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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Rowland, Wallace; Rowland, William Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 16
Rowland, William; Rowland, William Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 42
Shelton, William G. Daviess Request from Dr. Hamilton for pass to leave town; Shelton came after friend who is discharged ??-13-1862 F1207
Smith, Franklin Daviess Oath of Loyalty 12-26-1862 F1210
Smith, Stephen H. Daviess Charges and Specifications against Smith, charged with violating the laws and customs of war. Smith is accused of sending a letter filled with disloyal sentiments to George H. Smith, a rebel enemy. Duplicate follows later in film. 04-02-1865 F1263
Smith, Stephen H. Daviess Notice that Smith, a prisoner, is accused of corresponding with the enemy. Smith is to be forwarded to St. Louis, MO. 02-24-1863 F1263
Smoot, Daniel Daviess Gallatin Note from Capt. J. Woodruff that he took possession of a dry goods store in the hands of Smoot. The store was supposed to belong to Richard Smoot, a rebel. Daniel Smoot is to be at Breckenridge to give bond. 11-12-1862 F1264
Snider, Lewis Daviess Bond in the amount of $1,000. 11-07-1861 F1264
Snider, Lewis Daviess Statement of Ashford Critten that Snider said he was going to get a double barrel shot gun "especially for the benefit of George Snider", his brother. Statement notes that George Snider has been loyal from the beginning of the war. 05-24-1863 F1264
Snider, Lewis Daviess Gallatin Statement of Ashford Critten largely illegible. Refers to Snider's threats against his brother, George Snider. 05-15-1863 F1264
Snyder, Nathan Daviess Notice that Snyder is paroled and has permission to return to his home in Daviess County. Snyder is to report at Breckenridge and give $1,000 bond. 09-27-1862 F1264
Stewart, Reuben H.; Williams, William E.; Hunter, Thomas; Burgess, A. F.; Laughborough, Jonathan; Rogers, F. G.; Hiatt, William; Tiner, John; Prentiss, Charles; Moore, James; Harper, Robert; Love, W. P.; Richardson, Thomas C.; Grant, Thomas B.; etal Daviess Recommendations for release or retention of 78 men held at St. Louis Arsenal, Fifth Street Military Prison, and McDowell's College; men from 31 Missouri counties 01-29-1862 F1583 0211 509
Stokes, Jordan Daviess Gallatin Letter stating that Mr. Clay is with a witness that will prove Henry Reagan, now a prisoner, was one of the men who robbed him 08-17-1863 F1256
Tiner, John Daviess Oath of Loyalty 02-01-1862 F1405
Tye, William B. Daviess Oath of Allegiance 08-01-1862 F1409
Tyren, John Daviess McClain Wilson states that he arrested Tyren; Tyren said he had been with the southern army twice, once in Lexington and the other time he met Price's army within thirteen miles of Carthage 11-07-1861 F1409
Tyren, John Daviess Peter Hearshbarger states he is acquainted with Tyren and has heard him say he was in the southern army; knows him to be a bad man in the neighborhood 11-07-1861 F1409
Weldon, Nicholas Daviess William Stout states that Weldon and another man were in his neighborhood looking for a stray steer, but gave two descriptions of steer; Weldon returned next day and Stout's horse disappeared 11-07-1861 F1414
West, J. B.; Rollins, J. T.; Kavanaugh, C. D.; Pulliam, John C.; Harris, Timothy; Williams, Samuel W.; Overton, A. T.; Owens, Robert; Earls, Samuel; Prather, Phillip; Noel, J. G.; Chrisman, John; Nonnally, James; McCue, George; Pinkerton, E. M.; etal Daviess List of 249 persons taking oath of allegiance at Marshall; gives date oath taken, name, and township and county of residence; mostly Saline County citizens, others from Lafayette, Carroll, Daviess, Chariton, and Johnson counties 06-05-1862 F1585 1330 1437
Williams, John D.; Cooper, Miles; Peery, James M.; [unknown], Anderson; Shultz, George; Lockwood, David Daviess Sworn oaths of William Pyle, F. Simms, Meredith Morris concerning the secessionist tendencies of the listed prisoners 10-26-1861 F1582 0026 273
Wirt, Hugh; Wirt, Philip Daviess Recruiting Station: Kingston F1894.10 18

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