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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Albert and Company Stoddard Bloomfield Recommendation of this business by Valentine Prueitt 11-16-1863 F1461
Allen, David J. Stoddard Oath 03-06-1862 F1462
Allen, Garshom Stoddard Statement of Nelson Harper that Allen is a loyal citizen who was never in the army. Other citizens testified in agreement with Harper's statements. 06-25-1862 F1462
Anderson, Madison Stoddard Statement of Riley Walker that Van W. Hale was the head of a rebel company and held the office of county clerk in times of peace. Pinckney Maberry, his deputy, also considered a rebel by community. 07-23-1864 F1217
Anderson, Madison Stoddard Bloomfield Anderson robbed by rebels; got back $475 in coins, notes and store books of accounts. No place to store, so sent them to Maj Pomeroy to hold. Pomeroy loaned his money. Struggle to get action noted. 03-30-1863 F1217
Anderson, Madison Stoddard Bloomfield Appeal to military powers for redress for injuries received from rebel army including stolen corn, clothing, saddles, bridles, lost home, and two eldest sons shot before him. 03-21-1863 F1217
Anderson, Madison Stoddard Bloomfield Bond listing John Swift as principal and Felix D. Swift and John Sitton as securities. Swift listed as administrator of estate of Edward K. Anderson. Inventory of the estate follows. 04-12-1864 F1217
Anderson, Madison Stoddard Bloomfield Document where county clerk Van W. Hale appoints John Swift adminstrator of the estate of Edward K. Anderson. 04-12-1864 F1217
Averett, Thomas; Cummings, George; Cato, Nathaniel; Hall, Frank; Adams, Ezekiel; Host, Abel; Doyle, Allen Stoddard Bloomfield List of 7 prisoners held at Ironton and charges against them; reference to a hanging at Bloomfield in Stoddard County 06-16-1862 F1585 0798 1295
Baker, John Stoddard Bond and Oath of Allegiance, arrested for giving aid to the Rebels; $1000 05-23-1863 F1221
Baker, John Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-23-1862 F1221
Bedford, Henry H. Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 07-09-1863 F1228
Bess, Henry Stoddard Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, sworn at Pilot Knob, witness William C. Kellogg, 3rd Colorado Volunteer Infantry 08-30-1863 F1231
Boon, James W. Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03/25/1863 F1232
Brown, Allen Stoddard Description of person 03-25-1862 F1285
Brown, Allen Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-25-1862 F1285
Campbell, William H. Stoddard Oath 03-04-1862 F1185
Clen, Martin Stoddard Bond 03-23-1863 F1239
Clen, Martin Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-12-1863 F1239
Cline, Andrew Stoddard $1,000 bond; arrested for giving aid and comfort to enemy; confined to Stoddard County; 03-23-1863 F1239
Cline, Andrew Stoddard Oath 03-23-1863 F1239
Cline, Martin V. Stoddard $1,000 bond; arrested for giving aid and comfort to enemy and other acts of disloyalty; confined to Stoddard County 03-23-1863 F1239
Cline, Martin V. Stoddard Oath; age, physical description, born Stoddard County 03-12-1863 F1239
Colbert, Ed Stoddard Bloomfield Telegraph requesting what to do with Mr. Hope of Arkansas, detained with $364 worth of goods bought of Leech with Mr. Calton of Arkansas, bills approved by the Assistant Provost Marshal 04-07-1865 F1476
Cole, A. J. Stoddard Bloomfield Statement of Cole that he is a 31 year old resident of Dunklin County. Rest of note makes reference to guerrillas, but is very faded. 03-??-1863 F1141
Cooper, Joseph Stoddard $1000 bond 10-16-1863 F1240
Cooper, Joseph Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-16-1863 F1240
Crabtree, John Stoddard Oath 03-28-1863 F1243
Crumb, C. B. Stoddard Bloomfield Letter from Crumb stating that the roving bands of guerrillas are forcing the loyal Union men from the county in search of safter places. Asks that something be done to ensure life and property. 12-13-1864 F1246
Crumb, C. B. Stoddard Bloomfield Request of Col. Baker to send prisoner John Rice of Dunklin County with Sheriff Lewis M. Ringo for civil prosecution 07-24-1865 F1390 B 288
Curd, Samuel P. Stoddard Oath of allegiance 03-06-1862 F1247
DeForest, J. S. Stoddard Bloomfield Letter from J. L. DeForest Sr. to Maj. Gen Halleck re retaliation against an Iowan who testified against Union Capt. Hill 02-19-1862 F1298
DeGrass, Wm. Stoddard Bloomfield re trial (DeGrass was released) 02-01-1864 F1298
Dement, J. W. Stoddard Description of person 04-16-1862 F1299
Dement, J. W. Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 04-16-1862 F1299
Edmonston, Thompson Stoddard Oath 03-17-1863 F1310
Edmunston, William Stoddard Oath 03-17-1863 F1310
Ellsworth, David Stoddard Arrested; can find no charge against; age 45 ??-??-186? F1311
Ferguson, George W. Stoddard $1000 Bond; limited to Stoddard Co. Sureties: Frederick Bollinger, G. W. Forbis. 03-11-1863 F1316
Ferguson, George W. Stoddard Oath 03-16-1863 F1316
Fish, Monroe; Fish, Bradford Stoddard Bloomfield Men from Bollinger County, held prisoner in St. Louis; made statements they were arrested in Bloomfield, thought charges were that they did not enroll in the army; Monroe was 17; were brothers 11-17-1862 F1590 0311 2890
Forbes, George W. Stoddard Oath of allegiance 03-16-1862 F1320
Foster, T. H. Stoddard Statement F1321
Furry, Isaac Stoddard $2000 Bond, hand-written. Subject arrested for giving aid and comfort. 03-23-1863 F1469
Furry, Isaac Stoddard Oath, on printed form. 03-22-1863 F1469
Garner, J. W. Stoddard Bloomfield Note: Garner, 22, enlisted in Cooper's company in Oct 1862, was arrested by Col. McNeil's command 05 Mar 1863. Signed before Lt. James A. Reid at Bloomfield. 03-06-1863 F1189
Gayly, Thomas Stoddard Parole for Gayly, 35. 04-16-1862 F1323
Gibson, Archibald Stoddard Oath of Loyalty 02-12-1863 F1325
Hahn, Jessie Stoddard Oath of Allegiance; description (age, 29) 03-23-1863 F1190
Hahn, John Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-23-1863 F1190
Hahn, Joseph Stoddard Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness C. P. Belden 06-14-1865 F1475
Hall, William Stoddard Physical description ??-??-???? F1336
Harty, Wm. C. Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-23-1863 F1145
Hasler, John W. Stoddard Oath witnessed by S. Porter of Ironton 02-28-1862 F1340
Hendley, William Stoddard Bond in the amount of $1,000. No county listed, but Missouri is listed as the state. Stoddard appears on next document. 03-16-1863 F1471
Hendley, William Stoddard Oath of allegiance 03-16-1863 F1471
Hibs, James Stoddard Wrapper only, see papers of Jesse W. McCullon of Dunklin County ??-??-???? F1192
Hitt, John P. Stoddard Oath of allegiance 05-03-1862 F1473
Jackson, John Stoddard Parole 4-14-1863 F1477
Johnson, Washington Stoddard Parole 04-18-1863 F1350
King, William Stoddard Roll of escaped prisoner forwarded to Rolla from St. Louis, captured in St. Louis 04-10-1865 F1151
King, William Stoddard Special Orders (illegible); file notation: order for the transfer of William King 03-30-1865 F1151
King, William Stoddard Statement made at Myrtle St. Prison; age 18, free man of color; stole horse from Andrew Miller; was waiter for Jeff Thompson; pilot in M.S.M.; Bangs hired him as servant, wishes to return there 04-15-1863 F1151
King, William Stoddard Statement: waiter to Capt. Bangs, M.S.M.; on furlough, took Andrew Miller's mare; did not take Edmundson's, Simon Douglas and Jeff Hinkle did; notation: colored, guerrilla, captured by McNeil 03-16-1863 F1151
Lewis, Clayborn Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 04-09-1862 F1362
Lewis, Clayborn Stoddard Physical description 04-09-1862 F1362
Long, Isam Stoddard Oath of Allegiance, witnesses E. Hincent and B. F. Lagum 01-30-1863 F1483
Lovelace, John Stoddard Oath of Loyalty 06-28-1862 F1195
Magee, Isaac Stoddard $1,000 bond 03-23-1863 F1365
Magee, Isaac Stoddard Oath; physical description: age 46, 5' 4", blue eyes, black hair, dark complexion, born North Carolina 03-23-1863 F1365
Massey, R. H. Stoddard Bloomfield Cover sheet only, has notation “captured near Bloomfield, Mo None F1484
Masters, Phillip Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 03-18-1862 F1484
McCollum, William Stoddard Statement of McCollum that he was arrested for taking articles from Cape Girardeau to secesh ladies in Bloomfield. States he has always been a conditional Union man and has taken the oath. N. D. F1197
McElwrath, David Stoddard Statement of McElwrath that he was arrested for carrying provisions and giving guns to rebel army. McElwrath denies charges. N. D. F1199
Minton, Albert W. Stoddard Oath of Allegiance 06-31-1863 F1486

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