarters Central District 12-21-1862 F1591 0101 3174
Bates, Mary; Swindell, James; Eli, Simon; Kasey, James Henry Big Creek Township Roll of southern sympathizers with place of residence and account of real and personal property. 01-06-1865 F1629 0752 14165
Belcher, Alexander; Tonguit, Ryan Henry Deepwater Escaped prisoners. Charged with rape of Mrs. Louisa Headrick of Bates County. 10-11-1862 F1589 1526 2781
Blevins, William Henry Petition from Henry Co. citizens saying Blevins should be released from prison F1466
Boaty, Lewis Henry Charged with violating the laws of war by belonging to a band of guerrillas 10/09/1862 F1184
Bond, William E. Henry Clinton Four statements of people who know him. They accuse him of being a secessionist. 03/21/1862 F1232
Bowen, John Henry Clinton Three-page question and answer statement by William J. Cornett regarding Bowen's guerrilla activities 05-25-1864 F1233
Boyd, P. C. ; Penny, M. L.; Morgan, P. M. Henry Admitting to Treason F1234
Bradford, Charles B.; Ferrell, Benjamin C.; Good, Laurence W. Henry Calhoun Tri-monthly report of oaths administered and bonds filed; lists 3 names, oath, county of residence, amount, names of sureties, residence of sureities, where bond filed, character of sureties, character of principals, and reasons for requiring bond 11-20-1862 F1590 1108 3081
Bradley, Elisha Henry Springfield $1000 bond for aiding enemies 09-08-1862 F1139
Bronaugh, M. C.; East, C.; Parks, Bud; Mussell, William; Wright, John; Logan, William; Flecher, N. W.; Burris, William; Fewel, M.; McFarland, H.; Ogden, J.; Acock, J. D.; Hornback, R.; Best, Betsy; and others Henry List of southern sympathizers. 39 names. 01-06-1865 F1630 0606 14429
Browning, William A. M.; Browning, Jacob A. Henry Recruiting Station: Clinton F1893.5 9
Buck, Thomas C. Henry Oath of Loyalty 02-?-1862 F1287
Buckley, Harrison W. Henry Oath of Loyalty F1287
Burriss, James M.; Kirtley, Elijah Henry Clinton Cover letter, sent to Jefferson City, regarding list of charges against men ; reference to General Order 12 05-15-1862 F1585 0647 1245
Bushnell, J. A.; Byers, James; Cobb, L. E.; Dillon, T. A.; Fewell, B. C.; Goodin, A. H.; Holland, Mary; Lampton, Eliza; Myres, Peter; Pigg, Martha; Stone, Seymore; Thornton, Harriet; Venable, L. R.; Wall, Martha; Casey, James; and others Henry List of southern sympathizers. 151 names. 01-06-1865 F1630 0671 14445
Callaway, J. H. Henry Johnstown Testimony of J. C. Jarvis, taken in Butler Co. regarding man found in brush covered with branches; Callaway talked to unknown man there; description of man 06-12-1862 F1291
Cannon, John H. Henry Oath of allegiance 04-03-1862 F1292
Casey, James T.; Hampton, Saran; Bozarth, Jeroam; Martin, Stephen Henry Clinton Order to seize and hold property for bonds forfeited. Capt. Freeman wrote that bonds were sent to St. Louis and no record of who sureties were for forfeited bonds. 09-13-1862 F1588 0169 2180
Causey, Aaron C. Henry Bond for $1000 04-21-1862 F1140
Causey, Aaron C. Henry Oath 04-21-1862 F1140
Cecil, P. W. Henry Oath of Loyalty 03-06-1862 F1236
Cecil, P. W. Henry Springfield Township Oath of Allegiance 03-06-1862 F1236
Clark, Andrew Henry Tebo Township Arrested, wishes to take the Oath and be released F1237
Clarke, Andrew Henry Sworn statement 03-23-1862 F1237
Coates, Jaspert Henry Clinton Escaped from prison because he was innocent 08-28-1863 F1187
Coats, Jasper N. Henry Clinton Application for position in the colored regiment 08-28-1863 F1187
Cornet, Robert Henry File notation: jayhawker--bad case ??-??-186? F1241
Cornet, Robert Henry File notation: St. Clair County, MO arrested April 5, 1862 at home 04-05-1862 F1241
Cornet, Robert Henry Statement of Dr. William Walker; Cornet and Cornwell boys robbed him of horses, guns, and saddle; horses found with other people's at Cornet's 04-03-1862 F1241
Cornett, William J. Henry Oath 02-11-1862 F1241
Craighead, John R. Henry Deposition of Bucker Jenkins, Henry County, a Union man in MO Home Guards; Craighead and others came to house to take guns 02-20-1862, called themselves Missouri Rangers 03-28-1862 F1243
Cruce, Edward; Cruce, Columbus Henry Recruiting Station: Clinton F1893.5 8
Cruise, [?] Henry Clinton Letter from Stephen M. Williams that Cruise had sold his home farm and left Henry County for St. Louis. 05-06-1864 F1246
Davis, W. H. Henry Clinton Statement of J. R. D. Bradley that Davis led a group of men to his home and robbed his family of clothing. Davis and men threatened Bradley; told Bradley he would never have peace. 04-14-1862 F1297
Devinny, Henry; Atkison, John; Newberry, J. B.; Wason, John; Davis, William; Clark, David; Erhart, Albert; Koch, Henry; Schmedding, John; Moore, William; Colson, Arch; Hunt, William; Gregg, Henry; Dunn, Nathan; McConnell, James; and others Henry Deepwater List of 58 influential men of area; notes whether they were Radical, Conservative, or rebel sympathizers 05-10-1864 F1648 0749 18944
Dice, A. H. Henry Statement about trading steer 08-01-1864 F1301
Dorman, J. G.; Turner, John P.; McFerran, James; Weaver, William Henry Clinton Three page letter by Dorman, and concurred by Turner, citizen guards, statingWeaver has been elected captain of the company of thirty men, Weaver refuses to report to the Provost Marshal and threatens anyone who does 07-31-1864 F1618 0457 10828
Douglass, William J. Henry Oath of Allegiance and description 06-23-1865 F1304
Duncan, Samuel Henry Bond, $3000, arrested for aiding the enemy 05-01-1862 F1188
Duncan, Samuel Henry Colored, description of Person # 250, requesting to take the Oath of Allegiance ??-??-???? F1188
Duncan, Samuel Henry Oath of Allegiance 01-23-1862 F1188
Duncan, William A. Henry Clinton Bill submitted for damages to his building used for a Guard House to hold prisoners 09-18-1862 F1188
Duncan, William A. Henry Clinton Letter accompanying certificate of assessment of damage done to his property 09-23-1862 F1188
Dunn, Nathan J. Henry Clinton Statement that bushwhackers including Thomas Reed, William Reed, and William Foster demanded breakfast, and that James Gates said he saw 900 Confederates at the Grand River 08-07-1862 F1307
Dye, Reuben Henry Grand River Township Statement that he was never in the Confederate army nor gave any aid to them, wishes to take the Oath of Allegiance and be released 03-16-1862 F1308
Dye, Reuben; Bond, William E.; Owen, David Henry Clinton Cover letter for 2 reports on prisoners taking loyalty oath and giving bond, and for testimony included from case involving prisoners Dye, Bond, and Owen; reports and testimony no longer with file 03-22-1862 F1584 0340 902
Edmiston, William E. Henry Calhoun Letter from Warrensburg headquarters to Gen. Brown; Edmiston is reliable and will give statement 06-22-1864 F1310
Elgin, James M. Henry Calhoun Oath 04-20-1865 F1310
Erwin, D.; Shockley, [unknown] Henry Clinton Letter regarding Confederate scrip and pistols taken from prisoners at Lexington; poor quality image on microfilm, largely illegible 05-07-1864 F1655 1052 20706
Fewill, James Henry Fewill, 72, is willing to take oath. [Missouri connection: depends on mention of Chestnut Street Hospital] n.d. F1316
Flinn, Milton Henry Oath of allegiance 04-21-1864 F1320
Foster, Edwin M. Henry Bond of $1,000 09-03-1862 F1321
Fox, John U.; Kockler, John H.; Pitzer, Duquin; Montgomery, ?; Buxton, ?; Banus, Harry; Wise, Noah Henry Blair Creek Two page letter by John U. Fox to John H. Kockler, regarding attack by Capt. Montgomery and members of the 8th E.M.M.; robbery of the Jefferson Mills neighborhood on 07-26-1864 07-27-1864 F1619 0755 11239
Fox, William C. Henry Parole 02-16-1864 F1322
Fuel, Mark; Fuel, William Henry Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.8 99
Galbraith, Stephen; Fonge, Burton; Galbraith, William; Galbraith, Simeon; Compton, A.; Porter, James L.; Roberts, Charles; Alsworth, John; Frost, Jeddiah; Shuman, [unknown]; Young, John; and others Henry Clinton List of prominent citizens of Bates County; notes home post office and political leaning 05-26-1864 F1655 1113 20723
Garnett, Robert S. Henry Lewis City Garnett writes to Clinton B. Fisk receipt of safeguard sent to Mrs. G. W. Fishback of St. Louis. Three of Capt. Thacker's men refused to read the safeguard and took my mare, and later other horses. 10-27-1864 F1189
Garrison, Luther Henry Clinton Statement that he recognized the horse in the possession of John Davis as the same ridden by Jack N. Duran in Company F, 60th Regiment, E.M.M. 06-15-1864 F1307
Garrison, Robert Henry Clinton Statement that he knew of a horse in the possession of John Davis that had been stolen from J. N. Duran by bushwhackers 06-15-1864 F1307
Gatewood, John F. C. Henry $2000 bond; John Gatewood and Thomas Meanes, sureties 05-02-1862 F1323
Gatewood, John F. C. Henry Oath before Capt. Levi Manken (26th Ind. Vols.) at Sedalia 05-02-1862 F1323

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