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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Dooley, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.8, 1884 J.J.Dooley Leander Dooley Leander Kennedy Detail
Farthing, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.3, 1884 Edward Farthing Mary Farthing Mary Barnes Detail
Martin Luther Doolin Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.29, 1884 Clem Doolin Coria Doolin Coria Burhop Detail
Sumner, Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.4, 1884 Joseph C.Sumner Frances A.Sumner Frances Cauthorn Detail
Boilean, Boone Co.MO. Audrain Jan.6, 1884 Paul Boilean Susan F.Boilean Susan F.McCoy Detail
John Greeves Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.8, 1884 Wm.C.Greeves Treka Greeves Treka Goodwin Detail
Dye, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.10, 1884 Wm.H.Dye Malvala A.Dye Malvala a.Parsons Detail
Annie Johnson Laddonia,MO. Audrain Jan.5, 1883 Herman Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Buster Detail
Fay Ellenor Pendleton Laddonia,MO. Audrain Dec.20, 1883 John A.Pendleton Ida May Pendleton Ida May Landrum Detail
Proctor, Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.25, 1883 B.F.Proctor Allie M.Proctor Allie M.Ripply Detail
David Carr Hatton Audrain Jan.6, 1884 D.C.Hatton Ellen Hatton Ellen Veol Detail
Elizabeth Mable Anderson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.15, 1883 Rasmus Anderson Sarah Ellen Anderson Sarah Turner Detail
Tipton, Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.11, 1883 Jermiah H.Tipton Alice Tipton Alice Payne Detail
Combs, Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.15, 1884 David K.Combs Ellen Nora Combs Ellen Myers Detail
Calbreth, Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.16, 1884 Samuel R.Calbreth Sarah E Calbreth Sarah Wilson Detail
August Tillman Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.23, 1884 Joseph Tillman Christina Tillman Christina Nilgen Detail
William Taylor Winter Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.22, 1884 Lewis Winter Eula Winter Eula Minter Detail
Stella May Reynolds Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 J.C.Reynolds Eugenia Reynolds Eugenia Northcutt Detail
Nannie Laura Carter Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Dec.27, 1883 Robert Creed Carter Nancy Susan Carter Nancy McClanahan Detail
Herman Fears Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sept.14, 1883 Thomas D.Fears Mary F.Fears Detail
Kelly, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.14, 1884 Joshua Kelly Mary Elisha Kelly Mary Rish Detail
Arnold, Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 Robert R.Arnold Eliza O.Arnold Eliza Morris Detail
Houston, Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.22, 1883 Algemon S.Houston Sallie T.Houston Sallie Buckner Detail
Hill, Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.11, 1884 T.B.Hill A.M.Hill A.M. Rigne Detail
Bruce, Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.18, 1884 James A.Bruce S.A.Bruce S.A.Maupin Detail
Dooley, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.23, 1883 Richard Dooley Fannie Dooley Detail
Hamson, Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.25, 1884 Not Known Jennie Hamson Jennie Hamson Detail
Hostetter, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William O.Hostetter Sallie E.Hostetter Sallie Biggs Detail
Mansfield, Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William Clark Mansfield Louisa Ann Mansfield Louisa A Martien Detail
Lee Benton Vansil Benton City,MO. Audrain Jan.4, 1884 John William Vansil Laura Vansil Laura Ballard Detail
Bertha Cottle Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1884 Arthur Cottle Emma R.Cottle Emma Hoffman Detail
Conner, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1884 John Hiram Conner Mary Jane Conner Mary J.Pigg Detail
Mark Ephraine Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 Mark Ephriam Crawford Calla DeHaven Crawford Calla Vaughn Detail
George T.Brooks Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sept.17, 1883 Joseph P.Brooks Nancy A Brooks Nancy Fields Detail
Sturdevant, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.5, 1884 James E.Sturdevant Agnes Sturdevant Agnes Bland Detail
Adams, Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.5, 1884 James W.Adams Lydia Adams Lydia Musick Detail
Ragbune Kirkpatrick Woolery Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.5, 1884 John Bengal Woolery Nannie Kate Woolery Nannie Crockett Detail
Landers, Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.30, 1884 George Marion Landers Martha Ellen Landers Martha Coon Detail
Huntley, Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William Huntley Emma Huntley Emma Langford Detail
Gregg, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.22, 1884 Edward Gregg Lucy Gregg Lucy Harris Detail
Kochs, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 Henry Kochs Matilda Kochs Matilda Krouenberg Detail
McDowell, Laddonia,MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 George McDowell Jennie Mcdowell Jennie Marks Detail
Dyer, Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.10, 1884 Wm.H.Dye Mahala A Dye Mahala Parsons Detail
Green, 6mi.So of Mexico Audrain Feb.8, 1884 John Eli Green Amanda Adeline Green Amanda Buket Detail
Owen, Benton City,MO. Audrain Jan.29, 1884 Francis A.Owen Sarah Frances Owen Sarah Clarke Detail
Lulie Hayden Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.31, 1884 John H.Hayden Mary J.Hayden Mary Pherars Detail
Minna May Ball Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 John Rose Ball Nancy Jane Ball Nancy Rivere Detail
Daisy Winifred Clayville Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 Emory Whitington Clayville Matilda Jane Clayville Matilda Schroll Detail
Nichols, Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.8, 1884 William P.Nichols Laura Belle Nichols Laura Forshey Detail
Berry, Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.31, 1884 Taylor N.Berry Dolly M.Berry Dolly Toumbo Detail
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