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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Adams, Empire Twp Andrew 15 Oct 1884 Henry C. Adams ???nie Adams Varvell Detail
Tait, Bolckow Andrew 16-Oct Joseph Lewis Tait Elizabeth Tait Sawyer Detail
Kellogg, Benton Twp Andrew 11 Nov 1884 Lerol Kellogg Mary E. Kellogg Watson Detail
Holt, Benton Twp Andrew 21 Sep 1884 W.J. Holt Ella M. Holt Kent Detail
Hall, Lincoln Twp Andrew 27-Oct ?a??id Irvin Hall Eliza Jane Hall Brand Detail
Tetherow, Rochester, MO Andrew 20 Nov 1884 George Tetherow Arlie Tetherow Luke Detail
Calvert, Alfred Andrew Co., Mo Andrew 28-Oct ?l???ibal Calvert Mary Alice Calvert ?n?or? Detail
Miller, Nodaway Twp Andrew 6-Nov Frank Pear? Miller Mary ?lestor Thomas Detail
Hartman, Jefferson Twp Andrew 04 Nov 1884 Oscar Hartman Rebecca Hartman Hartmien Detail
Hayward, Empire Twp Andrew 02 Nov 1884 Lewis Hayward Mary Haywood Nickeson Detail
Hurst, Fillmore, Mo Andrew 14 Nov 1884 John E. Hurst Elizabeth Hurst Farney Detail
Reed, Fillmore, Mo Andrew 13-Nov Franklin Reed Catharine Reed Ingersol Detail
Clark, Platte Twp Andrew 10-Nov Salon Clark Lizzie Clark Ewing Detail
Manning, Whitesville, Mo Andrew 07 Dec 1884 Peter E. Manning Ruth Manning Agee Detail
Artis, Platte Twp Andrew 1-Dec Charles H. Artis Esther Artis Bivins Detail
Townsend, Nellie Savannah, Mo Andrew 14-Nov Hamilton Smith Townsend Florence Irene Townsend Clark Detail
Hyde, Charles N Savannah, Mo Andrew 15Jul1883 Thos. H.Hyde Annie Hyde McLain Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 2Aug1883 Unknown Johnson Johnson Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 11Jul1883 Frank Martin Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 22Jul1883 E.S. Tollott Mary E. Tollott Hibbs Detail
Not Provided In Wagon on the road Andrew 24Aug1883 Wm Brown Susan Brown Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 25Aug1883 Nelson Jordon Anna Jordon Oliver Detail
George, Jesse Euoch Empire Twp Andrew 17Aug1883 Isaac Newton George Margaret E. George Hobson Detail
Brinten, E???? Les Empire Twp Andrew 26Sep1883 Benjamin Bryant Brinten Eliza Ann Brinten Griffin Detail
Not Provided Lincoln Twp Andrew 14Sep1883 James Brackenridge Amanda Brackenridge Young Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 13Jul1883 Joseph Bielman Barbara Bielman Probst Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 12Aug1883 Jno Randolf Avis Isabella Avis Philips Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 22Aug1883 Charles H. A. Smith Margaret Ellen Smith Maxwell Detail
Not Provided Savannah, Mo Andrew 27Aug1883 Henry Wagner Lula Wanner Ransom Detail
Clark, Mabel Amy Savannah, Mo Andrew 30Aug1883 Walter Franklin Clark Mary Avabella Clark Cobb Detail
Eaton, Jno Riley Savannah, Mo Andrew 10Aug1883 John Eaton Sarah Eaton Perkins Detail
Townsend, James Blaine Savannah, Mo Andrew 12-Sep John K. Townsend Emily Townsend Travis Detail
Ames, Clarence Savannah, Mo Andrew 9Jul1883 Perry L. Ames Susan E. Ames Jackson Detail
Patterson, S??? Jackson Twp Andrew 29Aug1883 Wm Buckanan Patterson Celey Ella Patterson Detail
Worth, Leone Whitesville, Mo Andrew 28Aug1883 Geo K. Worth Alice M. Worth B?uner Detail
Gray, Georgeannie Empire Twp Andrew 22Aug1883 John H. Gray Mary Belle Gray Elliott Detail
Not Provided Empire Twp Andrew 16Aug1883 Thos Jefferson Edwards Phebe Edwards Haines Detail
Nease, Bertha Clay Town, Andrew Co Andrew 08 Sep1883 John Dolphus Nease Mary Ellen Nease Hatcher Detail
Alloway, Artie Andrew Co., Mo Andrew 16Sep1883 James Alloway Mary C. Alloway ???use Detail
Hall, Roy Burton Jackson Twp Andrew 09Sep1883 Jno C. Hull Sarah C. Hull Tabler Detail
Not Provided Flag Springs Andrew 09Aug1883 Charles B. B uster Sally Buster Armstrong Detail
Stoll, Soua Savannah, Mo Andrew 22 Sep 1883 Christian Stoll Mary Alice Stoll ????? Detail
Not Provided Nodaway Twp Andrew 15Sep1883 George Washington Gee Susing Mandy Gee Hoalt Detail
Scott, Platte Twp Andrew 01Sep1883 G.W. Scott M.J. Scott Bowles Detail
Ickes, Z.T. on farm Andrew 18Sep1883 John C. Ickes Martha E. Ickes Yates Detail
Gardner, Alice Rosendale Andrew 02Aug1883 William A. Gardner Melissa A. Gardner Agce Detail
Not Provided Rosendale Andrew 30Aug1883 Edward B. Rhit??? Manilla A. Richie Stilwell Detail
Not Provided Rosendale Andrew 22Aug1883 Maggie L Robins McAlister Detail
Not Provided Franklin, Mo Andrew 29-Sep not known Alice Free Free Detail
Baker, Corah Nodaway Twp Andrew 16Aug1883 Peter Baker Mattie Baker Williams Detail
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