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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Anderson, Marquis; Blalock, William; Blalock, Tipton; Blalock, John; Biggs, Joseph; Buchanan, David; Bird, Stephen; Biggs, William; Crocket, Monroe; Curtner, William; Darnell, Thomas; Coats, J. S.; Early, Benjamin; Fisher, Bolen; Jarvis, Samuel etal Pemiscot List showing information about Anderson et al: residence, if they were head of a family, occupation and general remarks. All on list are considered rebel sympathizers or guerrillas. N. D. F1660 0255 22169
Arnold, Henry Pemiscot Statement from Benjamin Sellers, New Madrid Co. regarding Arnold's evasion of Federal troops by crossing into Tennessee 04-05-1864 F1219
Arnold, Henry Pemiscot Statement from Daniel Sellers, New Madrid Co. that Arnold rode with band of guerrillas under command of Robert E. Cloud; Arnold reportedly escaped from steamboat while landed at Pemiscot Co. 04-05-1864 F1219
Becker, John Pemiscot Oath of Allegiance 06-01-1865 F1228
Brook, J. F. Pemiscot Statement that three rebel soldiers stayed with William M. Hicks, that one of them took Mr. Mason's horse, and that Hicks' reputation is bad 04-20-1863 F1192
Brooks, J. G. Pemiscot Statement that William M. Hicks has helped guerrillas, threatened to impress him at gunpoint, and stole his horse 04-20-1863 F1192
Coleman, Peter; Jenkins, Samuel; Ingram, Tim; Yeargan, William; Davis, James; Darnell, Henry; Bell, Fielding; Edwards, James; Gordon, George; Turbin, James Pemiscot List showing information about Coleman et al: residence, if they were head of a family, occupation, estimation of worth, and general remarks. All on list are considered rebel sympathizers or guerrillas. N. D. F1660 0253 22168
Curtis, George Pemiscot Document stating that Curtis was arrested for passing counterfeit money and falsely dealing with several citizens. 02-02-1863 F1247
Darnel, Thomas Pemiscot Caruthersville Note from Alex Barnes saying that Darnel is going to New Madrid to take the oath. Barnes has no charges to make against him. 05-23-1865 F1295
Drake, George M. Pemiscot Oath of Loyalty F1306
Draper, S. M. Pemiscot Statement that William Hicks aided guerrillas and is possibly a horse thief 04-20-1863 F1192
Draper, S. M. Pemiscot Virginia Township Statement in the case of William M. Hicks, that a non-political company was organised to protect the township, and J. G. Brooks was abducted and his horse stolen for his being a Union man 04-20-1863 F1192
Edmondson, George B. Pemiscot Special Order No. 153 for Edmondson's release from Gratiot St. Military Prison upon taking oath 06-24-1865 F1310
Edwards, James M. Pemiscot Caruthersville Invoice for $136.40 for foodstuffs and calico bought by Edwards from J. E. Rearden and Co., Cairo, IL 01-05-1865 F1310
Edwards, James M. Pemiscot Caruthersville Requesting permission from New Madrid post commander to ship family supplies from Cairo, IL to Caruthersville 01-02-1865 F1310
Graham, John P. Pemiscot Oath of allegiance and physical description 03-21-1865 F1330
Halbrook, George Pemiscot Voluntary Statement of Prisoners -- 20 years of age; was considered as rebel and arrested; is not a rebel and wants to enlist in the United States service 03-24-1863 F1190
Harper, William Pemiscot Oregon Charged with treason, marauding and being a guerrilla 01-06-1862 F1191
Hendrick, D. G. Pemiscot Virginia Township Member of "the organization" formed to protect themselves against outlaws, statement concerning William M. Hicks 04-20-1863 F1192
Hicks, George Pemiscot Son of William M. Hicks, states his father was arrested and ordered to leave the county by "this association" for passing counterfeit Confederate money, his father later escaped 04-20-1863 F1192
Hunter, Ephraim J. Pemiscot $3,000 bond; limited to Pemiscot and New Madrid Counties 11-1?-1862 F1345
Jones, Allen Pemiscot Statement concerning William M. Hicks, listing the property sold to satisfy Hick's debt, that he paid $309.80, and the value of Confederate currency is $.50 to the $1 of Federal money 04-20-1863 F1192
Kelly, Samuel B. Pemiscot Bond of $5,000 12-23-1863 F1356
Luke, James H. Pemiscot Cottonwood Point Bill of sale for items Luke bought from Samter and Lipstadt, Cairo, Illinois; a cloak, shoes, hose, cloth 01-25-1865 F1363
Maxwell, A.; McMahan, Mahala; Roland, Harvey Pemiscot Keokuk Letter to Provost Marshal Farrar from Provost Marshal J. M. Hiatt sending depositions in relation to A. Maxwell and a petition in relation to Harvey Roland. 08-29-1862 F1587 0004 1830
Morgan, John; Oliver, Clark; Oliver, Henry; Scott, Peter; Smith, Alexander; Seacoy, Harrison; Yeargan, George; Bushy, George W.; Cunningham, Franklin; Darnell, Joseph; Biggs, Melotha; Hays, Granville; Hart, David; McCall, John; Mooring, Henry etal Pemiscot List showing information about Morgan et al: residence, if they were head of a family, occupation and general remarks. All on list are considered rebel sympathizers or guerrillas. N. D. F1660 0258 22170
Wadley, James Pemiscot Member of "the organization," statement that William M. Hicks passed counterfeit Confederate money for a bond, was arrested and his property sold, and he later escaped 04-20-1863 F1192
Wells, John Pemiscot Letter from the Judge Advocate to the military commission explaining that prisoner Wells is dangerously sick and recommending that he be removed to a hospital 7-13-1864 F1415
Wheeler, John S. Pemiscot Oath of allegiance and description 06-23-1865 F1416

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