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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Hackfah, W. Ozark Letter from Maj. I. C. Miller stating that Hackfah said he was carrying a dispatch from Gen. Brown to Col. Stewart; since he acted suspicious the dispatch was taken from him and sent forward 08-09-1862 F1190
Hollis, R. J.; Parker, W. T.; Kirkland, Wiley Ozark Citizens of Ozark and Howell Counties petition for release of Hollis, Parker, and Kirkland from prison; part of document and signatures are missing 06-23-1862 F1585 0807 1298
Hollis, Robert J. Ozark Oath of Allegiance 04-14-1864 F1475
Keesee, Elias Ozark Parole 12-08-1862 F1355
McKinley, John Ozark Statement that he served in Capt. Lindsey's Company and guarded prisoner Levi Collins and stole a horse from Josiah Wheat in Douglas County, arrested in Douglas County 05-12-1863 F1200
McKinley, John Ozark Wrapper only, file 5667 ??-??-186? F1200
Mellon, John B. Ozark Oath of allegiance and physical description 06-27-1864 F1372
Piland, W. J. Ozark Davis Mill Information regarding prisoner Hedgpeth Holman of Arkansas, charged with robbing a store belonging to Maritt B. Smith in Webster County, contact M. Keten of Douglas County for witnesses 01-28-1865 F1475
Piland, W. J. Ozark Davis Mill Report of the charges against Hedgpeth Holman of robbing a store belonging to Meritt B. Smith in Webster County and a corn crib belonging to Irvin King of Douglas County, list of witnesses 02-09-1865 F1475
Smith, Thomas Ozark Oath of allegiance and physical description 06-09-1864 F1263
Stafford, Benjamin F. Ozark Oath of Allegiance 06-08-1864 F1267
Williams, Wallace W. Ozark Examination about his involvement in the Confederate army as captain, examiner recommends that he be exchanged 02-17-1863 F1489
Winkle, James; Daves, Goodman; Coffee, Jackson; Lumpkins, [unknown] Ozark Testimony in case against Winkle 11-10-1862 F1590 0719 2964

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