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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Allen, Littleton Worth Letter from J. W. Curry noting the legal land description of Thomas Williamson and Lewis Garett. Claims Allen had a horse, yoke, oxen, wagon and cattle stolen; hopes he is released from his bond. 11-30-1863 F1462
Allen, Littleton Worth Petition from citizens of Worth County that Allen be released from the bonds of M. S. Williamson and Robert Williamson as the Provost Marshal seized and sold his personal property and he is loyal. 11-23-1863 F1462
Benyon, J. Worth Oath of Allegiance 01-22-1864 F1230
Bowers, Henry Worth Released from custody; transportation furnished to St. Joseph 01-19-1864 F1233
Cary, E. W. Worth Smithton Appointment of Eli G. Shaner as his attorney with authority to collect all sums due him for service to the state of Missouri 05-17-1862 F1488
Collins, James Worth Parole of Collins, age 60. Required to report in person to headquarters in St. Joseph. 06-27-1863 F1467
Combs, Andrew B. Worth Oath 03-15-1862 F1467
Cowan, John S. Worth Letter from T. H. Collins, Smithton, enclosing evidence of Cowan's refusal to obey order suppressing certain newspapers in military district 05-25-1863 F1242
Cowan, John S. Worth Oath 06-04-1863 F1242
Cowan, John S. Worth Oath swearing to obey all military orders; parole granted to return home 06-04-1863 F1242
Cowan, John S. Worth Statement of Lt. M. Pyle that when order delivered from provost to suppress rebel newspapers in district Cowan said he would not obey, was sworn to distribute all mails 05-23-1863 F1242
Cowan, John S. Worth Statement that he questioned authority of Collins's order to abrogate his oath and bond as postmaster but obeyed it; suppressed papers have been stolen from office 06-04-1863 F1242
Cowan, John S. Worth Lott's Grove U.S. vs Cowan; file notations: postmaster at Lott's Grove; parole upon taking oath of allegiance and oath to obey all military orders ??-??-186? F1242
Gibson, James Worth Bond of $1,000 09-19-1863 F1325
Gibson, James Worth Parole 09-04-1863 F1325
Jones, M. J.; Jones, T. H. B.; Simmons, V. M.; Garrison, J. B.; King, John; Maupin, Perry; Hopewell, B. C.; Woodruff, D. C.; Mann, William; Dawson, C. R.; etal Worth Grants Hill Petition for release on bond of the Jones men and Simmons; held as prisoners of war at Alton, IL; petition signed by 24 men 06-20-1862 F1585 0759 1281
M. V. Cards and Company Worth Letter to the provost marshal of St. Joseph that W. L. Stevens of the firm Lamb and Stevens is a loyal citizen of Worth County 05-06-1864 F1269
Mason, “old man” Worth County officials proposing he be made to post bond following his public comments. 11-30-1863 F1484
Merrill, George Worth Hudson By order of Gen. Merrill to the Provost Marshal General, to issue an order for the release of Willis Minor 11-21-1862 F1486
Musick, John G. Worth File jacket notations: instructions to send Detective Davis to Worth County to investigate Musick selling contraband; evidence in Luke D. Platter vs. State of Missouri 12-13-1864 F1374
Musick, John G. Worth File notation on letterhead envelope from Headquarters, District of North Missouri: United States vs Music, John G. ??-??-186? F1374
Musick, John G. Worth File notation: copy of order by which Capt. Musick took the horse ??-??-186? F1374
Musick, John G. Worth Musick's statement: followed order to take horse from Pickens; rode it to Chillicothe and traded it to Platter for fresh horse; no warranty of title given 12-30-1864 F1374
Musick, John G. Worth Statement of Capt. J. L. Parson; Platter had horse for sale and referred him to Musick, who said title was good 12-07-1864 F1374
Musick, John G. Worth Statement of Luke D. Platter, age 31, who has livery stable in Chillicothe; Musick, in E.M.M., traded him a contraband horse taken from Gordon 12-07-1864 F1374
Musick, John G. Worth Transmittal letter from St. Joseph provost, enclosing Capt. Musick's statement, which led to provost taking possession of the horse 01-03-1865 F1374
Shaner, Eli G. Worth Smithton E. W. Cary appoints Mr. Shaner as his attorney 05-17-1862 F1400
Simpson, Joseph; Hunter, H.; Hopewell, B. C. Worth General Order No. 3 and Special Order No. 351 appointing county board members 07-31-1862 F1586 0759 1738
Singleton, K. Worth Description of a rifle taken from him in Rochester by Captain Fox's squad of Worth County Militia ? F1261

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