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Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861 - 1866

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Name County City Subject Date Reel Number Frame Number File Number
Hall, A. J. Pulaski Wainsville Bond, $500, arrested for disloyalty 10-14-1863 F1336
Hall, Andrew J. Pulaski Oath of Allegiance 02-09-1862 F1336
Hamilton, Lewis Pulaski Oath of Allegiance 02-02-1863 F1337
Hamilton, William Pulaski Waynesville Charges and specifications: that he belonged to a band of bushwhackers commanded by Coleman, plead guilty, wrapper declares he died in Gratiot Street Prison Hospital 07-20-1862 F1337
Harris, Caleb Pulaski Waynesville Would like his gun back as a loyal citizen 11-27-1863 F1191
Helms, John Pulaski Waynesville Charges and specifications against Helms. Charged with disobedience to the laws and orders of the government authorities and going to the bush after the militia was called out. 08-20-1862 F1470
Helms, Samuel Pulaski Waynesville Helms charged with disobedience to the laws and orders of government authorities for failing to report and enroll in the militia. 08-20-1862 F1470
Hibbeler, Louis H. Pulaski Oath before I. H. Williams, Prov. Marshal at Rolla 02-25-1862 F1342
Hicks, Waterman Pulaski Bond, $500, arrested for aiding the enemy, security Samuel M. Wilson 11-03-1862 F1192
Hicks, Waterman Pulaski Oath of Allegiance 11-03-1862 F1192
Hill, J. N. Pulaski Parole for Hill, formerly of Murry, GA. Hill to report at Rolla as directed. Document marked released unconditionally. 06-07-1864 F1193
Hill, V. B. Pulaski Robert M. Martin states that Hill was paroled to Rolla about 2 years ago and to St. Louis Co. and now seeks extension of the parole. 04-03-1864 F1193
Hill, Vandover B. Pulaski Waynesville $3000 bond 07-02-1862 F1193
Hill, Vandover B. Pulaski Waynesville Parole; he'd been arrested for aid and comfort; Hill was 34. (2 copies) 07-02-1862 F1193
Hite, Wesley Pulaski Waynesville Letter written regarding Hite, a black man, who wished to join the army. Says that Hite belongs to James C. Hite of Miller County. Letter writer does not know about the loyalty of James C. Hite. 02-21-1864 F1473
Holloway, J. Pulaski Waynesville Charges and specifications:aiding and abetting the rebellion against the government and laws of the United States by using treasonable language 08-16-1862 F1475
Honaker, S. C. Pulaski Waynesville Citizen of Cole County, statement in the case of his son, Henry J. Honaker, who was killed while being transported from Tuscumbia to Waynesville with Lieut. Bates and three other prisoners 03-10-1864 F1476
Hopkins, Thomas E. Pulaski Parole, age 27, witness Samuel G. Bedwell, Lieut. Co. M, 5th Cavalry, M.S.M. 06-10-1863 F1476
Horn, James Pulaski Waynesville Affidavit in the case of George Bradford, accused of being a guerrilla 01-30-1865 F1139
Hudgens, Robert Pulaski Waynesville Certification that Martin Mure of Roubideaux Township has taken the Oath of Allegiance 04-22-1862 F1248
Hudgins, Robert; McCom, Hugh; Reed, Joseph M. Pulaski Waynesville Letter acknowledging receipt of message from Col. B. G. Farrar requesting that men be appointed as members of a military commission, asks for instructions on their duties; poor quality image on microfilm 02-20-1863 F1593 1273 3912
Hudson, A. M. F. Pulaski Waynesville Letter to Gen. Wyman at Rolla, stating that S. O. Rayl was in the Confederate army, but is sick of it and wants to proclaim his loyalty, believes he is sincere and recommends mercy 01-10-1862 F1256
Hume, George H.; Crossland, David; Barker, Robert H.; Scott, Levi; Helm, James; Welsh, F. M.; Martin, Richard; Riden, Wesley; Adams, William; Helm, John; Stone, J.; Stone, M.; Courtney, M.; Tompkins, H. Pulaski Letters regarding and list of prisoners taken; gives names and home counties, mostly from Pulaski and Phelps counties in MO, 1 from Fulton County, Arkansas; rumors of planned destruction of train near the Gasconade 06-05-1862 F1585 0059 1088
Inman, Joseph; Inman, Marvin Pulaski Recruiting Station: Rolla F1896.4 29
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Banished to Illinois, wishes to reside in St. Louis with family; file notation: Inman banished from Pulaski County and paroled to Phelps, recommended banishment from state; allowed to come to St. Louis 10-14-186? F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Letter from Judge William G. Pomeroy requesting Inman be allowed in state; son in rebel army caused prejudice against him in Waynesville 10-10-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Provost at Rolla to Broadhead; Inman arrested for harboring rebel deserters and bushwhackers; paroled to Phelps County but requests to move to Illinois; son in fort awaiting trial by military commission 09-04-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Reporting per parole from Illinois 10-11-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Reporting per parole from Illinois 10-18-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Reporting per parole from Illinois 10-25-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Reporting per parole from Illinois 10-30-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Reporting per parole from Illinois 12-02-1863 F1346
Inman, Marvin S. Pulaski Special Order No. 91 banishing Inman to Illinois; previously banished to Phelps County; to report weekly by letter 09-09-1863 F1346
Johnson, Charles L. Pulaski Bond in the amount of $1,000. 06-12-1862 F1348
Johnson, Charles L. Pulaski Oath of allegiance 05-23-1862 F1348
Johnson, John H. Pulaski Bond in the amount of $1,000. 04-04-1862 F1349
Jones, Nelson Pulaski Bond in the amount of $500. 04-13-1863 F1352
Jones, Nelson Pulaski Oath of Allegiance, witnesses R. L. Durham of Brownsville and A. W. Chashion of Perryville 04-13-1863 F1204
Lawson, W. B. Pulaski Waynesville Notice that Lawson, a prisoner, is being sent. The evidence against Lawson is also being sent. 01-29-1864 F1480
Leek, Richard D. Pulaski Oath 02-04-1863 F1363
Lindsey, David Pulaski Waynesville Affidavit in the case of George Bradford 02-07-1865 F1139
Lingo, Tyre M. Pulaski Waynesville Letter from Lieut. Joseph Reed that he has Lingo in custody. Refers to Lingo as a wealthy and influential man from Texas County, who has done more than anyone in area to support rebels. 10-01-1862 F1481
Litteral, Lewis; Sallsman, John Pulaski Waynesville Items sent to headquarters in Rolla in regard to murder of Litteral; widow's statement included; some portions nearly illegible on microfilm 12-11-1862 F1591 0031 3158
Litterall, [?] Pulaski Waynesville Illegible 12-08-186? F1481
Logan, Anthoney Pulaski Waynesville Affidavit in the case of George Bradford 01-30-1865 F1139
Logan, Martha Pulaski Waynesville Affidavit in the case of George Bradford 01-30-1865 F1139
Long, William R. Pulaski Physical description 01-13-1863 F1483
Lowder, James Pulaski File notations only: Gratiot Prison; arrested in Pulaski Feb. 5; recommend release on oath and $1,500 bond; May 2 South; 16 Sept. 1863 ??-??-1863 F1363
Lowder, James Pulaski Letter from Lt. Col. Eppstein, Waynesville; Provost Reed resigned, Eppstein has been ordered to Rolla, so can't obtain evidence against Lowder; confessed being in woods to avoid enrolling; horse thief 04-05-1863 F1363
Lowder, William Pulaski $1,000 bond ??-??-1863 F1363
Luttrell, Louis Pulaski Orders to the Pulaski County Board to assess and collect from rebels as specified in Order No. 3 and pay Luttrell's heirs; information received that Luttrell murdered by rebel guerrillas 12-15-1862 F1364
Luttrell, Louis Pulaski Statement that Luttrell was taken out of bed in the night by rebels and killed; directions to give statement to the county board 12-02-1862 F1364
Martin, Richard Pulaski $1,000 bond; resides in Robidoux Township 06-29-1862 F1368
Martin, Richard Pulaski $2,000 bond 06-10-1863 F1368
Martin, Richard Pulaski Oath and safeguard; resides in Robidoux Township 06-29-1862 F1368
Martin, Richard Pulaski Oath; age 46 06-10-1863 F1368
Martin, Richard Pulaski Waynesville Oath 07-05-1862 F1368
McCortney, Alexander Pulaski Oath of Loyalty 06-24-1862 F1196
McCullough, J. C. Pulaski Statement of McCullough that a blind sorrel horse was stolen from him. He purchased the horse five months prior from Daniel Davis for 200 bushels of corn. 08-04-1862 F1198
McElroy, Caswell Pulaski Oath of allegiance 03-08-1862 F1199
McNaughton, Samuel; Steele, ?; Liddy, Joseph; Steele, ? Pulaski Little Rock, Arkansas Letter by Provost Marshal McNaughton to General Steele, reporting Joseph Liddy was sent from the prison at Little Rock, to the Provost Marshal General, Department of Missouri on 03-10-1864 08-26-1864 F1619 0262 11116
Melton Cook Pulaski Oath of Allegiance 03-03-1862 F1240
Miller, [unknown] Pulaski Waynesville Sergeant, Co. E, statement that he was present when Sgt. H. F. Eppstein bargained for cattle with George Ashton, that Ashton's partner, Mr. Burkhartt, wanted the money, a voucher, or that cattle, and they and 30 armed men took the cattle 03-06-1864 F1610 0153 8720
Miller, J. P.; Case, James; Bliss, Henry; Lemons, Solomon Pulaski Statements in regard to the Vienna Militia (Enrolled Missouri Militia); horses taken 10-31-1864 F1656 1112 21020
Miller, William B. Pulaski Bond in the amount of $500. Miller charged with aiding and assisting the rebels. 03-26-1863 F1157
Miller, William B. Pulaski Statement of William Matthews that he lives within 300 yards of Miller. He does not believe that Miller has aided the rebels because Miller is poor and in feeble health. 03-26-1863 F1157
Mitchell, Henry Pulaski Union Township Bond, $1000, arrested for aiding the enemy, security James Carson 06-20-1862 F1486
Morgan, John Pulaski Authorization for William G. Pomery of Rolla to enlist his slave, Moses, in the United States service under Lieut. Bidwell and procure a voucher 11-28-1863 F1202
Murphy, Isaac Pulaski Little Rock, Arkansas Cover sheet for petition by the Governor of Arkansas 11-30-1864 F1625 1052 12907
Musgrave, Bennet Pulaski Statement re: money paid to him by men buying mules from him and James Bates; currency from banks in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Indiana and New Jersey 05-11-1863 F1374
Nelson, John W. Pulaski Bond, $1500, surrendered as a deserter from the Confederate States Army, not to leave Pulaski County, securities John Nelson and Thompson Cox 09-29-1863 F1204
Nelson, John W. Pulaski Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness Daniel C. Steele of Cooper County, sworn at Houston 09-29-1863 F1204
Nelson, John W. Pulaski Oath of Allegiance, physical description included, witness Daniel C. Steele of Cooper County, sworn at Houston, Texas County 09-29-1863 F1204
Nelson, Thomas B. Pulaski Bond, $1000, formerly in the Confederate army, securities James l. Ervin and Dennis Lewis 03-31-1862 F1204
Quinn, James Pulaski Waynesville Sending to Capt J. R. Bricker, prisoner Peter Stacey 11-14-1864 F1267 209

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