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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Adams, Empire Twp Andrew 15 Oct 1884 Henry C. Adams ???nie Adams Varvell Detail
Tait, Bolckow Andrew 16-Oct Joseph Lewis Tait Elizabeth Tait Sawyer Detail
Kellogg, Benton Twp Andrew 11 Nov 1884 Lerol Kellogg Mary E. Kellogg Watson Detail
Holt, Benton Twp Andrew 21 Sep 1884 W.J. Holt Ella M. Holt Kent Detail
Hall, Lincoln Twp Andrew 27-Oct ?a??id Irvin Hall Eliza Jane Hall Brand Detail
Tetherow, Rochester, MO Andrew 20 Nov 1884 George Tetherow Arlie Tetherow Luke Detail
Calvert, Alfred Andrew Co., Mo Andrew 28-Oct ?l???ibal Calvert Mary Alice Calvert ?n?or? Detail
Miller, Nodaway Twp Andrew 6-Nov Frank Pear? Miller Mary ?lestor Thomas Detail
Hartman, Jefferson Twp Andrew 04 Nov 1884 Oscar Hartman Rebecca Hartman Hartmien Detail
Hayward, Empire Twp Andrew 02 Nov 1884 Lewis Hayward Mary Haywood Nickeson Detail
Hurst, Fillmore, Mo Andrew 14 Nov 1884 John E. Hurst Elizabeth Hurst Farney Detail
Reed, Fillmore, Mo Andrew 13-Nov Franklin Reed Catharine Reed Ingersol Detail
Clark, Platte Twp Andrew 10-Nov Salon Clark Lizzie Clark Ewing Detail
Manning, Whitesville, Mo Andrew 07 Dec 1884 Peter E. Manning Ruth Manning Agee Detail
Artis, Platte Twp Andrew 1-Dec Charles H. Artis Esther Artis Bivins Detail
Townsend, Nellie Savannah, Mo Andrew 14-Nov Hamilton Smith Townsend Florence Irene Townsend Clark Detail
Andes, Empire Twp Andrew 20 Nov 1884 George W. Andes Ida Andes ?????? Detail
Colwell, Nodaway Twp Andrew 22-Nov William L. Colwell Aba A. Colwell Poll?? Detail
Segessemann, Selina Lincoln Twp Andrew 20 Nov 1884 Gottli?? Segessemann Catherine Segessemann Schneider Detail
Blanchard, Benton Twp Andrew 04 Dec 1884 F.L. Blanchard Lizzie Blanchard Jones Detail
Allen, Benton Twp Andrew 25 Nov 1884 Winfield Allen Lydia M. Allen Rhoades Detail
Merritt, Benton Twp Andrew 24 Nov 1884 John F. Merritt Nancy J. Wyatt Wyatt Detail
Colburn, Rosendale Andrew 19 Dec 1884 Thomas S. Colburn StittieColburn Smith Detail
Conger, Rochester, MO Andrew 25 Nov 1884 Wilson Conger Josie Conger Bair Detail
Crank, Frances E Rochester, MO Andrew 28 Nov 1884 John W. Crank Mary E. Crank Green Detail
Gleaves, Donald L Nodaway Twp Andrew 22-Dec William Lewis Gleaves Maggie E. Gleaves Thompson Detail
Monrow, Empire Twp Andrew 12 Dec 1884 John Finley Monroe Martha A. Monroe Cadle Detail
McKee, near Empire Andrew 20 Dec 1884 John T. McKee Eva C. McKee Walter Detail
Schnider, Monroe Twp Andrew 08 Dec 1884 John R. Schneider Emma F. Schnider Schnider Detail
Ledsout, Jefferson Twp Andrew 29-Dec Zaligue Ladsout Josephine Penegot Detail
Clizer, Clay Town, Andrew Co Andrew 17 Dec 1884 David M. Clizer Alice E. Clizer Campbell Detail
Osburn, Clay Town, Andrew Co Andrew 15 Dec 1884 John Osburn Margaret Osburn Crockett Detail
Messick, Fillmore, Mo Andrew 04 Dec 1884 Charles H. Messick Clara F. Messick Lynch Detail
Marte, Lincoln Twp Andrew 29 Dec 1884 Golfred Marte Emily Marte Joh??? Detail
Beattie, Rochester, MO Andrew 02 Jan 1885 Dave A. Beattie Kate Beattie Kent Detail
Zimmerman, Nodaway Twp Andrew 06 Jan 1885 Edwin Zimmerman Susie Zimmerman Kelley Detail
Perkins, Savannah, Mo Andrew 08 Oct 1884 Leroy Perkins Elizabeth Perkins Eaton Detail
Coffman, Lincoln Twp Andrew 12 Jan 1885 Daniel Coffman America Coffman Noble Detail
Deglow, Loua Henry Andrew 31 Dec 1884 Herman August Deglow Johannah Carline Deglow Hanke Detail
Bichoff, Cosby Town Andrew 03 Jan 1885 Adolf Bichoff Ida Bichoff Slrasser Detail
Watson, Rosendale Andrew 16 Jan 1885 Hezekiah B. Watson Mary E. Watson Agee Detail
Roe, Benton Twp Andrew 13 Jan 1885 John Roe Fannie Roe Bails Detail
Lash, Benton Twp Andrew 12 Jan 1885 Christian J. Lash lucinda J. Lash Donovan Detail
Johns, Benton Twp Andrew 15-Jan A.B. Johns Mahala Johns Bradfort Detail
Surratt, Platte Twp Andrew 28-Dec J.B. Surratt Mary Surrratt Cook Detail
Barman, Savannah, Mo Andrew 21 Dec 1884 Niel Barman Katie Barman Bier Detail
Cordeny, Nodaway Twp Andrew 19 Dec 1884 E.R. Cordeny Mary E. Cordeny Vanschoiack Detail
Cameron, Lincoln Twp Andrew 22 Dec 1884 David E. Cameron Ann Ellor Cameron Devoress Detail
Wiedmer, Edward Nodaway Twp Andrew 12 Jan 1885 John Wiedmer Emma Wiedmer Schneier Detail
Praisewater, Clay Town, Andrew Co Andrew 06 Jan 1885 George W. Praisewater Emma J. Praisewater Duey Detail
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