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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Brown, S. S. Johnson Oath of Allegiance 02-25-1862 F1286
Budd, William J. Johnson Statement that he and his men were captured 08-19-1862 F1285
Burgess Johnson Warrensburg Evidence shows clearly the guilt of Mrs. Burgess in aiding and feeding Bushwhackers; Capt. Ferguson recommends she be sent out of district 08-20-1864 F1288
Burgess, Henrietta Johnson Warrensburg Sworn statement by Margaret Burk that Mrs. Burgess has been a violent rebel; aided Bushwhackers every way in her power 08-17-1864 F1288
Burnett, J. T.; Thorpe, Charles; Murphy, C. H.; Darr, Joseph Jr. Johnson Warrensburg Special Orders No. 12; by Assistant Adjutant General Burnett for the transport of Thorpe and Murphy to St. Louis to report to Provost Marshal Darr 10-28-1864 F1625 0180 12717
Burnett, W.M. Johnson Warrensburg Released from arrest and confinement 12-28-1864 F1289
Burt, Frank G. Johnson Oath of Allegiance 01-22-1862 F1289
Byler, John G. Johnson Oath of Allegiance 07-26-1862 F1290
Caldwell, Benjamin F. Johnson Oath, given at Alton, IL 05-12-1865 F1291
Caldwell, Joseph Johnson Warrensburg Special order; residence of Caldwell been appropriated as pest house and hospital 04-28-1864 F1291
Caldwell, William Johnson Warrensburg Bond for importing and selling arms and ammunition to loyal persons 04-07-1864 F1291
Calvert, N. H. Johnson Warrensburg Receipt for $470 from Asst. Adj. Gen., assessed and collected from disloyal citizens of Lafayette County for losses of the Lexington Warrensburg Stage Co. from bushwhackers on Aug. 8, 13, 17, 1864 04-09-1865 F1291
Campbell, G. W.; Rains, John A.; Lawrence, Joseph Johnson Warrensburg Special Orders 55 by Brig. Gen. E. B. Brown; one part amends Special Orders 20 and 22, regarding the collection of rent for houses abandoned by rebels; latter part of orders was in regard to possession of a horse 07-15-1864 F1617 0309 10515
Campbell, James Johnson Bond in the amount of $2,000 10-14-1862 F1185
Campbell, James Johnson Oath 10-14-1862 F1185
Carlew, Martin Johnson Warrensburg Summons to James Maddon of Callaway County for him to appear before the Court Martial to give evidence in the case against Carlew. 02-07-1865 F1292
Carmichael, Cathern J. Johnson Warrensburg Carmichael's application for passes to Texas for herself and family. 09-28-1863 F1292
Carmichael, Mrs. [?]; Sterling, Mrs. H. A.; McGown, Mrs. [?]; Murray, Mrs. [?]; Mitchell, Mrs. [?]; Davenport, Mrs. [?]; Lawrence, Mrs. [?]; Paustaton, Mrs. [?] Johnson Warrensburg Notice that the Commanding General of the Department of the MO has granted permission for a group of women and their families to pass from Johnson Co, MO, to Texas. The women are to report in Fayetteville and Fort Smith and all other military posts. 10-04-1863 F1602 1016 6582
Carpenter, [?] Johnson Warrensburg Clarification from L. Whitney that he was seeking information about money paid in Warrensburg, not Sedalia, by blacks for a school. Referring to Carpenter's affidavit. 04-04-1865 F1293
Carpenter, Rev. [?] Johnson Warrensburg Letter from L. Whitney seeking the affidavit of Carpenter of Sedalia, MO, regarding knowledge of money paid by blacks of the area for the construction of a school. 03-27-1865 F1293
Carroll, Dennis; Patrick, James M. Johnson Warrensburg Request for records relating to Carroll and Patrick cases. Tried by military commission in Jefferson City in June 1863. 04-29-1864 F1612 0418 9285 1/2
Catherwood, E. C. Johnson Warrensburg Statement that the firm of A. W. Hall and Company of St. Louis has been circulating confidential portraits of rebel guerrillas anywhere on receipt of $5 02-25-1863 F1336
Catron, A. R.; Maddox, John; White, ?; Rosecrans, William S. Johnson Warrensburg Letter by Catron to Lain requesting the subpoenas be sent to Catron, refers to Provost Marshal "does not amount to a dam", Transmittal of charges against White and notification that Maddox has been rearrested by Rosecrans order 02-25-1864 F1608 0951 8208
Cavardin, Mrs. Johnson Warrensburg Letter from R. L. Fergusan that Cavardin and daughters were arrested for feeding and harboring bushwhackers. Cavardin's son is a bushwhacker and her home is noted as a place of rest for bushwhackers. 09-22-1864 F1140
Cecil, A. J.; Hackler, James; Robert, G. M.; Day, R. W.; Bodenhamer, J. T.; Tesson, Noah; Shumate, N. H.; Farr, J. H.; Cecil, J. W.; Taylor, William; Houchen, Abner C.; Cecil, Daniel; and others Johnson Cornelia Committee report noting losses suffered at hands of bushwhackers 06-13-1864 F1616 0236 10160
Chapman, Thomas Johnson Warrensburg Statement that he used to belong to John B. Chapman of Johnson County and that a mule was stolen from him, now in the possession of Captain J. K. Shaw 05-02-1865 F1236
Cheatham, D. J. Johnson Warrensburg Oath of Allegiance 03-11-1862 F1186
Christian, A. M. Johnson Warrensburg Asking about Michael C. Clark 07-14-1862 F1238
Christian, A. M. Johnson Warrensburg Letter in care of wife and mother-in-law of Michael C. Clark, prisoner in St. Louis, regarding his state of affairs 07-14-1862 F1238
Christian, A. M. Johnson Warrensburg Must immediately settle his accounts as Secretary of the Board of Assessment 03-17-1863 F1186
Christian, A. M. Johnson Warrrensburg Parole of honor 03-18-1863 F1186
Christian, A. W.; Reid, D. W.; Rogers, James S.; Pinkston, Yandel; Turley, James O.; McCarty, James; Wyland, Robert; Moody, W. B.; Caldwell, [unknown]; Ingells, Mollie A.; Silliman, C. O.; McCowan, [unknown]; Brinker, Sarah; etal Johnson Warrensburg 23 testimonies regarding death of Dr. Turley, burning of homes, and shootings; reference to Special Order 27 issued from Department of Central Missouri at Jefferson City 04-17-1862 F1584 1015 1049
Christian, F. M.; Harrison, Harvey; Courtney, Step Johnson Warrensburg Reporting in compliance with order of Aug. 5, 1863 03-07-1864 F1242
Clark, Henry Johnson Oath of Allegiance 01-16-1862 F1238
Clark, Henry Johnson Oath of Loyalty 01-16-1862 F1238
Clark, Henry Johnson Statement that he was arrested, his mule confiscated to Sedalia, and then he was released. Southern sympathizer but not in either army 01-20-1862 F1238
Clark, Logan Johnson Warrensburg Statement that Rufus Ledbetter, arrested by Capt. Morton of the E.M.M. for feeding bushwhackers, should be paroled to Pettis County 09-10-1864 F1360
Clay, William H.; Grear, Alexander Johnson Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.3 47
Cleveland, William Johnson Warrensburg $1,000 bond; arrested for assault and battery upon Jeff Adams, Negro 04-04-1865 F1239
Cleveland, William Johnson Warrensburg Bond 04-04-1865 F1239
Cliphart, Thomas Barton Johnson Warrensburg Statement that Johanna McMahan of Post Oak Township has fed and harbored bushwhackers 08-13-1864 F1370 E 295
Cockraft, William Johnson Knobnoster Statement that Mr. Cohn shot someone 06-12-1864 F1187
Cohn, A. Johnson Warrensburg Released from prison 04-07-1864 F1187
Cole, August Johnson Warrensburg Notice that Cole was being received as a prisoner. 04-23-1864 F1141
Coleman, F. S. Johnson Oath 06-18-1865 F1141
Coleman, F. S. Johnson Oath of Allegiance 06-18-1863 F1141
Coleman, Francis S. Johnson Complaint of rash treatment received by his wife and daughter, Mollie, from Missouri Militia 06-17-1865 F1141
Coleman, Mollie Johnson Statement describing bad treatment she and mother Anne received by Missouri Militia commanded by Captain Donahue of Dresden 06-17-1865 F1141
Coleman, Mollie Johnson Statement of Coleman that men claiming to be from Missouri Militia came to her home and asked for dinner. Her ill mother said they didn't have enough food; men tore apart their home; found no food. 06-17-1865 F1141
Coleman, Mollie Johnson Statement of Francis J. Coleman that while away from home on business, his wife and daughter (Mollie) received "rash treatment" from a group who claimed they were Missouri Militia. 06-17-1865 F1141
Colier, William F. Johnson Warrensburg U. S. vs Colier for violation of oath and forfeiture of bond. Statement of Benjamin M. Stewart that after Colier took oath, he still spoke against U. S. government and in favor of Confederacy. 05-02-1863 F1141
Colier, William F.; Wallace, Hugh S.; Fickle, Patterson; Hill, Isaac J.; Smith, Samuel S.; Thomas, Ben F.; Harris, Perry; Foster, George R.; Murray, William; Harmen, James; Stuart, James; Wright, George; Ferguson, Pleasant; Duncan, Logan etal Johnson Vouchers of the Board of Commissioners of Johnson County. Ninety-five names on list. List comments on if the evidence against the individuals is good or not. N. D. F1660 0342 22194
Collins, [?] Johnson Warrensburg Letter from I. B. Halloway stating that subpoenas were being issued for the case of Collins. Concerned that witnesses won't be able to make it by time of trial; would be justice to parole men. 05-26-1864 F1467
Collins, Charles; Collins, Charles Johnson Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.3 46
Collins, Emanuel; Collins, John; Collins, William; Ashmead, Charles H.; Hutton, John Johnson Warrensburg Prisoners' petition for their trial to be heard in civil courts. Charged with stealing 17 head of cattle in St. Clair County. 04-26-1864 F1612 0887 9396
Collins, John; Collings, Emanuel; Cummings, Daniel Johnson Warrensburg Special Order No. 23. Release of prisoners. 05-23-1864 F1614 0303 9722
Collins, John; Collins, Emanuel; Shepherd, Thomas Johnson Warrensburg Letter regarding men charged with larceny; witnesses from Cedar County 06-28-1864 F1616 0611 10291
Collins, William Francis; Collins, Charles T. Johnson Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.3 53
Collins, William; Arlmeade, Charles; Hurd, John; Cohn, A. Johnson Warrensburg Special Order No. 16. Release of Collins and Arlmeade. Hurd to be transferred to Warrensburg for trial. Arrest of Cohn, his bar closed, and his liquor and furniture seized. 05-13-1864 F1614 0291 9717
Colvin, Robert Johnson Testimony in the case of David Baldwin vs. United States Government, that he saw Federal soldiers hauling timber off of Baldwin's land, and that Baldwin is a conservative Union man, which means he is for the government in Missouri ??-??-186? F1222
Colwell, [uknown]; Gum, [unknown]; Ross, [uknown] Johnson Warrensburg Letter transferring three prisoners from Warrensburg to Jefferson City for trial 07-08-1861 F1581 0359 43
Compton, J. G. Johnson Statement that he knows of timber belonging to Patrick Holwell being cut and how much it should be worth 07-08-1865 F1476
Conklen?, A. R. Johnson Warrensburg Order to arrest Donham 02-13-186? F1303
Conklin, A. R. Johnson Warrensburg Asking about the progress of the claims of E.S. Taylor, a loyal citizen 05-26-1865 F1402
Conklin, A. R. Johnson Warrensburg Special Order 123 for Capt. Levi Ruggles to issue 30 days rations to Mrs. Francis J. Hollenback and three children, a soldier's family in destitute circumstances 06-10-1864 F1475
Connor, William T. Johnson Oath 03-03-1862 F1468
Cooper John E. Johnson Oath of Allegiance 05-03-1865 F1240
Cooper, Benjamin Johnson Warrensburg Statement that Rev. William Baker collected money from black people to build a school for the black community of Warrensburg but never did; Lists names of donators 03-03-1865 F1221
Cooper, Daniel Johnson Oath of Allegiance 02-01-1862 F1240
Cooper, Jefferson; Cooper, Johnson; Cooper, Owen Johnson Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.8 97
Cooper, Jefferson; Cooper, Owen Johnson Recruiting Station: Warrensberg F1897.3 27
Cooper, Lewis; Cooper, Daniel Johnson Recruiting Station: Sedalia F1896.7 48
Cooper, Webter; Stapp, W. B.; Martin, James; Simms, John R.; Davis, G. B.; Clerk, Henry; Bell, James F.; Reader, Austin; Vandyke, Van B.; Prigmon, Thomas; France, T. L. Johnson Letter from Col. Richard D. Cutts requesting charges on file against prisoners (named) held at McDowell's College; seven are from Johnson County, MO, five are from Bates County, MO; reply included from Logan Clark, Sedalia; See also File 618 01-11-1862 F1583 0049 466
Corrner, William J. Johnson Knobnoster Statement that Mr. Cohn shot F. G. Weed 06-12-1864 F1187
Cox, Amanda J.; Cole, Mary; Keeney, Susannah Johnson Warrensburg Special Order 202, calling for rations to be sent to Mrs. Cox and her four children, Mrs. Cole, her husband and three children, and Mrs. Keeney, her mother and four children. 09-20-1864 F1622 0476 11942

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