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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Alexander, William Vernon Parole None F1461
Ball, Wesley L. Vernon Montevallo Bond, $2000, arrested for aiding the enemy, security John N. Frizzell ??-??-1862 F1222
Bradshaw, B. H. Vernon Assessment committee left state except him; recommends C. C. Frizzell, George Upton, G. W. Culp; without troops can do nothing, rebels leaving and taking their property; county has been neglected or overlooked; Stockton, Cedar County, nearest post office 11-11-1862 F1163
Brown, Philip Vernon Oath of Allegiance 11-04-1862 F1286
Burton, C. Vernon Statement regarding a horse that was brought to his house 03-28-1865 F1289
Burton, Henry C. Vernon Charges and specifications against Burton, who is confined at Fort Scott, Kansas; took up arms as an insurgent, stole horses and other items; eleven witnesses 04-14-1862 F1289
Butler, Jacob Vernon Oath of Allegiance 06-01-1862 F1290
Campbell, Wilber Vernon Statement of Campbell that he was arrested about 4 miles from home near Coffee's Camp. Has never taken up arms against the U. S.; has taken oath; has spoken in favor of the South. 08-17-1862 F1185
Carpenter, R. Vernon Camp Curtis / Little Osage Letter concerning claims of Michael D. Cephus of a horse and a pony currently in the Forth Leavenworth, Kansas district 02-22-1864 F1236
Cephus, Michael Vernon Oath of Allegiance 05-19-1863 F1236
Cephus, Michael Vernon Sworn statement 02-15-1864 F1236
Cephus, Michael D. Vernon Camp Curtis / Little Osage Statement that four scouts called General Blunt's Buckskin Scouts took a pony belonging to him and that he has permission from General Blunt and Major Henning to reclaim pony 02-15-1864 F1236
Cephus, Michael D. Vernon Camp Curtis / Little Osage Statement that seven horses were stolen by bushwhackers, three named Baily. Captain Coleman of Kansas 9th returned all but one horse. Requesting return of last horse. 02-15-1864 F1236
Clendenin, T. F. Vernon Montevallo Oath 05-16-1862 F1239
Clendenin, T. F. Vernon Montevallo Statement denying rebel activities; was arrested on way to Coffee's camp to collect on goods taken from store; took oath and gave $1,000 bond 05-16-62; file notation: will be released on $2,000 bond 08-17-1862 F1239
Copeland, Joseph Vernon He was robbed of his horse; it was then returned by order of Maj. Henning 01-30-1865 F1241
Copeland, Martin Vernon Oath 01-12-1863 F1241
Custard, William Vernon Statement of Isaac Caylor that William Custard and other men were at his home; told him they were going to Mr. Burton's for their dinner. Caylor later heard the men admit they stole cattle. 07-11-1862 F1247
Deeds, Stephen B. Vernon Letter, Deeds to Col. Sanderson, as breadwinner for family, seeks early hearing. 04-11-1864 F1298
Dillard, James Vernon Oath of Allegiance 06-07-1862 F1301
Dodge, Leonard Vernon Statement supporting the loyalty of Michael D. Cephus 02-20-1864 F1236
Dodge, Leonard Vernon Sworn statement 02-20-1864 F1236
Eads, Riley Vernon Examination of prisoner; file notation: Prisoner of War, Gratiot; 04-11-1864 sent to Alton 01-09-1864 F1309
Eads, Riley Vernon Statement of prisoner 11-19-1863 F1309
Eales, E. W. Vernon Oath 10-24-1862 F1309
Falkner, Ruben Vernon Oath before David Whittaker, Prov. Marshal, witnessed by Alfred Laxey 06-02-1862 F1314
Faulkner, Reuben; Camp, Joseph; Huckleby, John; Musshaney, Frank; Huckleby, Isaac; Ream, John Vernon Nevada Charges against prisoners; murder, being Jayhawker, being a member of Dillard's band, being a rebel 04-23-1862 F1584 0920 1035
Fitzwater, H. Vernon Pledge of Fitzwater that he is not connected with any armed resistance and deserves to remain at home as a peaceable and quiet citizen. N. D. F1318
Gillmore, James Vernon Subject, 39, enrolled in Missouri State Militia 02-02-1863 F1326
Hereford, W. H. Vernon Oath of allegiance 11-24-1862 F1472
Hill, I. Vernon Charges against Hill: Murder. Witnesses (all of Vernon Co.): Silas Davis, Michael Lewis, Jesse ----. Hill was captured by Capt. Coleman. 11-19-1862 F1193
Huckelby, Isaac Vernon Oath of allegiance 06-02-1862 F1146
Huckelby, John Vernon Oath of allegiance 06-02-1862 F1146
Hutchinson, Jordan Vernon Charges and specification: took a horse from Samuel Craw, a loyal man; took 50 hogs from Morley, a loyal man; belonged to Garbert's [Gabbert's] guerrilla band ??-??-186? F1148
Hutchinson, Jordan Vernon Charges and specifications against Hutchinson: 1) took stallion horse from Samuel Grow; 2) belonged to guerrilla band that took 50 hogs; 3) took up arms as insurgent and member of guerrilla band 12-25-1861 F1148
Hutchison, Jordan Vernon Oath 06-02-1862 F1148
Hutchison, Jordan Vernon Oath of Allegiance 06-02-1862 F1148
Jent, John Vernon Statement of John L. Wilson, Vernon County, that Jent and others robbed him Feb. 1, 1862 of horse, clothing, etc. 04-29-1862 F1347
Keithly, G. Vernon Oath of Loyalty 10-15-1862 F1355
Keithly, Obadiah Vernon Oath of Loyalty 10-13-1862 F1355
Kimball, William Vernon Oath of allegiance 05-12-1862 F1358
Kimbel, Washington Vernon Oath of allegiance 05-12-1862 F1358
Lancaster, James; Thompson, S. T.; Hatfield, Isham; Collins, J. R.; Foster, J. W.; Poshard, H. Vernon Petition to the Provost Marshal at Fort Scott, Kansas stating that W. F. Ball, prisoner, is honorable, and will follow the oath if he takes it ??-??-1862 F1222
Landis, John B.; Landis, Abraham; Requa, William; Holly, Daniel; Duke, George L.; Wilson, John L.; Clendining, James; Pyle, Lavina; Stewart, Lazarus; Linch, James; Nugent, William; etal Vernon Charges, specifications, and eyewitness statements in case of United States versus John B. Landis, heard in Clinton Co.; includes Landis' own statement; events took place in Henry, Bates, St. Clair and Vernon counties 06-30-1862 F1585 1182 1394
Lindly, J. R.; Brazier, John; Smith, Henry P. Vernon Affidavit of Smith of Vernon Co.; Lindly a prisoner at Alton Military Prison, is a resident of Cedar Co. and a mule dealer; Brazier is of Cedar Co.; Smith says Lindly never in rebel service, Brazier in rebel service but never fought 06-09-1862 F1585 0049 1085
Logan, J. C. Vernon Oath of Allegiance, witness W. B. Stone of Fort Scott, Kansas 06-07-1862 F1482
Mayfield, Hiram Vernon Oath of Allegiance, witness James Wilson 06-04-1862 F1155
Mayville, Clarinda; Burris, Nancy; Gibner Waitman, Sarah F.; Simms, Ella Vernon Statement of Mayfield, age 16, denying that she has ever acquainted with or fed bushwhackers during the war. States she was collecting apples with her sister, Waitman, and cousin, Burris, when 6 men overtook them. The men fled upon seeing Federal troops 09-09-1864 F1621 0538 11654
McCoy, C. L. B. Vernon Oath of allegiance 06-02-1862 F1197
McNeil, John S. Vernon Oath of allegiance and physical description 08-12-1865 F1371
McNeil, John S. Vernon Statement of McNeil that he has never belonged to any force at war with the U. S. government. He was arrested while on his way South. He was trying to avoid enrollment in the State Militia. N. D. F1371
McNeil, John S. Vernon Statement of McNeil that he was taken near Montevello. He has taken the oath of allegiance and knew he was breaking the oath by going South. N. D. F1371
Mercer, Charles F. Vernon Bond in the amount of $2,000. 03-28-1862 F1373
Musheny, Edward Vernon Charges and specifications against prisoner confined at Fort Scott; Union picket guard belonged to 6th Regt., Kansas Vols. 04-14-1862 F1374
Musheny, Edward Vernon Charges and specifications: member of marauding guerrilla band that took gun from Patrick Keating, gun, ammunition and saddle from Edward Coe, aided capture of Union picket guard and theft of Union property ??-??-186? F1374
Musheny, Edward Vernon List of witnesses Patrick Keating, Charles Millender, A. Woodell, Richard and Eliza Worthing, Robert Hunt, John H. Tucker, Marion Weddell, Frank Wynick, Lewis and Joseph Urey, Edward Coe ??-??-186? F1374
Musheny, Frank Vernon Charges against prisoner confined 29 Nov 1862: secesh and robbery; had U.S. horse, saddle and bridle; sent to Ft. Lincoln, Kansas for confinement, escaped; exchanged (see Edward Musheny) 02-16-1863 F1374
Musheny, Frank Vernon Statement of Pat Keating: 1 Dec 1861 Musheny took rifle, shotgun, ammunition, powder horns, etc.; returned next day demanding horses, threatened to kill him; with James Prince (see Edward Musheny) 12-02-1862 F1374
Pitman, James H. Vernon Statement that he is not associated with armed resistance; desires to remain peacabley at home; gives parole of honor not to take up arms; notation: protection granted ??-??-186? F1384
Pottorff, George W. Vernon Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy, security D. D. Burgess, not to go beyond the lines of the United States forces 06-08-1862 F1386
Pottorff, George W. Vernon Oath of Allegiance, witness Henry Weigant 06-08-1862 F1386
Ready, Seaton Vernon Oath of Allegiance 06-15-1863 F1256
Ream, John Vernon Oath of Allegiance, witness Albert Hazen 06-02-1862 F1256
Rean F. G.; Victor, William; Shelton, William L.; Keithly, Abadiah; Sansbery, Levi; Page, M. A. Vernon Montevallo Petition in favor of Leroy Simms, that he hasn't violated his oath, mostly illegible 10-19-1862 F1260
Rhodes, William Vernon Oath of Allegiance, taken at Fort Scott Kansas 10-11-1862 F1257
Salmons, Pernelia; McGuire, Thomas Vernon Letter from Salmons on behalf of McGuire to reclaim property or wages for work performed for James Clinton. Clinton's property seized by Wisconsin 3rd. Cattle also seized belonging to Salmons. Salmons the wife of Marion A. Salmons, a Federal soldier. 09-13-1862 F1588 0752 2330
Sandrick, Henry Vernon Statement that he has never been in the rebel army, is a Union man, was arrested in Camden, and is willing to take the oath and give bond ??-??-186? F1258
Sartorious, John A.; McWaters, William; Tate, Miles V.; Ryan, William C.; Hamblin, Cally; Brown, [unknown]; Hartman, [unknown]; Jent, John; Pulaski, [unknown]; Lawrence, Tom; Stanford, [unknown]; Scrogguns, Bill Vernon Charges of jayhawking and robbery against McWaters and Tate; stole goods from Ryan and Sartorious in Vernon County; affidavits and testimony included, other men involved named; case heard at Butler, MO 05-05-1862 F1585 0204 1132
Simms, Ella Vernon Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness Sgt. Thomas B. Moore, Co. H, 17th Illinois Cavalry 08-03-1864 F1260
Simms, R. L. Vernon Charges and specifications: violating parole by taking a wagon and team from an old and sick Union man, whom he left on the ground, released 10-23-1862 F1260
Simms, R. L. Vernon Statement that he joined a company organized by Col. Coffee but never was in service, arrested by Maj. Montgomery while trying to retrieve a yoke of cattle with Mrs. Keilty ??-??-1862 F1260
Underwood, ? Vernon Nevada Maj. Burnett reports that he has arrested Underwood and charged him with being a traitor; letter written from Fort Scott, Kansas 08-26-1862 F1409
Unknown Vernon Report on members of the committee: Warner Prewitz, Colin Wilson, William Overstreet, and B. H. Bradshaw ??-??-186? F1659 0525 21832
Welch, Wm. Vernon Sworn statement that John Duncan asked what he was, and he replied "a Union man"; Duncan took his mare; Welch said he was going after a wagon to take a corpse to the grave; was searched for weapons 11-06-1862 F1414
Welch, Wm. Vernon Wm. Welch testifies that he was arrested by ten men and questioned by two; stated he was a Union man; discussed Leecomft (?) and whether he was a southern man 11-08-1863 F1414

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