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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Abbot, Joseph O. Platte Marshall Oath of Allegiance 04-20-1863 F1213
Abel, Thomas Platte Statement that Frank Tower took a horse from Shep Woodward and it was ridden to the Confederacy by Tillman St. John, William Royster was a bushwhacker with James Roop, and Albert St. John is a rebel soldier 09-19-1863 F1270
Adkins, James Platte Affidavit stating that he fought against the Union in The Battle of Bee Creek 1862/04 F1215
Allison, James Platte Bond 08-12-1864 F1216
Anderson, ? Platte Weston Note that Anderson was arrested by order of Captain Fitzgerald. Charges are not known. 06-11-1864 F1217
Angus, James Platte Angus arrested in Platte County and being held in Weston on charges of being a jayhawker. Wife claims he was an assistant to Sgt. Blair and taking property of secessionists to fort. Tried to escape. 01-26-1862 F1137
Armstrong, James J.; Halbrook, P. F.; Akridge, John F.; Hawkins, William; Bywaters, Richard H.; Coffey, R. N.; Starks, Price; Pence, Robert; Tarrants, Andrew J.; Courtney, Henry E.; Courtney, James C.; Allen, Reuben; Park, Hiram; Dawson, Andrew J. Platte Weston Charges against prisoner from Liberty, MO (Clay County); also includes his statement and that of others; charged with inciting soldiers to deeds of violence against citizens by misrepresentations 04-05-1865 F1635 0629 15869
Arnold, W. H.; Dugeth, Thomas; Ecton, John; Woods, Kemp M.; Martin, Wesley; Hamilton, Anna; Ford, James H.; Taylor, George; McCoy, Moses; Egbert, G. D.; Grider, F. K.; Smithy, Zachariah; Fleming, Jacob; Aiton, Thomas; Clarkson, A. P.; and others Platte Weston Cover letter, return of prisoners received and confined, and transcript from assistant provost marshal record book for month of February 1865; many persons noted from Clay County; references to events in Ray, Clinton, and Boone counties 03-06-1865 F1634 0971 15631
Artman, Lewis Platte Weston Oath 05-26-1863 F1219
Atkins, Daniel Platte Oath of loyalty 1864/07 F1215
Atkins, G. Platte Weston List of articles stolen by John Triplett with Tellay and Clendenin 1864/05 F1215
Atkins, W. G. Platte Platte City U.S. vs Atkins, charged with being a member of Cy Gordon's Band; testimony of John S. Bauer, Mo. Volunteers; Atkins now in St. Joseph 11-19-1864 F1220
Baber, John Platte Plattesburg Letter from Judge Birch attesting to neutrality of Baber, who is going to claim a horse taken from him 01-21-1862 F1463
Baker, Christian Platte Statement that he knows Thomas Hancock, that his neighbors claim he is a Union man, and that he sold him the horse in question, branded U. S. and J. C., refers to Lieut. Doppler for his loyalty 01-20-1865 F1338
Baker, William Platte Parole from Liberty, Clay County 07-07-1864 F1221
Baldwin, A. V. Platte Farmer, statement that one night Grundy Owens came to the house and asked if he'd made up the bill for his being school teacher, but as Owens was with the bushwhackers, he said no, then firing commenced and he was later arrested and taken to Leavenworth 08-31-1864 F1222
Ball, J. W. Platte Weston Theft of Fredricke Major's horse 04-21-1864 F1366
Barnes, E. H. Platte Parkville Oath of Allegiance, promises not to go past U.S. military lines 02-11-1863 F1183
Barnes, John Platte Parkville Report of John Barnes selling ammunition illegally F1183
Bassett, J. P. Platte Preston Township Cover sheet for list of Platte County, Preston township men who should be stricken from the rolls 01-20-1865 F1658 0156 21441
Bassett, J. P. Platte Preston Township Cover sheet for list of Platte County, Preston township men who should be stricken from the rolls 01-20-1865 F1658 0157 21441
Bates, Perry; Forbes, Franklin Platte Recruiting Station: Laclede F1895.1 31
Beane, Charles; Heard, K. M.; Anderson, S. D.; Lovelady, T. B.; Laurence, F.; Duff, Andrew; Duff, Alex; Palmer, [unknown] Platte Order for arrest of Beane and Heard and summons for witnesses. 05-21-1863 F1596 0390 4715
Beck, Jacob Platte Statement that the horse held by Capt. Gustavus Coghrs as contraband belongs to John H. Hall 07-29-1864 F1336
Beckett, J. A. Platte Weston Request for advice in the matter of Lawless and Boyd, who claims Lawless, a supposed dangerous man, took a horse from him 10-12-1864 F1153
Beery, Noah; Smithee, Benjamin Platte Relieving Beery from serving on county board and appointing Smithee in his place. 08-25-1862 F1587 0519 1970
Belch, E. C.; Watkins, J. M. Platte Weston Letter from Lt. A. B. Pollock that he is enclosing a petition from Belch and Watkins, residents of Clay County, asking for extensions on the limits of their parole. 05-02-1865 F1638 1095 16859
Bell, Mollie Platte Weston Oath of Allegiance 04-25-1863 F1229
Bellar, A. G. ? Platte Weston Mayor's letter of complaint to Brigadier General C. B. Fisk concerning orders by Major Hilliard to close all saloons in town and to prohibit discharged soldiers from wearing military clothing 12-02-1864 F1229
Beller, A. G. Platte Weston Mayor's letter concerning disatisfaction of Union men when told they had to attach themselves to the "Paw Paw" companies 04-30-1864 F1229
Beller, A. G. Platte Weston Mayor's Letter of protest to Governor Hatcher concerning recruitment of a Platte County company by Captain Eads, a stranger; men would prefer someone they know 02-18-1865 F1229
Beller, A. G.; Lamar, Henry; Brown, A. G.; etc. Platte Weston Petition for J. H. Hall to a position in the Detective Corps 11-26-1864 F1336
Beller, A.; Hilliard, H. Platte Weston Letter by Weston Mayor Beller, to Major Hilliard; transmittal of petition by Union men of Platte County to General Rosecrans concerning the 11-1864 election; reports there are not enough guards in Platte County to keep precincts safe 10-25-1864 F1624 0318 12482
Beller, A.; Hilliard, H.; Wright, F. B.; Beller, A. G.; Moore, D. W.; Price, James A.; Guinn, Thomas; Hall, J. H. Boatright, B. G.; Goldstein, J.; White, W. A.; Lancaster, Robert; Eppard, Robert; Moore, James B.; Wilson, Joseph; Haas, George; Winkler, C. Platte Weston Six page petition signed by 123 Union men of Platte County asking for protection for the 11-1864 elections; there are 15 designated precincts in Platte County, petitioners request there only be 3 precincts for the election in order to protect the voters 10-25-1864 F1624 0320 12482
Belt, Geo. H. Platte Platte City About the property of Mary Ann Marsh 08-23-1863 F1367
Benight, Benj. W. Platte Parole, not to leave Platte County 05-05-1863 F1230
Berry, James H. Platte Pettis Township Oath of Allegiance, witness G. W. Hood of Weston 05-25-1863 F1231
Berry, Seth Platte Oath of Allegiance, witness W. B. Stone of Fort Scott, Kansas 06-07-1862 F1231
Bingham, William Platte Statement concerning large bay mare full 16 hands high, stolen on Christmas night. 01/27/1865 F1465
Birch, Michael Platte Weston Oath and parole of honor 04/22/1863 F1465
Birch, Michael Platte Weston Petition by Platte County citizens as to Birch's loyalty. 04/25/1863 F1465
Bland, M. M. Platte Parole 05/04/1863 F1466
Blythe, A. D. Platte Weston Statement by Captain Woods of 82nd E.M.M., Co. D, to arrest Blythe 05/17/1864 F1466
Bolt, Lorena E.; Flannigan, ?; Price, Sterling; Harrison, ? Platte Weston Statement by Bolt a resident of New Orleans, who stayed at the hotel in Weston; reports Mrs. Flannigan has two sons who are spies for General Price; Mrs. Harrison will let Bolt know when Gen. Price comes to Missouri 08-15-1864 F1619 0370 11134
Bolt, Lorena E.; Flannigan, ?; Price, Sterling; Harrison, ?; Thornton, John C. Calhoun Platte Weston Statement by Bolt a resident of New Orleans, who stayed at the hotel in Weston; states Harrison and Flannigan know the location of Thornton's Camp in "back of Glasgow", Bolt is leaving for St. Joseph 08-15-1864 F1619 0370 11134
Bolt, Lorena E.; Harrison, James Mrs.; Flannigan, A. E. Mrs. Platte Weston Statement by Bolt a resident of New Orleans, and stayed at the hotel in Weston reports Mrs. James Harrison, of Glasgow and Mrs. A. E. Flannigan, a widow of Kentucky, are Confederate supporters; Harrison's husband and three sons are guerrillas 08-15-1864 F1619 0370 11134
Boone, Platte Weston [Boone and Boon used interchangeably] Report of Major H. Hilliard. His men pursued "Boone," son of Major Nathan Boone and grandson of Daniel Boone for 150 miles 12/05/1864 F1232
Borneby, A. Platte Weston Letter about Borneby, addressed to Brig. Gen.. Fisk from Jonathan Doniphan 12/13/1864 F1184
Bounie, John Platte Parole 05-09-1863 F1233
Bourne, James Platte Platte City Communication from Bourne to the President of the U.S. was received and directed to Secretary of War who allows him to return to Platte City 09-30-1865 F1233
Bowen, James Platte Oath of Allegiance 05-18-1863 F1233
Bowen, John Platte Parkville Statement that while helping merchant S. P. Summers, he was attacked by illegible, John Barnes, and Nevill Pone, soldiers of the provisional militia, or Paw Paws, mostly illegible 03-23-1864 F1610 0514 8796
Bowles, Samuel Platte Oath of Allegiance 07-14-1864 F1233
Boyd, Casandra Platte Weston Wife of Jared Boyd, statement that when Federal soldiers took a mule and left a horse in its place, her husband claimed if he couldn't get the mule back, he would take its value in something else 10-10-1864 F1153
Boyd, Hannah Platte Weston Daughter of Jared Boyd, states that a man questioned her about a horse that Federal soldiers replaced a mule with, and upon finding it, he took it to St. Joseph 10-10-1864 F1153
Boyd, Janette Platte Weston Wrapper only, in relation to a horse taken from him by Lawless, who claims he purchased the horse at St. Joseph 09-24-1864 F1153
Boyd, Jared Platte Weston Statement that a mule was left at his place about the time of the Battle of Camden Point by bushwhackers and later taken by Federal soldiers and replaced by a horse, which was later taken by Lawless 10-10-1864 F1153
Bradley, James Platte Weston Transmitting the petition of H. M. Mitchell and the consent of his securities for expanding his limits 04-03-1865 F1486
Bradley, William Platte Parole 05-11-1863 F1139
Brasfield, Allen Platte Charge and specification against him ??-??-1865 F1282
Brenan, Edward Platte Claims that he is the rightful owner of a horse 12-23-1864 F1282
Brewer, Sarah Platte Mrs., statement that when the bushwhackers came into Parkville, she saw Mahlon Neville run from his garden to his house, and didn't see him the rest of the day 03-27-1865 F1204
Brick, F. M.; Barker, J. R.; Culver, M. R.; Jenkins, D. W.; Gilbert, H. W.; Elliot, William; Jack, J. W.; Stockmorton, A. J. Platte Platte City List of prisoners confined in jail by Col. Kimball 11-24-1861 F1582 0627 397
Brightman, Preston Platte Statement that men dressed in Federal uniforms took him prisoner, asked him questions which he answered, and let him go after claiming they had killed a doctor, and he later found Doctor Walker barely alive with his son ??-??-1864 F1385
Broadhurst, Henry Platte Statement about actions during the war 09-15-1864 F1284
Broadhurst, John F. Platte Parkville $1500 bond for aiding enemies 04-24-1862 F1284
Broadhurst, John F. Platte Parkville Oath of Allegiance 04-23-1862 F1284
Brown, A. J. Platte Platte City Clinton Cockerill is a loyal man 06-06-1864 F1187
Brown, Jacob Platte Lee Township Oath of Allegiance 04-25-1863 F1285
Brown, James Platte Lee $10000 bond for harboring and feeding bushwhackers 08-10-1864 F1285
Brown, Thomas Platte Charged with disloyalty (guerrilla, rebel activities); case heard before Military Commission 09-01-1864 F1286
Brunts, John L. Platte Platte City Statement in the case of David Coffman 09-25-1863 F1187
Buat, John H. ? Platte Capt. in the Missouri Militia, states that he knows Thomas Hancock, claims some think he is a Union man, some not, knows nothing about his horse 01-18-1865 F1338
Burbee, E. Platte Weston Letter from Samuel A. Gilbert stating that Lt. Burbee is among the prisoners captured at Pea Ridge. Gilbert refers to Burbee's acts of violence. Begs that Burbee not be released on parole and returned to the community. 03-28-1862 F1652 0123 19511
Burchist, James Platte Parkville Attorney, letter to Gen. Rosecrans concerning the case of John Bowen being beaten by Nevill Pone and John Barnes, members of the Paw Paw militia, and also a matter with Charles Loggett, mostly illegible ??-??-1864 F1610 0517 8796

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