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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
[illegible] Scott Price's Landing Illegible statement concerning the events of the steamer "Platte Valley" commanded by Capt. Postal at Price's Landing ??-??-186? F1386
Alley, James M. Scott Statement of Alley largely illegible. Alley does say that he has been keeping a grocery for the past six months and had lived five miles west of Charleston in Mississippi County. 04-21-1863 F1462
Alley, James M. Scott Statement of Ally that he is 23 and has been running a grocery. The statement revolves around his purchasing practices for whiskey; bought it in barrels and believes much was imported from St. Louis. 04-21-1863 F1462
Benefield, Benjamin Scott Commerce Letter complaining of robbery and pilage of his farm by Rebels and guerrillas and request to put troops at Sikeston 05-31-1864 F1230
Benefield, Susan E. Scott Testimony that guerrillas known as Pillow's men robbed them, and later more guerrillas fired their house; daughter of Benjamin Benefield 07-20-1864 F1230
Byrne, Peter; Burefield; Brok; Burgess Scott Petition requesting attention in the case of Elijah Clare of Scott County, prisoner in St. Louis 06-18-1862 F1237
Clemson, J. S. Scott Commerce Report of forage taken by Illinois and Ohio Volunteers 02-27-1862 F1239
Cloar, Elijah Scott Affidavit that he's lived in county for 8 years, arrested for harboring brother-in-law Thomas Harbinson; lives on Mrs. Harbinson's property; file notation: prisoner of war, Gratiot St. Prison 07-09-1862 F1239
Cloar, Elijah Scott Recommendation for release with $1,000 bond and oath; has never been in arms so is not prisoner of war 07-29-1862 F1239
D[illegible], Thomas Scott Davenport Report to Col. Baker in St. Louis that prisoner Gilbert H. Pulver had over $6000 in Cedar Falls when he was arrested, supposedly obtained by swindling, and that Pulver will be remanded to St. Louis soon 03-14-1865 F1388
Dirnberger, Wolfgang Scott $2000 bond to sell liquor 11-12-1864 F1302
Dobbins, John Scott Benton Asks if his sons can be released on oath and bond 10-24-1863 F1302
Dobbins, William Scott Examination 06-24-1863 F1302
Dobbins, William Scott Statement about involvement with Confederates 06-24-1863 F1302
Ewing, Thomas; Ashley, S. W.; Campbell, W. W.;; Rhodes, Thomas S.; Stratton, Joe; Hughes, John; Griffiths, Stephen; Askew, Charles; Vail, G. C.; Grisham, G. E.; Johnson, N. C.; McKinley, Benjamin; Oberly, Ambrose; Cook, Charles D. and others Scott Commerce Two page petition by thirty-four Scott County residents, to Gen. Ewing, requesting the establishment of a telegraph office in Commerce, due to military headquarters being at Commerce and information can be relayed quickly to Cape Girardeau and Charleston 07-29-1864 F1618 0731 10912
Grate, E. Scott Statement of Charles Bonnifon that he hitched his horse outside of Burgess's store; when he came out the horse was gone. He pursued Grate, who was riding the horse, and got the horse back. 07-02-1863 F1331
Grate, Egnatius Scott Letter from Sita(?) J. Lee stating that Grate, a prisoner, is being brought there. Grate admits he is a horse thief. Lee thinks Grate is also a spy and should be hanged. 06-27-1863 F1331
Grosham, John Scott Benton Bond of $1,000 04-26-1862 F1335
Hager, Henry Scott Oath of Allegiance 03-22-1862 F1190
Heisserer, Vincent Scott Commerce $2000 bond to keep quinine, Peruvian bark, opium and its compounds, patent medicines, wines, liquors and salt for sale; G. F. Pellman and Ballyer Heuring, sureties. 11-19-1864 F1342
Heuring, Balter Scott Bond in the amound of $2,000. 11-07-1864 F1472
Heuring, Francis Scott Bond in the amount of $2,000. 02-09-1865 F1472
Hightower, Henry Scott Sikeston Statement that Joseph Sheats said that William Coldwell was run from his home by 100 guerrillas ??-??-???? F1192
Hinton, John A. Scott Parole 05-21-1862 F1473
Hull, John; Hudson, William Scott Recruiting Station: Cape Girardeau F1893.1 107
Hunt, Richard R. Scott Arrested May 6; charged with being one of band that entered Hamburg and shot a Union man; he denies it ??-??-186? F1345
Hunt, Richard R. Scott File notation: release by suggestion of M. B. ??-??-186? F1345
Hunt, Richard R. Scott Proceedings of military commission; Hunt charged with being in arms against U.S., against Home Guards at Hamburg; found not guilty, recommendation: release on oath 11-15-1862 F1345
Hunt, Richard R. Scott Statement: don't know why arrested; Kitchen's men fired on Home Guards 11-06-1862 F1345
Jones, Samuel R. Scott Proceedings against Jones before the Military Commission. Jones, charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy, entered a plea of guilty. Jones discharged upon taking oath and giving $1,000 bond. 11-19-1862 F1352
Jones, Shadrick W. Scott Benton Petition from neighbors of Jones stating that to the best of their knowledge Jones has not aided the enemy. The petition asks for the release of Jones from prison. 06-06-1862 F1352
Jones, Simeon R. Scott Note saying Jones is charged with furnishing rebels with supplies and has been in prison for five months. Also states that the prisoner's brother has been in prison, but just died in the hospital. N. D. F1352
Kirkwood, Samuel J.; Baker, L. B.; Hambel, W. D.; Childs, George Scott Davenport Letter seeking payment from committee in St. Louis for horses sold to Iowa cavalry 11-27-1861 F1582 0113 294
Lindley, J. J.; Parker, George H. Scott Davenport Letter to Gen. Samuel Curtis introducing Lindley and Parker; explaining their business in Missouri was to visit the Iowa Regiments on behalf of N. B. Baker 10-17-1861 F1582 0224 314
Martin, Frank Scott File notation: statement of James Bontwell (document largely illegible) taken at New Madrid 01-27-1865 F1368
Martin, Frank Scott File notation: statement of James McMullin (document largely illegible) taken at New Madrid 01-27-1865 F1368
Martin, Frank Scott Statement of Joseph Brooks taken at New Madrid: knew him in Arkansas, is harmless and hardworking man; saw him 20 Jan. with Templeton Robinson tapping sugar trees, boiling molasses and chopping wood 01-29-1865 F1368
McMullen, Fayette Scott Appointment of William G. Martin of Pettis County, Missouri as his attorney with instructions to collect all the outstanding notes and sell the produce of his farms 11-23-1858 F1370
McMullen, Fayette Scott Illegible, possible contract, McMullen was involved in lawsuits over multiple debts owed him in Pettis County, Missouri ??-??-186? F1370 M 1298
Meyers, William H. Scott Benton Oath of allegiance 06-18-1862 F1156
Miller, John O. Scott Oath of allegiance 10-09-1862 F1157
Mitchell, J. W.; Mitchell, [unknown]; Bean, S. D.; Bean, [unknown]; Kitchen, S. G. Scott Mrs. Mitchell of Bloomfield, MO and Mrs. S. D. Bean taken prisoner on orders of Col. S. G. Kitchen, rebel; gives number of soldiers, number of artillery, and location (begins at Point Pleasant); Kitchen killing Union men in Bollinger, Stoddard, Scott counties 03-23-1861 F1584 0203 866
Muir, Jasper Scott Parole, age 34, to report at St. Louis, witness Maj. Daniel Chase, 13th U. S. Infantry 04-30-1862 F1248
Settles, Samuel H. Scott Charleston States that he was conscripted into the rebel service but deserted 05-04-1865 F1399
Wallace, William; Winchester, Henderson Scott Recruiting Station: Cape Girardeau F1893.1 10
Ware, Joseph Scott Oath of Allegiance 01-22-1864 F1277
Ware, Malchier C. Scott Oath of Allegiance 01-22-1864 F1277
West, James Scott Benton Oath of allegiance 05-29-186? F1416

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