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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
O'Dell, Phillip Iron Pilot Knob Oath of allegiance and physical description. Notes O'Dell is a resident of Reynolds Co, MO. 10-24-1863 F1250
[Illegible] Iron Pilot Knob Received from Lieut. J. W. Bradley four unserviceable contraband horses 03-02-1864 F1610 0087 8704
[Unknown] Iron Pilot Knob Illegible 09-28-186? F1480
[Unknown] Iron Pilot Knob Roll of civil prisoners, including Michael Cooney, Fred Detmar, E. J. Dalton, Joshua Epps, William G. Griffis; Robert Wady, Jacob Hatridge, John Middleton, Elisha Nichols, Laurence Lewellen, Henry W. Lesse, Marvin Tinker, and Nathaniel Bennett 03-15-1864 F1610 0073 8700
Adams, George W.; Bennett, Nathaniel; Cooney, Michael; Dalton, Elisha S.; Epps, Carrol; Middleton, John; Holcomb, Jeptha; Robertson, William; Grady, Robert; and others Iron Pilot Knob List of 16 prisoners received; gives names, when and where captured, and remarks; men captured in Iron, Wayne, Ripley, St. Francois, Madison, Oregon, and Carter Counties 02-29-1864 F1593 0448 3734
Adirne, Washington Iron Pilot Knob Request for the return of 25 bales of cotton 1865/06 F1215
Albert, Levi Iron Oath of Allegiance 03-04-1862 F1461
Alexander, Richard W.; Garner, Harden Iron Pilot Knob Report of arrests during the month of August. Submitted by U. S. Police Detective A. O. Reed. 09-07-1864 F1620 1027 11548
Alexander, Richard W.; Talbott, Hiram Iron Pilot Knob Roll of prisoners sent from Pilot Knob to St. Louis. Alexander arrested for harboring, feeding and piloting guerrillas. Talbott arrested for violating the laws and customs of war. 09-09-1864 F1622 0100 11870
Allen, C. C.; Bowles, James N.; Blanton, B. F.; Blankenship, Jackson; Dye, Benjamin; McNeely, William B. Iron Pilot Knob Roll of prisoners released during month of October 1864; men captured in St. Francois, Iron, and Madison counties 10-31-1864 F1656 0509 20848
Allen, Egbert; Baker, Isaac; Cross, Milton; Dickson, Joel; Elkins, Abraham; Franklin, John; Graves, Peter; Grubbs, John; Hamilton, Jefferson; Jordan, John; Kemper, John; Loy, John; Meyers, Thomas; Norton, John; Ormsby, Charles; and others Iron Pilot Knob Report of oaths administered during the month of June. 109 names. 07-01-1865 F1641 0524 17502
Alrock, Henry Iron Pilot Knob Testimony of David Gates, who was stationed near Arcadia when the turpentine factory burned. Wife of Alrock told Gates her husband left home just before fire started and made suspicious comments. 07-11-1861 F1216
Anderson, William J. Iron Oath 03-??-1863 F1217
Arnold, Iron Pilot Knob Statement of Margaret Phillips in case of U.S. vs Mrs. Arnold; Mrs. Arnold gave Reeves barrels of flour and 1,000 pounds of meat; husband and son served in rebel army 06-22-1864 F1219
Arnold, A. Iron Ironton List of prisoners confined: Wash Masters charged with horse stealing; John Patterson; Louis Davidson, James Newby, Arvan T. Taylor, Samuel Burnett avoiding Order 19; Mr. Clayton, a guerrilla pilot 08-08-1862 F1238
Austin, Iron Arcadia Statement from David Bricker that he saw Mr. Austin assisting rebels burn Fort Curtis and saw Mrs. Austin riding with rebels 11-16-1864 F1220
Austin, A. W. Iron Statement of Margaret Phillips regarding Austin's disloyalty 11-16-1864 F1220
Austin, A. W. Iron Arcadia Statement of Emily P. Kirk, who saw Austin with rebels burning Fort Curtis N.D. F1220
Averett, Thomas; Cummings, George; Cato, Nathaniel; Hall, Frank; Adams, Ezekiel; Host, Abel; Doyle, Allen Iron Ironton List of 7 prisoners held at Ironton and charges against them; reference to a hanging at Bloomfield in Stoddard County 06-16-1862 F1585 0798 1295
Bacon, C. H. Iron Pilot Knob Oath; marked "Cancelled March 21/65" 12-23-1864 F1463
Baker, J. H.; Lonergan, P. F. Iron Pilot Knob Request for the names of men to post security, document listing names is illegible 01-19-1865 F1606 0152 7602
Ball, Joseph Iron Pilot Knob Bond, $2000, permit to sell quinine, calomel, Peruvian bark, opium, medicines, liquor, and salt, securities C. H. Faquith and George Marion 12-14-1864 F1222
Barkley, Edmond; Blanks, Henry; Cayce, Aaron; Craig, Samuel; Cayce, Billy; Evans, James; Fox, Frank; George, Henry; Hewit, Clark; Holmes, Jacob; Martin, Alfred; McFadden, Edmond; Shelton, Thomas etal Iron Pilot Knob Report of persons employed and hired at Pilot Knob in December 1863. Includes name, occupation, date of service, rate of payment, date of contract and amount of payment due. 31 names on list. Many of names illegible. 12-??-1863 F1605 1342 7549
Barnshan, James B.; Kistner, John; Old, James B.; Grey, William H.; Hodges, J. F.; Clayton, Nelson G.; Marion, Andrew; Roggers, James; Roggers, William Iron Pilot Knob Report of oaths and bonds taken at Pilot Knob. Many of the men are from Arkansas. 12-??-1863 F1605 0060 7221
Bates, [?]; Combs, [?]; Garner, [?]; Haynes, [?]; Longbottom, [?]; O'Neill, [?]; Jenkins, [?]; Webster, [?] Iron Pilot Knob Letter from Capt. P. F. Lonergan stating that all of the men except Haynes surrendered themselves from rebel camps under the Presidential Amnesty Proclamation and took the oath. Haynes did not take the oath. 09-10-1864 F1622 0304 11923
Beal, Daniel; Beal, Valentine; Bess, James; Carrig, Jacob; Eddings, Charles; Fowler, John M.; Fowler, George P.; Hackworth, William; Harrilson, George; Langly, James; Morris, John W.; Murry, Drury; Porter, Henry; Rhodes, John; Robbs, Patrick; Walsh, John Iron Pilot Knob Roll of prisoners on hand and disposed of in the month of May 1865. 06-01-1865 F1639 17060
Beasley, P. R.; Coleman, A. J.; Coleman, Samuel W.; Cheatham, Robert; Daniels, Robert H.; Jones, George J.; Jones, L. T.; Landnun, Samuel G.; Lewis, Robert M.; Nappier, John W.; Stoner, Isaac; Good, Langston T. Iron Pilot Knob Men of Franklin County claiming to be conscripts, but actually noted rebels. 12-06-1864 F1628 0234 13757
Beck, Clark H.; Brown, William W.; Berryman, Ava; Usher, Moses H.; Buford, James; Witworth, James M.; Arnot, Joseph Iron Pilot Knob List showing oaths administered during May 1865. Oath takers were noted as being residents of the counties of St. Francis, Washington, Iron and Reynolds. 06-01-1865 F1639 0631 17061
Bell, J. W. Iron Pilot Knob Message with the return of a letter from N. C. Griffith concerning soldiers damaging Griffith's field, and that he has ordered his command not to occupy the ground 04-02-1862 F1334
Bell, Jno. Iron Pilot Knob Introducing P. Buford 05-03-1862 F1287
Berryman, J. C. Iron Arcadia Letter to accompany statement of Mr. Lee that his wife, while attempting to plant a garden on her place, was threatened by Mrs. Brown, who has the house, with a gun 03-03-1864 F1361
Berryman, J. C. Iron Arcadia Letter to Gen. Fisk reporting that he wishes to reopen Arcadia High School, and asks for a note from the commander of the district with a guarantee of military protection 08-11-1863 F1231
Berryman, John Wesley Iron Oath of Allegiance, witnesses George W. Shinn and A. J. Hughes, both of St. Joseph, and R. D. O. Nicholson of Springfield 02-12-1863 F1231
Bess, James; Rhodes, John; Langley, James; Robbs, Patrick; Fowler, John M.; Hamilton, George; Walsh John L.; Hackworth, William; Fowler, George; Cowan, William; Bennett, Samuel; Cox, Jasper N.; Eddens, Charles B. Iron Pilot Knob Letter from Lt. W. C. Shattuck that he is forwarding 13 prisoners. Nine are noted as being rebel soldiers, one is a rebel citizen, and three are Federal deserters. 05-09-1865 F1637 1053 16571
Bevendy, John L. ? Iron Pilot Knob Special Order 45, illegible 03-01-1865 F1188
Beveridge, John L. Iron Pilot Knob Asking that Mary Jane Nichols be given a contraband horse so she can support her family 02-14-1865 F1376
Beveridge, John L. Iron Pilot Knob Request to look into the case of a horse taken from Lucy Dunphy, a widow, by two soldiers, one named Bob Glore 02-07-1865 F1307
Biol, William; Querfurt, Henry; Pfortner, Christian Iron Pilot Knob Letter from citizens stating that their fences had been greatly damaged by United States soldiers 03-01-1865 F1634 0984 15632
Birch, Lewis; Holcome, Bill; Randolph, Bill; Ketchum, Bill Iron Birch's statement in case of horse stealing and threats to burn house; Ketchum's alias is Thorn Ketchum 11-??-1862 F1590 0085 2829.5
Blanton, Thomas Iron Oath of Allegiance. Sworn at Pilot Knob and witnessed by James A. Shields, Co. M, 3rd M.S.M. 01/14/1864 F1466
Blanton, Thompson Iron $1,000 Bond. Arrested on charges of disloyalty 01/14/1864 F1466
Block, Martin; Gregg, Moefford(?); Hock, Benedick Iron Pilot Knob Statements of Block, Moefford and Benedick regarding how they went to church and then went drinking together. Men each state Fred Rhodark gave them alcohol. The men were arrested on their way home. 09-07-1863 F1602 1012 6581
Bohrens, Fred; Boss, Henry; Davis, Herman; Grisson, A. N.; Keaths, Fred; Miller, A. H.; Ranifts, J. P.; Rodock, F.; Steniks, F.; Shultz, Louis; Kindell, Charles; Thompson, L.; Ruchman, Bernard Iron List of residents of Pilot Knob and Ironton who have complied with Special Order 46 and Order 7 regarding the sale of spirituous liquors. N. D. F1660 0217 22160
Boomer, Charles T. Iron Pilot Knob Sgt., Co. A, 7th Kansas Cavalry, statement that he took 7 men to the house of Permelia Long, and his party traded shots with her husband William Long and Elijah Long 05-08-1865 F1483
Borders, Michael Iron Oath of Allegiance - witnessed by Thomas Fletcher 02/02/1862 F1232
Borders, Washington Iron Pilot Knob Provost marshal P. F. Lonergan forwarding Borders to St. Louis. Says Borders is insane and dangerous 02/16/1865 F1232
Borders, Washington Iron Pilot Knob Special order 64 detailing Private L. C. Quimby of 17th IL Cavalry to take Washington Borders to St. Louis 02/16/1865 F1232
Borders, Washington Iron Pilot Knob Statement in relation to Border, an insane person, according to Asst. Provost marshal Lonergan. Border beat mother and sister. 02/17/1865 F1232
Boss, Henry Iron Pilot Knob Bond of $2,000 to sell patent medicines, wines and liquors, etc. 11-29-1864 F1233
Boss, Henry; Davis, H.; Caseboult, Sarah; Caseboult, Mary A.; Behrnes, Fred; O'Bannon, Isam; Silas, William Iron Pilot Knob Monthly report of business transacted at Assistant Provost Marshal's office in July. Permits issued to carry arms, affidavits taken, purchasing permits. 08-02-1864 F1620 0127 11280
Bounds, A. J. Iron Pilot Knob Oath of Allegiance 03-22-1862 F1233
Bradburn, Isaac; Coleman, Oliver; Resinger, John A.; Ragsdale, Thomas Iron Pilot Knob List of prisoners sent from Pilot Knob to St. Louis. 04-29-1864 F1612 0540 9308
Bradley, A. M. Iron Ironton Letter to Gen. Fisk reporting that Mr. Shultz is selling beer, claiming to have permission from Fisk and requests affirmation or he'll have to close the saloon 10-01-1863 F1260 B 13
Bradley, H. M.; Russell, T. P. Douthirt, J.; Tinlin, Edmond Iron Ironton Report by Assistant Provost Marshal Bradley, of property received and disposed of to 02-29-1864 at Ironton; Nine items taken: musket, rifles, sabers, gun sling and horse taken from T. P. Russell, J. Douthirt and Edmond Tinlin 02-29-1864 F1608 0082 7991
Bradly, [?] Iron Pilot Knob List of confiscated and contraband property received and disposed of in May 1864. Items include stoves, kettles, rifles, and books. Document doesn't specify whom the items were seized from, only that they were received from Lt. Bradly, Asst Prov Marshal 05-31-1864 F1660 0889 22351
Brewington, Barney Iron Ironton Oath of Allegiance 06-06-1863 F1282
Brewington, Evan Iron Ironton Oath of Allegiance 06-06-1863 F1282
Bright, John P.; Black, Samuel; Cox, Edward; Dunn, John; Gillam, Edward; Henderson, Daniel; Huddleston, William; Johnson, Uriah; Lasater, Ruben; Mead, William; Pucket, E. W. D.; Raney, Thomas J.; Simmons, Porter; Tribble, Robert O.; and others Iron Pilot Knob List of prisoners. 30 names. 05-31-1864 F1613 0632 9605
Bright, John; Bryce, Foster; Black, Samuel; Collins, David; Cox, Edward; Downing, William; Dunn, John; Dunn, Eli; Gillam, Edward; Hicks, H. H.; Henderson, Daniel; Huffman, Charles; Huddleston, William; Inman, Nathaniel; Johnson, Uriah; and others Iron Pilot Knob List of prisoners. 30 names. 05-31-1864 F1614 0381 9744
Brill, Solomon Iron Ironton Bond of $2,000 01-03-1865 F1283
Brooks, Benjamin Iron $1000 bond for being a rebel 09-18-1863 F1284
Brooks, Benjamin Iron Oath of Allegiance and description 09-18-1863 F1284
Brooks, Elijah; Dawrs, Daniel; Freer, Daniel; Hall, John; Hoffman, John H.; Holt, David F.; Hawkins, Augustus; Johnson, John L.; Lutherbury. W. H.; Robinson, P. M.; Shuler, Daniel Iron Pilot Knob Roll of prisoners on hand at Pilot Knob for the month of 11-1864; shows prisoners sent to St. Louis and date sent; all prisoners captured in Iron County and Wayne County 11-30-1864 F1625 0809 12840
Brown, Porter Iron Pilot Knob Oath of Allegiance 09-18-1863 F1286
Bruington, James Iron Oath of Allegiance 06-06-1862 F1286
Bryant, Robert Iron Ironton Introduces William Doe 12-24-1863 F1302
Buckley, Isaac Iron Pilot Knob Pvt, Co. A, 7th Kansas Cavalry, statement that he and Isaac Buckley, while at the house of Permelia Long, shot at William Long and his brother Samuel Long, wounding one of them, but they escaped 05-09-1865 F1483
Bufford, Abraham Iron Iron Bond of $1,000 06-25-1863 F1287
Bufford, Abraham Iron Iron Oath of Allegiance 06-25-1863 F1287
Bugg, Andrew M. Iron Oath of Loyalty 03-23-1865 F1287
Bull, Charles Iron Pilot Knob William McGankey's sworn statement that Charles Bull shot and killed Mrs. McDowell's hog 05-19-1865 F1288
Bullard, Bennett M Iron Pilot Knob Oath of Allegiance (Oath taken in Pilot Knob; Bullard from Arkansas) 11-16-1863 F1288
Burbridge, Iron Pilot Knob Telegraph stating Mrs. Burbridge had orders for escort to Van Buren; messenger sent to bring them back for search; note regarding Mrs. Burbridge's rebel activities 03-18-1863 F1288
Burbridge, Iron Pilot Knob Telegraph stating there was a thorough and complete search of every article in the possession of Mrs. Burbridge; nothing contraband was found 03-20-1863 F1288
Burbridge, Iron Pilot Knob Two telegraphs stating that nothing contraband was found in Mrs. Burbridge's possession; a sentinel is standing guard over two trunks, which will be searched when instructions received 03-20-1863 F1288

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