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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Allison, John W. Maries Oath ??-08-1862 F1216
Ammerman, John J. Maries Bond 08-15-1863 F1216
Ammerman, John J. Maries Bond. Notes he was arrested on a charge of disloyalty and violating General Order No. 96. 07-08-1864 F1216
Arnold, Albert A Maries Parole 06-13-1864 F1219
Bailey, Allen K. Maries Bond 12-04-1863 F1464
Baily, Daniel Maries Statement of Sarah Price, taken at Rolla, Phelps County, concerning Baily having horse belonging to George Moreland 12-30-1863 F1464
Beesley, William Maries Statement that J. M. Johnson and B. Johnson and men took hats, shoes, and tobacco from H. C. Love 10-01-1862 F1228
Bell, G. W. Maries Oath of Allegiance 02-15-1862 F1229
Bell, Jackson Maries Jefferson Township Bond, $500, arrested for giving aid to the enemy 11-11-1862 F1229
Bell, Jackson Maries Jefferson Township Oath of Allegiance 11-11-1862 F1229
Berry, James T. Maries Vienna Report to the Assistant Provost Marshal in Jefferson City stating that the prisoners he is sending claim they can prove by several witnesses that they were in Franklin County at the time in question, and he is sending all local testimony taken in the case 04-24-1865 F1611 0898 9181
Berry, James T. Maries Vienna Report to the Assistant Provost Marshal in Jefferson City, sending Rufus Crismon and Carroll Crismon, charged with bushwhacking and robbing, and that he wants them tried by Military Commission, but if tried by civil authorities, send them to Osage County 04-25-1865 F1611 0901 9181
Berry, James T. Maries Vienna Subpoena for Joseph Strattman, Franciska Strattman, Anton Schulte, Louis Rechtien, Isaac Kelton, Jr., Calvin Breeden, and Mrs. Keltze in obedience to General Order 7 04-22-1865 F1611 0902 9181
Bishop, John Maries Loyalty oath, witness Thomas C. Fletcher, 1865 Governor 02/10/1862 F1138
Bishop, John Maries Never joined rebels, taken by Capt. Wood near Springfield 06/03/1862 F1138
Blankenship, A. N. Maries Horses stolen from him by the guerrilla leader, Crabtree, on 08/20/1862 01/03/1863 F1466
Bless, Sebastian Maries Statement by Capt. Wilcox, Provost Marshal, about claim for $173 in property taken by guerrillas 10/14/1862 F1466
Bowman, D. H. Maries $1,000 bond and oath 09-05-1863 F1233
Bowman, Daniel H. Maries Oath of Allegiance 08-31-1863 F1233
Brock, Peter Maries Oath of Allegiance 02-24-1862 F1284
Burnes, Henry; Lawson, Nathan; Wilson, James; Kellison, William; Shelton, David; Wilson, Joseph; Person, L.; Carnes, Levi; Crison, Stephen; Bar, Joseph; Davidson, Jacob; Vaughan, Allen; Macey, Jessee; Elsey, F.; Lay, Alex; Scott, William; and others Maries List of prisoners arrested by Company B M.E.M. 20 names. 10-01-1862 F1589 1571 2800
Caldoin, William Maries Letter from A. Johnson to Lt. Gavin, Asst. Provost Marshal, Jefferson City, regarding Caldoin's threats; bushwhacking done by Capt. Pacham's (Parkam? Parham?) company; request advice on arrest 03-28-1865 F1291
Callaway, James V. Maries Vienna Charges and specifications: joined Confederate army, joined guerrillas under Col. Lawther 09-11-1862 F1291
Capehart, George Maries Statements of Adaline Spoon and Eliza C. Newberry. Spoon stated Capehart asked her to give him information to be shared with Southern men. Newberry said Capehart spoke of himself as a Southern man. 12-28-1864 F1292
Clements, Francis E. Maries $2,000 bond; arrested on charge of disloyalty 02-04-1864 F1239
Clements, Francis E. Maries Statement from A. E. Rowden, county clerk, that the men who signed Clements' bond are worth the amount of bond 02-08-1864 F1239
Clements, Francis E. Maries Jefferson Bond 02-04-1864 F1239
Clymer, George W. Maries $1,000 bond 08-15-1863 F1239
Clymer, George W. Maries Farms Prarie Bond 08-15-1863 F1239
Cordill, L. H. Maries Statement regarding trip to Texas County with Marshal Bare and others regarding the horse Hodge was riding 11-05-1863 F1241
Cox, Columbus Maries Capt. McMurray, Co. L, 1st. Mo. Light Arty. to Lt. Collier, Rolla, regarding failure to sign pay voucher for Columbus Cox for recruiting an enlistee; many others waiting on the same 07-27-1864 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Letter from Henry T. Blow, acquainted with Miss Kenney (sister) on the train, to Col. McConnell recommending Miss Kenney; aged mother accompanying daughter ??-??-186? F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Letter from Rolla provost to St. Louis, to be carried by Mrs. Kenney who is visiting son; request to send Cox to Rolla 10-28-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement by people acquainted with Cox that since he took the oath he has faithfully kept it; certification of document by county clerk 10-20-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement by people acquainted with Cox that since he took the oath last March he has faithfully kept it; certification of document by circuit clerk 09-03-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement by provost marshal that Cox took oath in March 1862; is on file at Rolla 09-03-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement from Cox's mother Eliza Cox that he will be age eighteen on March 5, 1863; her sworn statement made before county court 09-03-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement from Cox's mother Eliza Kenney that he was born on Mar. 5, 1825 and will be age 18 on March 5 1863; 3; her sworn statement made before the county clerk 10-20-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement of A. E. Rowden, provost marshal in Maries County, that he took Cox's oath in March 1862 10-20-1862 F1242
Cox, Columbus Maries Statement of Peter Brock that he recruited Cox for 3rd Cav. Mo. Vols. the day before his arrest; Cox went to Gasconade River to collect money owed and was arrested on way back; has been in rebel service 10-28-1862 F1242
Crisman, William, Sheriff Maries Vienna Request for Rangers to be stationed in county until outlaws under control; impossible to enforce civil laws; many indictments against outlaws and some in jail but expect attempted jailbreak 04-14-1865 F1244
Crissman, Isaac Maries $2,000 bond; charged with disloyal language and dealing in contraband goods 04-11-1863 F1244
Crissman, Isaac Maries Oath 04-11-1863 F1244
Daniels, Nicholas Maries Oath at Rolla before Capt. Isaac Gray witnessed by H. C. Harrington 03-26-1864 F1294
Davis, Jefferson G. Maries Oath of allegiance 02-20-1862 F1296
Davis, William Maries Bond in the amount of $2,000 06-10-1863 F1297
Doyal, H. L. M. Maries Vienna Statement that he heard David Hoops say he fought under Price, supported Jeff Davis, and was oppossed to free Negro equalilty 10-16-1862 F1476
Doyal; Breeden; Brewers; Kinnsey Maries Vienna Petition that the powder wanted by James C. Doyal, postmaster at Painswick, is needed for sinking a well on his farm 10-06-1863 F1305
Edgar, George H. Maries Oath; physical description: age 21, 5' 10", grey eyes, red hair 02-20-1862 F1310
Elkins, Isiah; Hawkins, Elbert Maries Recruiting Station: Rolla F1896.4 32
Emerson, Samuel Maries Emerson has taken oath at Rolla, Phelps County ??-??-186? F1312
Emory, John Maries Petition requesting release of Emory, a good, quiet citizen who was arrested and sent to Jefferson City then St. Louis then Alton, IL 02-??-1863 F1312
Fletcher, Thomas Maries Oath of allegiance and physical description 08-18-1863 F1319
Fritto, P. M. Maries Sworn statement about loyalty of a "Smith" 08-06-1864 F1209
Fritts, P. M.; Nagle, John; Tony, [unknown]; Lance, Joseph; Lance, B. F.; Middleton, Thomas; Jenkins, John; Haynes, William; and others Maries Lanes Prairie Officer had orders to arrest men who he had since heard had fled to Rolla; wrote to Rolla post commander to send them to him 08-21-1863 F1601 0629 6108
Given, Charles W. Maries Oath 02-24-1862 F1327
Given, Henry Maries Steens Prairie 15 men attest to the loyalty of Given. 08-12-1863 F1327
Given, Samuel L. Maries Oath 02-20-1862 F1327
Goodman, David M. Maries Oath of allegiance 10-18-1862 F1329
Goodman, David M. Maries Paydown Bond in the amount of $1,000. 10-20-1862 F1329
Green, Dillard Maries $2,000 bond; securities James Parker and Joseph Hutchison, Sr. 11-03-1862 F1332
Green, Dillard Maries Oath and safeguard 11-03-1862 F1332
Green, Dillard; Fallowell, Milton Maries Vienna List of oaths administered and bonds filed at Vienna. 11-10-1862 F1653 1300 20057
Harland, N. F. Maries Miller Township List of horse thieves: Johnson or Bill Simpson, J. Hicke, James Stone, Thomas Stone, David Forrest, Ruff Herrod, Mr. Marsh, Isaac Rowden, his brother, R. M. Smith, Greenbet Boyd, Pryor Clark, James Hauk, Nimrod Stone, Lem Holt, Boid Bass, and Rich Shockly ??-??-186? F1659 0752 21927
Hawkins, E. E. Maries Oath of Loyalty 02-15-1862 F1341
Hawkins, Thomas A. Maries Oath of Loyalty 02-01-1863 F1341
Hearson, Bernard H. Maries James McMahon swears that [illegible] 01-19-1863 F1342
Hood, D. S. Maries Oath of Allegiance, witness William Galliher ? 01-01-1863 F1476
Hoops, David Maries Claims he was arrested for violation of the laws of war for failure to enroll, knows of no other charge 10-22-1862 ? F1476
Horn, Christopher E. Maries July 31, 1862 robbed by William Moreland's rebel band, from the neighborhood and jayhawking and plundering; Moreland a former lieutenant in Johnson's band, who are now Paw Paws; Moreland in St. Louis 03-21-1864 F1343
Hutchinson, John Maries Oath of Allegiance (name appears on document as Hutchinson and Hutchison) 10-09-1863 F1148
Hutchison, John Maries Oath 10-09-1863 F1148
James, Charles Maries Oath of Allegiance 07-18-1864 F1150
James, David Maries Oath of Allegiance 10-23-1862 F1150
James, John M. Maries Oath of Loyalty 10-27-1862 F1150

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