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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Anderson, ? Livingston Chillicothe Reed vs. Anderson - Case re horse taken from Reed by Anderson. Letter says Anderson brought article from Reed letting him keep horse until equivalent found for a horse taken to Price's Army by Reed. 03-17-1864 F1217
Anderson, Andrew Livingston Charged with corresponding with rebels. Evidence against Anderson letter from Mississippi directed on envelope to Mollie J. Brown. Defense - letter to Ware written by Brown; Anderson not home. 05-20-1863 F1217
Anderson, Andrew Livingston Deposition of Mary J. Brown, step-daughter of Anderson. Re letter she wrote to Monroe Ward; claims she wrote as Anderson without his consent as the men were on bad terms; spoke of slip in envelope. 05-09-1863 F1217
Anderson, Andrew Livingston Chillicothe Letter accompanying papers of case - U. S. vs. Andrew Anderson. Charged with corresponding with rebels. Notes that Anderson has been quiet and "disposed to do what was right." 05-21-1863 F1217
Anderson, Henry and John Livingston Chillicothe Letter discussing the Andersons. Refers to "the case of Boone McAtee and others." Notes that John is a "much worse man" than his brother. 08-23-1864 F1217
Anthony, William Livingston Chillicothe Letter that all evidence in the case of the U. S. vs. Anthony, was being sent. Requested transportation if Anthony was to be in custody as he did not have a good or safe guard house. 07-01-1863 F1137
Anthony, William Livingston Chillicothe Statement of Anthony that he was born in England and came to U. S. for the freedom of speech. Said he had said things, but they were jokes. Claims Elizabeth Reed only one upset and is a liar. 07-01-1863 F1137
Anthony, William Livingston Chillicothe Testimony for Defense - all witnesses claim they would not like Elizabeth Reed to act as a witness against them. Anthony's daughter testifies that her father has never acted or spoken against U. S. 06-30-1863 F1137
Anthony, William Livingston Chillicothe Testimony of witnesses. Richard Crump said Anthony's daughter claimed her father talked too much; Crump said Anthony was disloyal, but a good neighbor. Others spoke to loyalty of other witnesses. 07-01-1863 F1137
Arnolds?, W., Livingston Chilicothe Jailbreak of horse-theif named Barr 01-18-1864 F1224
Ashby, Daniel Livingston Chillicothe Wants more time to give bond 03-22-1862 F1219
Ashery, John, Sr.; Akers, John N.; Armstrong, Joshua; Asberry, John, Jr.; Abbott, Sally; Baker, Willliam; Bidwell, Henry; Boone, William; Ball, Green; Ball, Betsy; Brown, Roe; Conrow, Aaron H.; Cross, Joseph M.; Comer, Humphrey; Duval, James; and others Livingston Chillicothe Long list of disloyal residents in Ray County; has information fields such as may be found on a census record plus remarks 02-12-1865 F1632 0967 15061
Asper, J. F.; Pratt, J. V.; Barnes, James; Barnside, James; Livingston Chillicothe Two-page letter by Asper to General Pratt at Macon; indictment of Barnes and Barnside for the Mitchell robbery; requesting a detective be assigned to help gather evidence against Barnes and Barnside and their connection to a gang of robbers and thieves 05-22-1865 F1658 0578 21531
Asper, J. F.; Pratt, J. V.; Barnes, James; Barnside, James; Livingston Chillicothe Two-page letter by Asper to General Pratt at Macon; requests a detective be sent to help investigate connection of Barnes and Barnside to a gang, recommends the detective wear plain clothes and pose as a land broker upon arrival 05-22-1865 F1658 0579 21531
Babb, Joseph S. Livingston Chillicothe Oath, taken by officers and emplopyees of the Hannibal and St. Joseph RR 02-28-1862 F1463
Barbee, Thomas Livingston Chillicothe Citizen of Carroll County, statement that he and his father were arrested at Laclede, that the soldiers wouldn't honor the pass written by the Provost Marshal at Chillicothe, they agreed to release him for $10 and they took $20, John Reynolds was present 08-02-1864 F1223
Belt, Andrew; Cook, John Livingston Chillicothe Special Order No. 14 releasing Belt and Cook of Lafayette County from arrest related to the robbery of steamboat "Marsella". 04-11-1864 F1612 0533 9306
Beltz, John W.; Gilkerson, R. W.; McMechen, S. A.; Taylor, Alfred; Klevis, William; Beuter, Charles; Seabright, Charles; Thomburg, H. S.; Friend, R. K.; Scrivener, Elijah; Phillips, Arthur M.; Friend, Robert T.; Stewart, C.; Pannell, Alex J. Livingston Wheeling Bonds filed. Senator C. Stewart. 09-??-1862 F1588 0963 2388
Bibb, J. P. Livingston Chillicothe Letter to Gen. Prentiss explaining a situation in which Capt. Love is detaining some mules owned by Mr. Rawlins, and although ordered to give them up if Rawlins takes the oath and gives bond of $2000, Love refuses to do so 03-17-1865 F1256
Bibbens, Benjamin F. Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1893.4 19
Bibbens, Benjamin F. Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1897.8 167
Bibbens, Hillery J. Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1897.8 168
Bibbens, Hillery Q. Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1893.4 21
Bibbens, Lafayette Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1893.4 18
Bibbens, Lafayette Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1897.8 166
Bigelow, Edward P.; Brown, W.; Hill, Daniel W.; Ferprin, Carter; Watson, W. H.; Wool, John D. Livingston Chillicothe Two page roll of prisoners by Assistant Provost Marshal Bigelow, prisoners from Caldwell, Ray and Chariton counties received at Chillicothe, Livingston County through 08-31-1864, prisoners are charged for disloyalty 08-31-1864 F1619 0516 11172
Black, Jim Livingston Chillicothe Statement against father Robert Black going with guerrilla Holtsclaw 04/04/1865 F1138
Blackenship, George W. Livingston Recruiting Station: Chillicothe F1893.4 20
Bond, Benson Livingston Chillicothe Cannot be found by provost marshal - might have gone to Illinois 03/10/1865 F1232
Botts, Joshua J. Livingston Chillicothe Group of men demanded arms and took two revolvers 08-10-1864 F1233
Bowen, John Livingston Chillicothe Statement that he saw the burning of an effigy of Judge McFerran by Samuel Barton and lists names of those he saw in the crowd 07-09-1863 F1339
Bowen, Moses N. Livingston Chillicothe Received as prisoner 02-11-1864 F1233
Bowers, Lewis Livingston Charged with being in band of Bushwhacker Commandoes 09-14-1862 F1233
Bratton, Thomas Livingston Chillicothe Colored man working at tobacco factory 03-24-1864 F1282
Bratton, Thomas Livingston Chillicothe Colored men freed when discharged 03-18-1864 F1282
Bratton, Thomas B. Livingston Chillicothe Letter to Doctor Ellis relaying that after speaking to Union men in Utica, it is believed that Col. Matson is a secret wire worker for the rebels 05-01-1863 F1485
Brent, Joseph Livingston Chillicothe Oath of Allegiance 01-18-1862 F1282
Brice, Maggie; Duvall, James; Duncan, George W.; Fowler, Bettie; Frasier, John; Howard, Napoleon E.; Holeman, Jeremiah; Jones, William; Rader, Jonathan H.; Stephenson, John J.; Unger, John, F.; and others Livingston Chillicothe Roll of prisoners; all citizens; lists home county, where and when captured, charges, and remarks; persons from Ray and Carroll counties 02-??-1865 F1632 0550 14978
Brinsknoff, N. Livingston Chillicothe Oath of Allegiance of the Hannibal and St. Joseph R.R.Co. 03-01-1862 F1283
Brown, Gabriel G. Livingston Chillicothe Pvt., statement that he saw Barton burn an effigy of Judge McFerran and give three groans for the judge and Governor Gamble, and give three cheers for Capt. DeBolt and three for the Union League 07-09-1863 F1339
Brown, Robert J. Livingston Chillicothe Statement of Robert B. Williams certifying that previous to July 28, Brown was a peaceable man 08-22-1862 F1286
Buchanan, C. Livingston Chillicothe Transmittal of documents in the cases of Felix G. Froman; Jeremiah C. Crowley; Marion Critchfield; John Darnell and Thomas J. Long 01-16-1864 F1607 0343 7825
Bullett, Henry; Mead, William Livingston Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 5
Burberry, James Livingston Chillicothe Oath of Allegiance (will report to the Provost Marshal in Chillicothe and enroll in militia) 03-13-1862 F1288
Burghoff (?), H. (documents list Brinkenhoff, H.) Livingston Chillicothe Letter accompanying bonds to be filed; requesting permission to sell arms and ammunition 05-21-1864 F1288
Burrus, Thomas Livingston Chillicothe Arrested by Captain Morris, sent before Provost Marshal for investigation; not enough evidence to convict him, therefore discharged 02-13-1862 F1289
Burton, George Livingston Chillicothe Colonel Swain writes that Burton shot two of his men; provides description to be given to police officers in St. Joseph and cities in other states 04-22-1864 F1289
Cameron, Joshua Livingston Oath 02-27-1862 F1185
Cameron, Joshua Livingston Petition from citizens of Livingston County that Cameron be given a pass to travel within Federal lines or out in order to conduct business. 11-22-1864 F1185
Cameron, Joshua Livingston Chillicothe Letter from Cameron requesting that he be allowed to travel to Canada for business reasons. 11-07-1864 F1185
Campbell, Robert C. Livingston Testimony for the defense by Squire McGee that the footprints leading from Campbell's home to an alleged camp were really footprints of the family going to a local spring to draw water. 08-13-1863 F1185
Campbell, Robert C. Livingston U. S. vs Campbell, charged with harboring and feeding bushwhackers. Witness testimony that Campbell fed his son Thomas and Thomas Crews, believed to be bushwhackers. 07-23-1863 F1185
Campbell, Robert C. Livingston Chillicothe Letter from R. L. Dunn stating that he is sending testimony in the case against Campbell, who was charged with feeding bushwhackers. Says Campbell is an old man and was paroled. 08-14-1863 F1185
Clarke, Jonas J.; Shook, Dr. Henry; Rogers, William B.; Wilcox, Orville Livingston Chillicothe Clarke recommends men as loyal and suitable persons to recruit other persons in Linn County, Livingston County, and Mercer County. 08-02-1864 F1620 0300 11322
Coburn, Luther B. Livingston Chillicothe Statement that Fielding J. Rawlins said that as long as he had a dollar, he would spend it in support of the Confederacy 01-25-1865 F1256
Coggswell, F. B.; Vaughn, James L.; Callison, Thomas H.; Howard, William M.; Cooper, John Y.; Allen, John B.; Gell, Stephen; Neil, Sampson; Harrison, William W.; Myers, Francis M.; Nucum, John D.; Rossin, Charles J.; Mitchell, John W. etal Livingston Chillicothe Letter from Lt. William McIlrath(?) stating that things have quieted since the arrest of Coggswell, of Grundy County. McIlrath is enclosing an abstract showing names of prisoners and how he disposed of their cases. Thirty-six names on list. 10-02-1863 F1603 0892 6858
Colber, Luther T. Livingston Chillicothe Letter from Colber, a lawyer, to F. A. Dick in St. Louis. Has lived peacefully during war; his female slave was "enticed" away by soldiers and is "running at large in your city." Wants her back. 02-08-1863 F1141
Colbir, Luther T. Livingston Chillicothe Letter asking for orders to allow him to retrieve a Negro woman, enticed to leave home by the Missouri 27th Regiment and currently running at large in St. Louis 02-08-1863 F1141
Coleman, John W. Livingston Statement that he joined Price's army at Lexington and was elected captain of company of Missouri State Guard from 1861-1862 01-10-1863 F1141
Coleman, John W. Livingston U. S. vs Coleman. Statement of Coleman that he left Livingston County in 1861 and joined Price's Army at Lexington. Traces his personal military history. 01-10-1863 F1141
Collieror, Richard ? Livingston Chillicothe Pvt., Co K 4th P. R. M., statement that he saw Sgt. Browning in the crowd immediately before the effigy of Judge McFerran was raised 07-09-1863 F1339
Coppage, Stephen; Coppage, John Livingston Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 31
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Letter re: U.S. vs Cranmer, charged with disloyal language and threatening to feed bushwhackers; Cranmer's witnesses are reportedly strong secessionists 06-03-1863 F1243
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Oath 06-05-1863 F1243
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Statement of Elizabeth McAfee, who lives with Cranmer family; he voiced opposition to supporting bushwhackers and she has seen no evidence of it being done 06-02-1863 F1243
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Statement of Mary Ellen Duncan; Cranmer never said he would feed bushwhackers, but would feed anyone hungry; 06-02-1863 F1243
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Statement of Mollie A. Haywood; said Union soldiers were nigger thieves, horse thieves and disorganized band of robbers; was in favor or south but would not fight for either side 06-01-1863 F1243
Cranmer, George W. Livingston Statement of Sallie W. Adkins; Cranmer said he would not feed or harbor bushwhackers, but would feed anyone hungry 06-02-1863 F1243
Crews, Josiah Livingston Chillicothe Crews, age 16, being sent to St. Louis; charged with stealing horses; one of worst families; father and 3 brothers most notorious bushwhackers in north Missouri, mother banished 10-06-1862 F1244
Crews, Josiah Livingston Chillicothe Examination of Crews, charged with being a guerrilla and horse thievery; was going to steal horses with George Reynolds, for Bill Darr and Tom Beery ??-??-186? F1244
Cross, Ephraim; Cottingham, J. M.; Cooley, J. W.; Chapman, Dennis B.; Davidson, James; Johnson, M. A.; and others Livingston Chillicothe List of prisoners released during month of October 1864; from Mercer, Chariton, Grundy, Harrison, and Carroll counties 10-31-1864 F1656 0941 20975
Darr, Bill Livingston Chillicothe Weekly report from Robert Harrison stating that he has been procuring evidence against Darr, who is on trial in St. Louis. 11-14-1864 F1295
Davidson, James W. Livingston Chillicothe Letter from J. H. Shanklin to A. J. Harding introducing David Metcalf, Grundy County Probate Judge, in reference to the case of Davidson. States Metcalf is reliable. 10-31-1864 F1295
Davis, George W. Livingston Statement that Junius B. Stith worked on his farm, and that he is completely loyal 02-18-1862 F1270
Davis, Jethro Livingston Statement from R. A. DeBolt that Davis, a prisoner, should be confined during the war. Rest of document refers to a rebel company from Daviess County. Following document notes Livingston Co. 02-20-1862 F1296

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