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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Wardlow, Savannah Andrew 08/??/1885 Ward Detail
Westcott, Empire Twp. Andrew 12/04/1885 Henry Westcott Elizabeth J. Westcott Hashor Detail
Waters, Savannah Andrew 11/21/1885 J. F. Waters Fannie M. Waters Newell Detail
White, Benton Twp. Andrew 01/01/1886 William N. White Mary Media White Wright Detail
Wolverton, Lincoln Twp. Andrew 12/28/1885 James Wolverton Sally A. Wolverton Moran Detail
Williams, Platte Twp. Andrew 12/23/1885 George M. Williams Cynthia A. Williams Detail
Wilson, Platte Twp. Andrew 01/27/1886 H. M. Wilson Phelina Wilson Clark Detail
Wardlow, Clay Twp. Andrew 02/16/1886 Milton Wardlow Laura Wardlow Killin Detail
Wardlow, Clay Twp. Andrew 02/26/1886 Samuel Wardlow Sarah E. Wardlow Wilkenson Detail
West, Clay Twp. Andrew 02/26/1886 Geo. W. West S. A. West Moodi Detail
Williams, Earnest E??ly Empire Twp. Andrew 03/07/1886 John W. Williams Lydia Suffy Williams Hall Detail
Wardlow, Clay Twp. Andrew 03/10/1886 John Wardlow Rowena Wardlow Nease Detail
Watts, Nodaway Twp. Andrew 07/21/1886 John Luther Watts Francis Alis Watts Snider Detail
Wilson, Jackson Twp. Andrew 07/17/1886 William Wilson Rebec Wilson Ogg Detail
Wheaton, Fillmore, Missouri Andrew 09/23/1886 William Wheaton Harriett B. Wheaton Hildeman Detail
Wood, Clay Twp. Andrew 09/14/1886 Elias Wood Mary Wood Wade Detail
White, Jackson Twp. Andrew 09/07/1886 William A. White Nancy C. White Walker Detail
Williams, Empire Twp. Andrew 09/07/1886 Marion V. Williams Margaret M. Williams Hall Detail
Willson, Lovey Mary Belle Savannah Andrew 10/17/1886 Henry Wilson Francis Wilson Lewis Detail
Wilson, James Andrew Co. Andrew 08/08/1886 John Wilson Iratilla Ann Thomas Detail
Weaver, Buchanan Co. Andrew 10/29/1886 William Weaver Barbara Ann Coalman Detail
Whitehurst, Andrew Co. Andrew 01/06/1887 James Whitehurst Mrs. Whitehurst Detail
Wachtel, Earl E. Nodaway Twp. Andrew 02/25/1887 John M. Wachtel Sarah A.Wachtel Donovan Detail
Waterson, Lincoln Twp. Andrew 04/26/1887 Edward M. Waterson Sarilda E. Waterson Mackie Detail
Wagoner, Lincoln Twp. Andrew 04/26/1887 Henry Wagoner Lula Wagoner Ransom Detail
Warner, Leland Savannah Andrew 07/04/1887 Leland Warner Nancy Warner Steward Detail
Wells, Savannah Andrew 09/26/1887 Thomas J. Wells Mary K. Wells Bennett Detail
[Wagner], Savannah Andrew 05/09/1888 Henry Wagner ???lia Wagner Ransom Detail
[Wren], Savannah Andrew 06/??/1889 George Wren Asa Wren Lasse Detail
[Williams], Empire Twp. Andrew 10/01/1889 John Wesley Williams Lydia Williams Hall Detail
Wachtel, Marril Nodaway Twp. Andrew 09/26/1889 Jno. M. Wachtel Sarah E. Wachtel Donovan Detail
Walters, Near Rosendale Andrew 05/24/1890 Elijah McClellan Walters Frances Ann Walters Allen Detail
Wagner, Savannah Andrew 06/23/1890 Henry Wagner Lulu Wagner Ransom Detail
Wooton, Near Rosendale Andrew 08/07/1890 William Madison Wooton Melissa Wooton Fletcher Detail
Walker, Hattie Mariah Savannah Andrew 09/20/1890 Samuel Benton Walker Jessie Laura Walker Bear Detail
Wall, Rochester Andrew 02/23/1891 Jacob Wall Eliza Jane Wall Reece Detail
Wiedmer, Lula Andrew Co. Andrew 10/04/1892 John R. Wiedmer Emma Wiedmer Schreier Detail
[Wagner], Rea, MO Andrew 01/??/1893 Bella Wagner Vero?l Detail
Waldon, Laura Elizabeth Platte Twp. Andrew 01/22/1893 Thomas A. Waldon Laura Belle Nettie Waldon Johnson Detail
[West], Savannah Andrew 01/01/1893 E. West Josie West Harlan Detail
[Widner], Rosendale Andrew 03/20/1893 John H. Widner Hattie E. Widner Allen Detail
[Wachtel], Near Rosendale Andrew 03/16/1893 Jno. M. Wachtel Sarah Wachtel Donovan Detail
[Wampfler], Andrew Co. Andrew 03/23/1893 G. Wampfler Rose Wampfler Dallenbach Detail
[Wright], Jackson Twp. Andrew 04/01/1893 Enoch Wright Emily Wright Hart Detail
[Wolf], Germany Andrew 05/14/1893 Phillip Wolf Mig?da Wolf Sprow Detail
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