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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Alburty, Henry Newton Rufus E. Armstrong has not violated parole and will abide by loyalty oath 11-13-1862 F1218
Ange, Frederick Newton Bond 01-03-1863 F1137
Ange, Frederick Newton Oath 01-03-1863 F1137
Ange, James H. Newton Bond 01-03-1863 F1137
Ange, James H. Newton Oath 01-03-1863 F1137
Bailey, E. M. Newton Oath 01-30-1863 F1464
Baker, Andrew I. Newton Neosho Oath of Allegiance 06-14-1862 F1221
Balon, James Newton Oath of Allegiance 01-01-1863 F1183
Baskett, Reuben D. Newton Neosho $500 bond 12-29-1862 F1225
Baynham, William Newton Oath of Allegiance 02-10-1863 F1226
Beasley, S. R. Newton Oath of Allegiance 09-22-1862 F1227
Beck, Reddick D.; Pratt, Thomas R.; Hutchison, Wiley B.; Galemore, Sal; Ragan, Washington; Moser, Benjamin; Owens, William H.; Casey, Milton; Smith, Marcus L.; Kelly, Thomas; Carter, James G. L.; Smith, Isaac M.; Lewellyn, Jonathan R.; etal Newton List of 23 Union men of Missouri paroled by Confederates at Little Rock, Arkansas; gives name and place of residence; men are from Newton, Wright [noted as White], McDonald [noted as McDonell], Jasper, Lawrence, and St. Clair counties; see also file 3188 11-26-1862 F1590 0227 2865
Blow and Kennett; Noble, [unknown] Newton Granby Letter from Gen. Schofield in reference to the Blow and Kennett smelter being taken over by U.S. forces. Noble put in charge of smelting lead at Blow and Kennett's smelter. Noble a known rebel. Requesting smelter to be returned to the original owners. 08-26-1862 F1587 1146 2116
Blow, Henry P.; Blow, Peter E.; Kennett, Ferdinand Newton Granby Firm of "Blow and Kennett", lead miners and smelters; refused to sell lead to Confederates, who then stole pigs of lead and other items; Peter Blow formerly of Washington County; Henry Blow is U. S. Minister to Venezuela; letter asks that military recover goods 03-14-1862 F1584 0144 851
Blow, J. E.; Blow, Henry T.; Kennett, [unknown] Newton Granby Letters from St. Louis regarding difficulties experienced by the firm of Blow and Kennett, owners of the Granby lead mines in southwest Missouri 05-28-1862 F1585 0577 1225
Blow, Peter E.; Kennett, [Ferdinand] Newton Granby Firm of "Blow and Kennett", smelters, refused to sell lead to Price's army shortly before the Battle of Wilson's Creek; rebels stole items from them; attorney in St. Louis requests Gen. Halleck send troops to reclaim goods for them; See also file no. 851 03-17-1862 F1584 0550 938
Bogle, J. A.; Bogle, George R.; Bogle, Joseph C.; Glenn, Jonah F.; Boyd, Ben; Hogan, Frank; Chenowith, H.; Grant, James; Huzzard, Alfred Newton Petition for release of the Bogles, Glenn, Boyd, Hogan; held as prisoners at Springfield 05-04-1862 F1585 0510 1210
Bogle, Martha Newton Oath. Physical Description 20 years old, 5 foot, hazel eyes, auburn hair 09/20/1862 F1184
Bogle, Martha; Boyd, Thomas; Boyd, Mary Catharine; Hackler, Amanda; Henderson, John; Lacy, Mansfield; Hackler, Coonrod; Boyd, Quintas; Fullerton, Alexander; English, Jack; Hogan, Frank Newton Statements of Martha Bogle, Amanda Hackler, and Quintas Boyd. Bogle arrested near Mt. Vernon on suspicion of being a spy for the rebels. Mention of Lone Jack fight. Names of secessionists also mentioned. 09-12-1862 F1588 0076 2157
Booth, Unknown Newton Newtonia Note to General Brown. Dr. Booth has been in Price's army but has taken the oath 07/18/1862 F1232
Boyd, Mary Newton Oath of Alliegance F1234
Branham, Noah Newton Charges against him 07-20-1864 F1139
Branham, Noah Newton Description of person 02-12-1863 F1139
Branham, Noah Newton Oath of Allegiance 02-12-1863 F1139
Britten, Abraham Newton Oath of Loyalty 10-23-1862 F1283
Britten, John Newton Oath of Allegiance 07-11-1862 F1283
Bullard, John Newton Oath of Allegiance and bond ($2,000) 02-14-1863 F1288
Burgess, J. W. Newton Oath of Allegiance 06-04-1862 F1288
Carter, J. M. Newton Oath of Allegiance 06-17-1865 F1235
Chester, George Newton Newtonia $1000 bond 12-31-1862 F1186
Chester, John Newton Oath of Allegiance 10-11-1862 F1186
Christian, Robert Newton Testimony against G. A. Bradley 01-24-1863 F1139
Cook, Ellis Newton Oath of Allegiance 02-06-1863 F1240
Cornish, Joseph Newton Oath of neutrality; from Cornwall, England; physical description: age 31, 5' 7", blue eyes, dark hair and complexion; occupation mining 01-26-1863 F1241
Cox, Alexander Newton Oath 05-14-1862 F1242
Cox, Andrew Newton Oath of honor upon release at Springfield that he will report within 60 days with bond 07-18-1862 F1242
Cox, Andrew Newton Oath; physical description age 58, 5''7", blue eyes, gray hair, fair complexion 07-18-1862 F1242
Cox, Thomas Newton $500 bond; securities John Pogue, Newton Co. and George W. Iyer (Texas Co.) 12-29-186? F1242
Cox, William Newton Oath 07-19-1862 F1242
Cox, William Newton Parole of honor to provide bond within 60 days; done in Springfield 07-19-1862 F1242
Crain, Leroy Newton Charges and Specifications: robbing smallpox hospital 01-11-1863 near Newtonia; was in company with marauding band; took all hospital clothing and food; also took clothing and arms from nearby house ??-??-186? F1243
Culkin, John Newton Newtonia Oath of Neutrality and physical description 01-22-1863 F1246
Darr, Joseph Newton Forward prisoner William Branham 09-05-1864 F1139
Davis, Phliip R. Newton Statement of Davis that he has never belonged to the Southern army. Says he was arrested, but does now know why. Says he favors the Union and is willing to enroll in the militia. 11-11-1862 F1296
Davis, William Newton Oath of allegiance 01-16-1863 F1297
Deweese, David R. Newton Oath of Loyalty 06-14-1862 F1300
Dickinson, George W. Newton Statement that he is a loyal man 07-19-1862 F1301
Dobbs, Daniel Newton Neosho $500 bond 02-07-1863 F1302
Dobbs, Paris L. Newton Neosho $500 bond 02-01-1863 F1302
Dunavan, Warren Newton Oath of Allegiance, physical description included 03-03-1863 F1188
Duncan, Jackson C. Newton Oath of Allegiance 05-12-1862 F1188
Duvall, F. G.; Duvall, George L. Newton Newtonia Resolutions of a public meeting pledging the participants' support of the south and Gov. Jackson, trustees W. B. James, T. D. Northcutt, T. N. McClain, D. S. Hammond, and John Fitzgerald, speakers Peter Wilkes of Springfield and M. H. Ritchey 04-24-1861 F1611 0481 9049
Eagle, Moses and Hylick, Simon Newton Transmittal of men from Newtonia, where they reported yesterday; both took oath then ran south to rebel army for protection; Eagle considered a firm Union man 05-03-1864 F1309
Eagle, Pena Newton Oath 03-15-1864 F1309
Edmisten, Richard Newton $500 bond given at Neosho Post, not to be considered proof of character prior to bond date; in effect for one year; file notation: [illegible] forfeited 02-05-1863 F1310
Elvington, James Newton Oath of allegiance No. 25; 26 yrs old, 5' 6", dark hazel eyes, black hair, sallow complexion, farmer; taken at Newtonia 02-11-1863 F1312
Embry, Q. J.; Wright, Calvin C.; Taliaferro, William B.; Marcum, Thomas; Brown, Murphey; Lamberron, John; Kimbrough, William; Lowry, David; Anderson, John M.; Jones, Oliver; Fulton, J. B.; Christian, Robert H.; Owens, Emsley; Estes, Thomas D.; etal Newton Petitions by citizens of Barry, Newton, and Mcdonald counties to Provost Marshal at Springfield for the release of Embry and Rev. Wright of Mcdonald County 05-29-1862 F1585 0377 1174
Farris, James C. Newton Neosho Oath. Farris, 19, is of Worth County 07-09-1862 F1315
Fay, Perrier; Strickland, Wyatt; Hooper, Eli; etc. Newton Petition that G. M. Morgan, under arrest at Ft. Scott, is a Unionist, not a jayhawker or bushwhacker, and the charges were brought about through revenge, request he be released 07-17-1862 F1202
Fitzgerald, J. P. Newton Granby Letter from Fitzgerald saying "I am growing too uneasy about our lead to be silent." Wanted a train to be freighted, but was refused. 07-14-1864 F1318
Fowler, Joel H. Newton List of prisoners discharged on oath of allegiance and bond. List gives name, residence, and date released. 07-??-1862 F1586 0660 1709
Fowler, Joel H. Newton Statement of Fowler that he was arrested south of Newtonia while on his way home from Arkansas; had been driving mules. States he was part of M.S.G. in 1861 for 6 months; willing to take oath. N. D. F1322
Fowler, Joseph Newton Newtonia Statement of A. H. Brown that he has known Fowler since he was a boy. States that Fowler was in the army 6 months and went to the Arkansas River on business; thinks Fowler is a good and honest boy. 07-12-1862 F1322
Fulkerson, Chester E. Newton Oath 01-30-1862 F1469
Gibson, John Newton Oath of Loyalty 12-12-1862 F1325
Glenn, L. B. Newton Oath 07-30-1862 F1327
Golden, Temple Newton Oath and safeguard 05-14-1862 F1328
Grabill, [unknown]; Ritchey, [unknown]; Wolcott, S. W. Newton Newtonia Letter from persons interested in General Order no. 45 of Brig. Gen. Sanborn; there were only two trading houses in the seven counties mentioned in order outside Neosho, Carthage, Greenfield, and Stockton; feel people need to be offered goods at Newtonia 06-23-1864 F1615 0712 10063
Grabill, E. H.; Ritchey, Mathew H. Newton Newtonia Citizens' request that Union forces not abandon Newtonia. 05-20-1864 F1614 0512 9788
Green, C. M.; Green, Rees; Reynolds, B. Newton Oath of allegiance. 10-05-1862 F1589 1583 2805
Greer, M. S.; Carte, Linsey Newton Affidavit for Jeptha Barbee, that he wasn't at the Stemmons fight near Bowers Mills, nor was he engaged in jayhawking, refer to Doctor Morrow and Joel Woodward, both residing in Springfield 05-09-1862 F1223
Gregg, Edward Newton Oath of Allegiance 12-12-1862 F1334
Hacklen, Amanda J. Newton Oath of Allegiance; description (age, 19) 09-20-1862 F1190
Hackler, W. C. Newton Document cover states: sick, February 16, 1863; dead March 23, 1863 - ? - 1863 F1190
Hackler, W. C. Newton Voluntary Statement of Prisoners includes 12 questions; 25 years of age, wishes to return home and enroll in army; was forced to join southern army against his principles; has not been examined 02-03-1863 F1190

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