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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Bunch, Stone Sworn statement by Wm. Carr regarding Bunch's involvement in killing a beef and taking flour from his mill 08-22-1862 F1288
Campbell, Francis Stone Galena Letter from John Lorrain regarding Campbell, who was arrested. Claims Campbell served in Union army and in loyal Home Guards. He married into a disloyal family, but has always shown his loyalty. 10-20-1864 F1185
Crockett, William M. Stone (poor legibility) 2 Union men from Scott County, AR bought hay with Confederate bill; were deserters from AR Conscript Troop heading to Springfield; Patriot Guard at Ozark might shoot them as rebels 09-06-1862 F1245
Edwards, E. J. Stone Affidavit that mule was stolen in August and is now in E.M.M. camp 12-05-1863 F1310
Edwards, E. J. Stone Affidavits of Robert Kissee and Eli Rasen that Edwards's mule was stolen in August and is not in Allen's Regt., E.M.M., having been taken from rebels 12-05-1863 F1310
Harrison, Charles J. Stone Grafton Sending to Maj. Darr evidence against Henry Shafer, a cripple who was arrested near Barlow, and that he desires to take the oath and be released 09-12-1862 F1488
Herndon, Charles F. Stone Bond in the amount of $500. Herndon was arrested for desertion. 05-16-1864 F1472
Hickson, William Stone Cape Fair Oath of Allegiance 04-08-1862 F1192
Huddleston, James Stone Grand Jury indictment of Huddleston and Isaac H. Bledsoe for the murder of Ali Baker. Accused of shooting Baker to death. 06-06-1864 F1146
Hudson, Sidney L. Stone Parole 11-19-1862 F1146
McCullough, J. W. Stone Oath of allegiance for McCullough, appointed to a County Board 07-01-1862 F1198
McDowell, Wily Stone Oath of allegiance and physical description 05-05-1862 F1199
Moore, James M. Stone Oath of Allegiance 07-01-1862 F1201
Moore, Thomas J.; Rains, S. L. Stone Galena Refugees from Arkansas recommended for raising military units of Union refugees from Arkansas. 04-14-1863 F1595 1722 4614
Morgan, William Stone Oath of Allegiance 07-24-1862 F1202
Pace, Edward A. Stone Oath of allegiance 07-05-1862 F1379
Steele, Henderson; Steele, William Stone Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 66
Travathan, [unknown]; Haden, Marietta; Taylor, [unknown]; McCullah, J. M. Stone Travathan and Haden were teachers in Stone and Lawrence Counties teaching seccessionist ways in their schools. Taylor was running a distillery in Christian and Stone Counties and disposing of the liquor. 07-17-1862 F1586 0554 1673
Triplet, James; Triplet, William A. Stone Recruiting Station: Springfield F1896.8 6
Unknown Stone Report on members of the committee: J. W. McCullough, H. M. Moore, Robert Teange ??-??-186? F1659 0527 21832
Vuwell? Stone Receipt for 150 bushels of corn from C.L. Smart 11-20-1862 F1208
Wilhelms, Thomas Stone Arrested while returning from taking property south 11-27-186? F1419

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