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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Colvin, James E. G. Pike Report of Colvin to the Provost Marshal in accordance with this parole. Notes that his health is somewhat improving, but he is quite weak and feeble. 06-24-1863 F1467
Colvin, James E. G. Pike Report of Colvin to the Provost Marshal in accordance with this parole. Notes there has not yet been any frost to hurt the tobacco. 09-26-1863 F1467
Colvin, James E. G. Pike Report of Colvin to the Provost Marshal in accordance with this parole. Says that he is not well, although he is improving. Notes he has nothing else of interest to write about. 07-16-1863 F1467
Compton, John B. Pike Ashley Statement of Compton that Captain Owens took from his stable, 700-800 bundles of feed and some corn and refused to give him a receipt for it. 04-18-1862 F1467
Compton, John B. Pike Louisiana Letter stating that enclosed is all of the information regarding the investigation against Captain Owens. 04-28-1862 F1467
Cook, John Pike About Cook's--a prisoner--serving with the Rebel Capt. West 11-21-1864 F1240
Corbitt, Samuel Pike Claim for theft by guerrillas who took him prisoner and proceeded to attack town of Ashley; file notation: this claim of $130.50 allowed by the committee 12-09-1862 F1241
Cotrell, John Pike Oath 04-24-1865 F1241
Cotrell, John Pike Louisiana Request of George W. Anderson that case be given early investigation 04-11-1865 F1241
Cotrell, John Pike Louisiana Special Order No. 62 to arrest Cotrell and turn him over at Macon City 01-24-1865 F1241
Cotrell, John Pike Louisiana Transmittal of Special Order No. 62 01-25-1865 F1241
Cotrell, John Pike Louisiana Wife Mary Ann requests action in imprisoned husband's case; conscripted into rebel army in AR; escaped to MO and reported to provost; now in Macon prison; file notation: insufficient evidence, released 04-11-1865 F1241
Cotterall, John Pike Special Order No. 59 to arrest and deliver; claims conscription into rebel army fall 1864; now staying at Austin McGasey's (see also John Cotrell, Pike County) 01-03-1865 F1241
Crider, Dayton Pike Louisiana Letter from P. Draper, Deputy Provost Marshal, to Col. Broadhead, St. Louis, stating that Capt. Allison arrested Crider and sent him to St. Louis; Draper took depositions 11-12-1863 F1244
Crider, Dayton Pike Louisiana Statement by Henry S. Noell that Crider bitterly denounced Lincoln and government, pulled a revolver and declared it was for Union men 09-23-1863 F1244
Crider, Dayton Pike Louisiana Statement by Thomas Ficklin that Crider denounced Lincoln as a perjured traitor, said he would shoot Union men, said he had been called a rebel but he was a Democrat 09-25-1863 F1244
Crider, Dayton Pike Louisiana Statement of Moses H. Clare re: disloyal language; file notation: released 11/5/63 on oath $3,000 bond 09-25-1863 F1244
Crider, Dayton Pike Louisiana Statement of Sarah E. Herring, wife of Capt. George L. Herring, 3rd Cav., M.S.M. re: Crider's disloyal language; he also said 3,000 rebellion men were training in IL 10-09-1863 F1244
Crow, Calvin; Lovelace, Newton Pike Crow's statement related to the arrest and death of Lovelace, a bushwhacker with Capt. Pulliam's group. 01-30-1865 F1630 0330 14338
Cummins and Meloun Pike Louisiana States that they and Miller established a Union newspaper with Monaghan 05-05-1863 F1158
Dameron, Daniel; Dameron, William Pike Recruiting Station: Warrenton F1897.4 3
Darneley, Ben; Johnson, Joseph W. Pike Recruiting Station: Wellsville F1897.6 14
Davenport, William; Lindsay, James; Lindsay, John Pike Louisiana Davenport's statement that he never knew James Lindsay and John Lindsay until he was employed to guard them as prisoners in the Louisiana calaboose; Lindsay's attempt to bribe Davenport promising to pay him $12,000 for his release from jail 01-12-1865 F1607 0685 7901
David, Markey R. Pike Louisiana Letter requesting charity. Explains that he is crippled, has a wife and four children. His home was robbed and his family lost everything. Letter lists his name as David R. Markey. 03-23-1863 F1295
Dawson, William C. Pike Louisiana Letter from J. B. Henderson stating that Dawson is a preacher from Pike County. Notes Dawson was arrested and released under oath and bond. Dawson wants the limits of his parole extended. 03-14-1864 F1297
Debold, Frank Pike Special Order 139 to release Debold of St. Louis County on oath and bond. 06-18-1864 F1298
Donaldson, W.; Penn, Paul; Hobson, J. W.; Noel, [unknown]; McFarland, [unknown] Pike Louisiana General correspondence letter covering various topics; gives news of different persons, etc. 02-12-1865 F1632 0621 14992
Donaldson, William Pike Louisiana Asks to be informed of the details of the job of detective 03-09-1864 F1303
Donaldson, William; Douglass, William Pike Louisiana Request for return of government horses. 08-25-1864 F1620 0541 11411
Dorsey, George Pike Statement against Sheridan Dorsey 08-06-1864 F1304
Dorsey, Thomas; Dorsey, Caleb Pike Recruiting Station: Benton Barracks F1897.8 160
Dowell, Elias Pike Confession that he was wilth Porter for one week F1305
Dowell, John F. Pike Oath of Allegiance 04-22-1862 F1305
Draper, Dan M. Pike Louisiana The papers in the recipient's case (James M. Forman) were forwarded to the Adj. Gen. of St. Joseph 08-24-1864 F1321
Draper, Edwin Pike Louisiana Letter to Rev. David McAnally stating the reasons why he can no longer read his newspaper, The St. Louis Christian Advocate, due to its secession policies 02-25-1861 F1155
Draper, Edwin Pike Louisiana Petition F1306
Draper, Edwin Pike Louisiana Petition to intervene against cruelty of owners toward slaves who enlist F1306
Draper, Edwin Pike Louisiana Request for additional Provost Marshal assistance to handle slave enlistment (rec. P. Draper) F1306
Draper, Edwin Pike Louisiana Slave unrest relative to enlistment. suggest AVE Johnston as Major for colored troops F1306
Draper, Henry; Kerr, William Pike Ashley Letter from H. C. Draper regarding a red roan mare which a bushwhacker was caught riding. The mare was given to Mrs. Draper in exchange for another horse. Later, Joseph Talton claimed the mare had been stolen from him by rebels. 09-19-1864 F1622 1157 12132
Draper, P. Pike Louisana Bond forfeiture F1306
Draper, P. Pike Louisana List of parties who joined rebels F1306
Draper, P. Pike Louisiana Bond forfeiture deposition F1306
Draper, P. Pike Louisiana Demands of loyal farmers for ammunition to shoot squirrels and rebels F1306
Draper, P. Pike Louisiana Report that William Lawson, also called James Lawson, is a proclaimed rebel and has moved to Troy 04-06-1864 F1153
Draper, P.; Johnson, Columbus; Tucker, John; Myers, Samuel W. Pike Louisiana Letter from P. Draper concerning ammunition at E. B. Carroll and Company in Clarksville. 08-18-1864 F1620 0786 11486
Draper, P.; Kayser, ?; Lagare, ?; Howard, Lawson H. Pike Louisiana Two-page letter by Fourth District Assessor Draper to Assistant Provost Marshal Kayser at St. Louis; reports Miss Lagare is operating a smuggling ring at Clarksville; recommends hiring Howard as a detective 10-29-1864 F1625 0594 12786
Draper, P.; Sayre, H. B.; Lindsay, James T. Pike Louisiana Philander Draper , 4th District Assessor to H. B. Sayre, Assistant Provost Marshal at Mexico; transmittal of statement by James T. Lindsay and synopsis of depositions taken, reference to rebel camp 5-6 miles west of Philadelphia, Monroe County 12-23-1864 F1607 0702 7901
Draper, Philander; McPike, Aaron; Meriweather, George D.; Tribble, John L.; Wells, Lemuel W. Pike Bowling Green Appointed members of the Committee of Public Safety; Meriweather, Wells, and Tribble declined to serve on the committee 08-05-1861 F1581 0465 71
Draper?, P. Pike Louisiana Letter to Capt.J.D. Droiguh? about a letter from Jas Monaghan to Dr. Alex Sharp? 05-23-1863 F1158
Draper?, P. Pike Louisiana Letter to Lt. Col. F. A. Dick enclosing Dr. Alex Sharp's letter 05-31-1863 F1158
Dyer, D. P. Pike Louisiana Encloses affidavite in the case of Jas Monaghan 05-?-1863 F1158
Dyer, D. P. Pike Louisiana Request to be placed in charge of raising one of seven regiments of "one hundred day men" out of the state militia force for northeast Missouri 07-27-1864 F1308
Dyer, D. P. Pike St. Charles Heard of James Monaghan's parole and is requesting that he be sent to Pennsylvania 06-03-1863 F1158
Dyer, D. P. ; et.al. Pike Louisiana Asking permission for Wm. R. Hardese? To go to MA 08-12-1862 F1145
Dyer, David P. Pike Louisiana Bill claimed for services as Assistant Provost Marshal for $668.45, paid 08-07-1863 F1308
Dyer, David P. Pike Louisiana Resignation as Assistant Provost Marshal of Pike County due to legislative duties in Jefferson City 12-22-1862 F1308
East, John Pike File notation: taken prisoner July 31, 1864; examination of prisoner (illegible) ??-??-1864 F1309
East, John Pike Receipt for prisoner at Troy, MO; prisoner to be delivered to Pike Co., circuit attorney since offense committed there 06-22-1865 F1309
Edmiston, Hiram Pike Oath 05-06-186? F1310
Edwards, Zack; Edwards, W. R. Pike Recruiting Station: Troy F1897.1 97
Ellis, Duncan Pike File notations: has rifle taken from block house in 1863 and has failed to comply with order to return it; order for the arrest of these parties made 12-02-1864 F1311
Elzy, John; Powell, Lemuel F.; Collier, John L.; Payne, [unknown]; Jolly, John D.; Clark, Charles Pike Depositions on railroad bridge burning in Pike County; Dr. John L. Collier, Powell, and Jolly were moving cattle to Louisiana, Missouri, when witnessed bridge burning 12-25-1861 F1582 0817 438
English, William; Newberry, William; Green, Ben; and others Pike Louisiana Cover letter for evidence in case; materials not included in file 06-06-1864 F1616 0618 10293
Estes Pike Louisiana 3-page letter, Edwin Draper, claim agent, to Brig. Gen. Thomas Ewing re Estes' claim re corn and hay taken. Capt. Lucas had questioned Estes' loyalty, but Draper sees no evidence. 12-21-1864 F1313
Estes Pike Louisiana Capt. Lucas certifies as to corn and hay taken from Estes of Pike Co. 09-02-1864 F1313
Everman, John Pike Louisiana ? Statement of why he was arrested and charged as a horse thief 09-16-1863 F1142
Fagan, William Pike Saverton Twp. Oath, witnessed by Walter A. Moore 04-02-1862 F1314
Fagg, Thomas J. C.; Gatewood, George P. B.; Carter, William P.; Moss, ?; Brownwell, ? Pike Two page note by Fagg re: arrest of Gatewood in Pike County on 10-07-1864; Carter arrested in Pike County on 10-06-1864 while trying to cross into Illinois; Carter is a suspect in killing Major Johnston; rebel papers found on Carter 10-11-1864 F1624 0529 12528
Ferrell, John; Kelly, Zachariah; Gowan, Samuel M.; Cook, William; Miller, Marion; Rose, [unknown]; Brice, [unknown] Pike Deposition; Ferrell a farmer and blacksmith; other men came to his house and took his gun by force; Cook had enlisted in Southern army 01-24-1862 F1583 0497 139
Fielder, Ben; Fielder, John Pike Recruiting Station: Troy F1897.1 74
Fisher, William W. Pike Fisher's claim for damages sustained by guerrillas. Fisher lost a horse, saddle and bridle. Claim states that guerrillas were supposed to be neighbor boys. 12-11-1862 F1318
Ford, Thomas Pike Ford's claim for damages caused by rebels. 12-04-1862 F1320
Forgey, Daniel; Forgey, Thomas J. Pike Recruiting Station: Troy F1897.1 72
Franklin, Booker R. Pike Oath of allegiance and physical description. 01-26-1865 F1322

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