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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Arbogast, Philip A. Shannon Birch Tree Oath of Loyalty 01-14-1863 F1218
Baker, Barton A. Shannon Oath of Allegiance 10-20-1862 F1221
Baker, Barton A. Shannon By Csuk? Bond of agreement not to aid the rebels 10-20-1862 F1221
Bradburn, Isaac Shannon Oath of Allegiance and description 05-06-1865 F1139
Brewer, Green Shannon Oath of Allegiance and description 10-22-1863 F1282
Brubaker, Peter Shannon Brubaker's sworn statement that guerrillas stole his horse and other property 10-12-1862 F1286
Brubaker, Peter Shannon John W. Boyd's sworn statement that a horse worth $100 was taken from Brubaker; Brubaker is a man of unquestionable loyalty 10-12-1862 F1286
Burnham, Samuel Shannon Released on parole and bond (notation to see Major Leighton's report) 10-24-1862 F1289
Campbell, James N. Shannon Oath and physical description 10-16-1863 F1185
Cantrel, William J. Shannon Oath of allegiance 01-14-186? F1292
Cantrell, William Shannon Parole 07-28-1864 F1292
Carty, James Shannon Oath of Loyalty 07-20-1862 F1235
Carty, James G. Shannon Oath of Loyalty 07-28-1862 F1235
Chilton, Francis Shannon Oath of Allegiance and description 10-16-1863 F1186
Chilton, James Shannon Description of person 04-15-1863 F1186
Chilton, James Shannon Oath of Allegiance 04-15-1863 F1186
Chilton, Thomas J. Shannon Oath of Allegiance for those who have been disloyal 10-30-1863 F1186
Chitwood, Johnathon Shannon Oath of Allegiance and description 10-18-1863 F1186
Conway, Lewis Shannon Oath 03-13-1862 F1468
Cox, Austin M. Shannon Eminence Oath 10-03-1863 F1242
Cox, Austin M. Shannon Eminence Oath 11-03-1863 F1242
Crowder, Michal Shannon Oath 12-23-1862 F1245
Depriest, Wm. Shannon Bond of $1,000 01-10-1863 F1300
Deprist, I. H. Shannon Bond of $2,000 01-10-1863 F1300
Dougherty, William Shannon President's Proclamation Oath and description 12-22-1864 F1304
Haven, James Shannon Jackson Twp. $1000 bond. n.d. F1340
Haven, James Shannon Jackson Twp. Oath, before Capt. Henry Duncker at Salem; witness: James Cole, Houston, Mo. (2 copies, not consecutive) 10-15-1862 F1340
Hawkins, T. J.; Mahan, James Shannon Charges against prisoners from Shannon County; found in arms against United States, aiding and abetting enemies of United States (by using disrepectful language toward U. S. government, and threatening to kill men for having taken loyalty oath) 04-08-1862 F1584 0923 1036
Hollomon, Asel W. Shannon Oath of Allegiance 07-04-1862 F1475
Mahan, William Shannon His son accused of being connected with killing Ben Jobe; he knew nothing of it, but opined that his son is guilty; file notation: released ??-??-186? F1365
Morgan, Joseph Shannon Oath of Allegiance, limited to Shannon County, witness John S. Verso of Rolla 10-30-1863 F1202
Nash, William Shannon Parole and safeguard 11-23-1862 F1375
Orchard, Jesse Shannon Oath of Loyalty 02-12-1863 F1160
Patterson, James Shannon Oath 02-06-1863 F1382
Reed, David C. Shannon Oath of Allegiance taken at Pilot Knob 10-16-1863 F1205
Robinson, Henry Shannon Oath of allegiance and description 12-16-1863 F1393
Russell, Robert B. Shannon Bond ($500) 01-26-1863 F1397
Russell, Robert B. Shannon Oath of allegiance 01-26-1863 F1397
Smith, John Shannon Bond in the amount of $3,000 11-22-1863 F1262
Smith, John Shannon Oath of allegiance and physical description 11-22-1863 F1262
Story, William Shannon Oath; must not leave home after sunset without written permission 10-30-1863 F1163
Vance, Solomon Shannon Oath of Allegiance; description (age, 19) 06-04-1865 F1273
Wadley, Wesdley Shannon Oath of Allegiance 8-15-1864 F1165
Yador, Newton Shannon Oath of allegiance and description 10-16-1863 F1491

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