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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
1st Nebraska Infantry Miller Hickory Hill Letter from Susan A. Miller to "cousin Frank." Miller says she is attaching a list of items taken from her along with the values of the items. Asks Frank to take the list to the Provost Marshal to have the matter handled. 10-26-1863 F1605 0851 7396
1st Nebraska Infantry Miller Hickory Hill List of articles taken from Susan A. Miller by members of the 1st Nebraska Infantry. 10-26-1863 F1605 0849 7396
1st Nebraska Infantry Miller Tuscumbia Letter from William Matthews asking Ed King to present the claim of Matthews and James Johnston against the 1st Nebraska Infantry. The Infantry took 1,200 pounds of hay, killed hogs, cattle and sheep all without paying for them. The men also plundered. 10-21-1863 F1605 0828 7396
1st Nebraska Infantry Miller Tuscumbia Note showing that 2 mares, bridles and saddles were received of James Johnson which were used for the patrol of the 1st Nebraska Infantry. 10-19-1863 F1605 0827 7396
Adcock, Joseph S. Miller Violation of loyalty oath 1863/05 F1215
Alfred, George; McKinney, M. Miller Recruiting Station: Jefferson City F1894.6 37
Allen, Elias Miller Oakhurst Parole 11-22-1862 F1462
Allen, Elias; Gardner, Paulding; Gardner, Allen Miller Tuscumbia List of prisoners. 10-09-1862 F1589 1126 2679
Allen, Granville Miller Statement of Allen regarding his understanding of the bond he gave before Colonel McClurg in November 1861. 06-22-1863 F1462
Allen, Granville Miller United States vs. Allen, charged with breaking his bond given for his future loyalty. Samuel B. Stuart stated that Allen harbored rebels and gave them food and information about Union troops. 04-14-1863 F1462
Allen, S.; Davis, S.; Wood, George V.; Vaughn, Thomas B.; Harrison, James J.; Reed, David; Cobin, Alexander; Wyrack, Robert; Hale, F.; Bilyen, Andrew; Hickey, Granor; Wykoff, J.; Goppin, Gilbert; Fulkerson, John L.; Etter, Daniel; Reed, Daniel; and others Miller Tuscumbia Tri-monthly report of oaths administered and bonds filed. 10-20-1862 F1589 0151 2431
Allen, Stephen Miller Oath 02-24-1862 F1462
Anthony, James; Jesse, Louisa Miller Recruiting Station: Tipton F1896.11 82
Armstrong, Francis M. Miller Now Under sentence and sent to St. Louis for safe keeping; pending decision in his case 07-25-`863 F1218
Atkinson, Daniel R. Miller Bond 10-28-1862 F1220
Atkinson, Daniel R. Miller Oath 10-28-1862 F1220
Babcock, Thomas Miller Required to report to give testimony 06-06-1863 F1284
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller File cover notation: Babcock and two others appointed commissioners to collect on bonds forfeited, should continue their work and advertise to sell June 22; treatment of loyal citizens outrageously bad 06-15-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Letter from Dr. A. P. Mizdorf regarding Babcock's loyalty 06-13-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Letter from Thomas Scott, representative and member of convention, regarding Babcock's loyalty 06-17-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Loyal men of Miller Co. request that Babcock not be removed from military commission; disregard statements by Daniel Cummings and Hackney 06-12-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Military telegraph: Babcock and two others appointed commissioners to collect on bonds forfeited, should continue their work and advertise to sell June 22; treatment of loyal citizens outrageously bad 06-15-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Statement from men of Miller County recommending Babcock 06-12-1863 F1463
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Statement that Joseph M. Bell of Miller County joined with guerrillas under Crabtree 06-09-1863 F1229
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller William Dixon charged with breaking bond 05-26-1863 F1302
Babcock, Thomas J. Miller Tuscumbia Letter from Daniel Cummings that he has rented a store building to Capt. Hackney but Babcok has possession of keys and papers 06-07-1863 F1463
Babcocke, Thomas J. Miller Tuscumbia Statement concerning Burnett Lewright violating his bond, illegible ??-??-186? F1362
Babcoke, Thomas F. Miller Statement that James M. Richardson has concealed and destroyed powder since he took the oath 12-13-1862 F1390
Babcoke, Thomas J. Miller Statement that he arrested James M. Richardson for concealing powder and destroying it in a creek, which was located by his slave 04-02-1863 F1390
Babcoke, Thomas J.; Cummings, Daniel; Cowburn, James; Banker, Milton; Starling, L. D.; Ralston, J. A. J.; Crocker, J. B.; Gilleland, J. L.; Spalding, T. J.; Adkinson, J. M.; Roach, Yancy; and others Miller Tuscumbia Letter endorsing Babcoke, denouncing Cummings; signed by 20 citizens 06-12-1862 F1585 0757 1280
Barnett, Riley Miller Prisoner being sent with Rufus Phillips; just returned from rebel army; was plundering locally; witnesses J. K. Hall, Maston Warnell 11-12-1861 F1383
Barton, John; Dobson, Thomas; Shelton, James; Reed, Barnebas; Negeiff, Marion; McCaslin, James; Reed, John; Reed, James P.; Davidson, John; Jones, Mark; Wilson, Jesse; Hall, F. G.; Woods, Benjamin; Weitz, John; Palmer, Charles C.; Martin, John; and others Miller Tuscumbia Report of sale of 12 contraband horses; gives description of animal, from whom it was taken, purchaser, and amount paid 02-07-1863 F1593 0833 3800
Bass, J. Miller Charges and Specifications against him F1225
Bass, J. Miller Summoned for testimony in trial of Elisha Ellis 03-01-1865 F1225
Bass, Tolbird Miller Bond of Henry Brockman was taken by rebels F1284
Bass, Tolbird Miller Tuscumbia Statement that while he was the Deputy Provost Marshal, he took a bond of James M. Richardson for $2000 for his future loyalty, and the bond was captured by armed rebels and hasnít been returned 03-25-1862 F1390
Bass, Tolliard Miller Example of the bond he made disloyal people fill out in Miller County when he was deputy provost marshal, witness John P. M. Cuhlin 03-25-1863 F1659 0724 21915
Bass, Tollind Miller Tuscumbia Sending a man that is a violent secessionist 04-09-1862 F1402
Bell, John C.; Logg, John R.; Derby, D. G.; Pointing, George; Robbertson, William; Moore, D. L. B.; Elliott, William; Murphy, Henry O.; Elliott, Hubert; Dutcher, Levi; Kelsay, James; Smith, William H.; Dutcher, Reuben; Brown, A. K.; Dutcher, William Miller Citizens of Miller, Cole and Moniteau Counties, petition to Gov. Gamble for James M. Richardson, banished to Illinois for destroying powder, requests the sentence of banishment be revoked, 100 signatures 11-18-1863 F1390 E 196
Belshe, Madison H. Miller Hickory Hill Letter stating that Price's thieves stole his horse, saddle, money and shot gun, also gives information on neighbors' political sentiments 11-23-1864 F1229
Belshe, Madison H. Miller Hickory Hill Receipt of two horses taken during the late raid 10-22-1864 F1229
Belsher, R. F. Miller Oath not to sell liquor to soldiers or anyone unloyal 10-30-1862 F1229
Biggerstaff, Thomas H. Miller Tuscumbia Oath of allegiance F1465
Bilgen, Henry Miller Statement in the case of Calvin Berry regarding a woman staying with him, mostly illegible 05-26-1863 F1231
Bilyeu, Andrew Miller Prisoner being sent with Rufus Phillips; arrested with band of 5 others, his father killed; he escaped; has been plundering; witnesses William Salsman, John Martin, James S. Watson, George Martin 11-12-1861 F1383
Bodine, James Miller Oath of Loyalty 01/25/1864 F1184
Bond, Isaac Miller Oath, bond and permit to sell liquor 04/16/1863 F1232
Bond, Joseph Miller Statement by Bond that rebel soldiers took a mare from him 10/11/1864 F1232
Bond, Ruth Miller Statement on envelope, has never seen or fed bushwhackers, her father is dead, her mother and sister, Sarah, are Union and brother is in the 6th Missouri Infantry, doesn't know why she was arrested except for something put forth by Mrs. Jenkins 11-01-1864 F1611 0208 8987
Bond, Sarah A. Miller Hickory Hill Statement by Henry Jenkins against Sarah Bond. Said she "fed bushwhackers and would do so again in spite of hell." 00/00/0000 F1232
Bond, Simeon H. Miller Pleasant Oath of Allegiance 09/25/1862 F1232
Brazier, Abraham Miller Oath of Allegiance 12-18-1863 F1282
Brockman, James M. Miller Brockman a stock trader, wants to go to Louisiana to collect his money; was on way to take oath when arrested N.D. F1463
Brockman, James M. Miller Oath 12-27-1862 F1463
Brockman, James M. Miller Tuscumbia Parole 12-23-1862 F1463
Brockman, John Miller $1000 bond for aiding enemies 10-25-1862 F1284
Brockman, John Miller Oath of Allegiance 10-25-1862 F1284
Brockman, John Miller Obligation of loyalty 10-30-1861 F1284
Brockman, John; Burnett, Eli; Burnett, Ruben; Marten, Daniel; Marten, Samuel Miller United States v. John Brockman. Depositions from Daniel and Samuel Marten against Eli and Ruben Burnett. 05-16-1863 F1597 0272 4872
Brown, Laylos Miller Tuscumbia Statement that Joseph M. Bell escaped from guard at Tuscumbia and identifies him as the man in Captain John S. Minick's custody 02-09-1863 F1229
Brunley, W. C. Miller Tuscumbia Descriptive list (not readable) 02-08-1865 F1286
Bunker, Milton Miller Petition to the supervisor of confiscated/contraband property signed by 84 men; Bunker stood security for James Wadley who is charged with violating bond; obligation will leave Bunker without a cent ? F1288
Burnett, Eli Miller Bond ($1,000) 10-14-1862 F1289
Burnett, Eli Miller John D. Wadley states he is acquainted with Burnett whom he saw in a company of 20 men (some armed) heading south; Burnett returned later and gave himself up; still thoroughly favors south 03-26-1863 F1289
Burnett, Ely Miller Wm. McComes states he is acquainted with Burnett, that he is a noted rebel and that he gave bond for his future loyalty; discusses return of horse (broken bond) 05-21-1863 F1289
Burnett, Rueben Miller Statement refers to feeding rebels (difficult to read) ? F1289
Burress, Burrell G. Miller Parole and bond ($1,000) 11-29-1862 F1289
Busick, Leroy Miller Testifying that Charles Cooper was really loyal 12-05-1864 F1240
Buster, David; Hinds, Jane Miller Recruiting Station: Jefferson City F1894.6 56
Caldwell, Reuben Miller Prisoner being sent with Rufus Phillips; has been in rebel army; was plundering locally; witness John K. Hall 11-12-1861 F1383
Caldwell, William F. Miller Charges and Specifications; charged with violating oath by joining Crabtree's band of insurgents, guerrillas and robbers acting in Cole and Miller Counties 08-31-1862 F1291
Capp, Captain Jacob Miller Tuscumbia Letter from Capp to J. H. Hammond requesting information on Cyrus McClarty. Capp refers to contraband goods taken from McClarty. Also asks about rebels who had previously taken oath. 01-09-1862 F1292
Clark, George Miller Tuscumbia Statement that he found a horse near Pleasant Mount, Miller County and believes it to have been stolen by guerrillas 01-13-1863 F1237
Cole, Leonard Miller Description F1141
Combs, James W.; Hite, James Miller Recruiting Station: Rolla F1896.4 11

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