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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Alls, Alexander Texas Houston Alls in Battle of Wilson's Creek where a wounded man asked for a drink of water. Alls inquired which side he would fight for if he lived. When man answered for the Union, Alls shot him. 04-06-1862 F1216
Anderson, John Texas Bond 07-30-1862 F1217
Anderson, William H. Texas Bond 07-30-1862 F1217
Bailey, William Texas Bond 08-23-1863 F1464
Baker, James Texas Oath of Allegiance 10-20-1862 F1221
Baker, James Texas Big Creek Bond of Allegiance; $1000 10-20-1862 F1221
Baker, William A. Texas Oath of Allegiance 10-20-1862 F1221
Baker, William A. Texas By Cook? Bond and Oath of Allegiance; $1000; arrested for aiding Rebels 10-20-1862 F1221
Baker, William W. Texas Roubedoux Parole 02-18-1863 F1221
Bales, John B. Texas Statement that rebels robbed him of two rifles, a woolen blanket, set of horse lines, and a rope halter, all worth $43.50 12-13-1862 F1222
Bales, Phebe Texas Statement that John B. Bales owned the property he claimed was stolen by the armed rebels and it was worth the amount stated 12-13-1862 F1222
Barron, Noble Texas Houston Doctor, letter to C. W. Marsh regarding the offer for him to be regimental physician, that he has resigned from the service because the commanders are too fond of liquor 08-09-1862 F1223
Barron, Noble Texas Houston Township $1000 bond 05-28-1862 F1224
Barron, Noble Texas Houston Township $2000 bond 03-10-1864 F1224
Barton, Peter Texas $1000 bond, agrees not to leave Texas and Shanon counties 01-08-1863 F1225
Barton, Peter Texas Oath of Allegiance 01-08-1863 F1225
Barton, Peter Texas Houston Released from prison 12-18-1862 F1225
Baskett, John Texas $2000 bond, agrees not to leave Texas, Dent, Shannon, and Phelps counties 07-23-1862 F1225
Bates, Adam B. Texas $2000 bond, agrees not to leave Texas, Phelps, and Pulaski counties 11-17-1862 F1226
Bates, Adam B. Texas Oath of Allegiance 11-17-1862 F1226
Bates, William J. Texas $3000 bond for aiding enemies 12-02-1862 F1226
Bell, James H.; Bell, Charles A.; Holland, James T. Texas Houston Letter from Lt. William Hawkins stating that Bell etal have permission to pass to their homes in Callaway County. Upon their arrival in Callaway County they are to immediately report to the nearest military post. 04-12-1862 F1652 0044 19490
Bezoni, Andrew Texas Statement that he saw the guerrillas take the property in the robbery complained of in George A. Bezoni's petition except for the guns, which were hidden, found, and taken 10-20-1862 F1231
Bezoni, George A. Texas Roubidoux Township Statement that guerrillas stole a horse, guns, and other property worth $183 10-16-1862 F1231
Blankenship, Calvin Texas $1,000 Bond. Cannot leave Texas or Phelps Counties 01/09/1863 F1466
Blankenship, Calvin Texas Oath of Allegiance 01/12/1863 F1466
Bradway, George D. Texas Houston Capt., Co. E, 3rd Cavalry, certification that he captured Martin Mure in a skirmish with Coleman's band near the right fork of the Big Piney River ??-??-1862 F1248
Braham, William; Dalton, Joseph M.; McBurney, John; Adams, Martin; King, James N.; McGinty, [unknown]; Pickard, [unknown]; Smith, H. C. Texas Houston Charges against Braham, Dalton, McBurney and Adams of attacking persons and stealing 2 slaves; Adams is a soldier in Company A, Woods Battalion, Sixth MO Cavalry 05-28-1862 F1585 0608 1231
Bridges, David Texas Bond of $2,000 08-15-1863 F1283
Bridges, David G. Texas Oath of Allegiance 08-14-1863 F1283
Briggs, T. W. Texas Bond of $1,500 11-29-1862 F1283
Briggs, T. W. Texas Oath of Loyalty 11-29-1862 F1283
Briggs, William M.; Houston, John C. Texas Bond in the amount of $500. ??-??-1863 F1652 0673 19633
Briggs, William M.; Houston, John C. Texas Bond in the amount of $500. Bond is null and void if aid is provided to enemies of the United States. 07-13-1863 F1652 0674 19633
Briggs, Wm. J. Texas Bond of $1,000 01-05-1863 F1283
Briggs, Wm. J. Texas Oath of Allegiance 01-05-1863 F1283
Broadway, George D. Texas Houston Capt., Co. E, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, certification that he arrested L. N. Mooney on July 25, 1862 in a skirmish with Coleman's guerrillas at the right fork of the Big Piney River ??-??-1862 F1201
Brown, Henry Texas Licking Oscar Cooper taken prisoner by rebels and escaped 05-27-1863 F1240
Buckalew, Abner; Buckalew, Thomas; Buckalew, James; Livesay, J. W.; Orchard, A. H.; Bernard, Hiram; Crawford, H. J. Texas Letters by Deputy Provost Marshal A. H. Griswold at Salem regarding the Buckalews of Texas County; arrested on various charges of attempting to aid rebels; petition from several individuals asking that leniency be shown them included 03-06-1862 F1584 0233 874
Buckner, David M. Texas Boone Bond of $1,000 01-12-1863 F1287
Buckner, David M. Texas Boone Oath of Loyalty 01-12-1863 F1287
Campbell, James L. Texas Oath 02-24-1862 F1185
Chambers, Martin Texas Oath of Loyalty 01-23-1863 F1236
Chambers, Martin V. Texas Oath of Allegiance 01-23-1863 F1236
Chapman, Helen B. Texas Nueces Town Explanation in relation to her property. Resided in Westfield, Missouri during war. 07-17-1865 F1236
Copeland, Eson S. Texas Oath 04-30-1863 F1241
Copeland, James R. Texas $1500 bond; sureties E. S. Copeland and David McKinney; surrendered as deserter from Mitchell's Regt., C.S.A. 09-21-1863 F1241
Copeland, James R. Texas Oath 09-21-1863 F1241
Couts, James C. Texas Oath; age 20, 5'6", gray eyes, dark hair 06-1?-1865 F1242
Cox, John Texas Statement that was arrested Feb. 19, never in arms with or gave aid to enemy; imprisoned father James Cox never aided enemy; file notation: released 10-15-1862 F1242
Craig, Edward H. Texas Licking Oath (residence Izard County, AR); additional provisions: must remain at home with family sunset to sunrise unless enlisted, renounce all southern allegiance 04-04-1863 F1243
Craig, Edward H. Texas Licking When war began lived Washington County, then Van Buren County (ordered to leave by citizens), then Izard County, AR; then Texas County, MO where arrested; has taken Confederate oath then Federal oath 03-30-1863 F1243
Cravens, J. W. Texas Statement by John Johns of Cravens's loyalty and assistance to Federal army 02-15-1863 F1243
Crow, D. Texas Affidavit that the claim of William Ratliff is true and he is loyal 10-24-1862 F1255
Crow, W. G. J. Texas Special Order No. 96, Jefferson City, authorizing Crow to organize a company of volunteer militia in Texas County 06-08-186? F1245
Cunningham, Drury Texas Bond in the amount of $1,500 10-07-1863 F1247
Curley, Rebecca Texas County Bond. Bond deals with male members of household being absent due to Confederate service or other unlawful business. If men return home and take a special oath, the bond will be null and void. ??-??-1863 F1247
Curry, James G. Texas Statement that he heard Reuben Harlow say he took the oath to save his property and Harlow's son, Green, was with Coleman after the Swamp Fight 04-09-1862 F1339
Dickenson, W. Texas Houston Surgeon and medical director, Warren's Brigade, statement vouching for the loyal character of Herndon H. Lee and how he aided wounded soldiers after the fight at Hartville 02-06-1863 F1361
Dincke, Henry Texas Houston Charges and specifications against L. N. Mooney of Dent County: bearing arms against the United States Government and being with Coleman's guerrillas at Big Piney River against Capt. Broadway ??-??-1862 F1201
Douglass, Richard Texas Charges and specifications against him F1304
Dunicker, Henry Texas Houston Charges and specifications against Martin Mure of Roubideaux Township, Pulaski County: violation of his oath by being a member of Coleman's band ??-??-1862 F1248
Edwards, Isham Texas $55 claim for 3 guns and one horse taken by rebels and guerrillas Sept. 14, 1862; verifying statement by son William H. Edwards; list of sympathizers [illegible] 10-22-1862 F1310
Elkins, James R. Texas Oath 01-30-1863 F1311
Ellis, Benjamin Texas $2,000 bond; arrested on charge of murder; paroled to report every week at Rolla 02-03-1864 F1311
Ellis, Jasper D. Texas Oath 02-2?-1862 F1311
Elmore, Elisha Texas Oath 02-02-1863 F1311
Elmore, Elisha Texas Houston [cont'd] File notation by Glover re: dissoluteness of army and their reduction of Union citizens to starvation; actions are disgraceful and hurtful to cause, officers should be held accountable 02-06-1863 F1311
Elmore, Elisha Texas Houston Maj. Noble Barron to Col. Glover; has 400 enrolled and can call 200 but wants arms taken from county; Elmore taken to Rolla but is Union man; Union men, including self, robbed by Dutch troops [cont'd] 02-06-1863 F1311
Finley, E. J. Texas Houston Statement that William Hargraves and Peter Saunders stole his rifle, cloth, salt and other articles, and that they threatened to kill him 09-07-1863 F1339
Floures, James Texas Bond in the amount of $1,000 01-19-1863 F1319
Fox, James C. Texas Bond in the amount of $500. 06-01-1863 F1322
Fox, John B. Texas Licking Oath of allegiance 01-23-1862 F1322
Garr, Fountain Texas Oath before George W. Clark at Rolla 02-02-1863 F1189
Garrett, William Texas Oath before B. G. Farrar, Thomas C. Fletcher and others 02-02-1862 F1189

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