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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Nancy Jane Seabaugh Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 18/May/1888 John s. Seabaugh Nancy Seabaugh Nancy Barks Detail
John Wessley Scowder Loss Creek Twp. Bollinger 27/May/1888 Simeon Scowder Clara E. Scowder Clara E. Evilsiger Detail
Not Provided Union Twp. Bollinger 24/Aug/1888 Christopher Seabaugh Sarah Seabaugh Sarah Roberts Detail
Frederick Henry Stamer White Water Twp. Bollinger 08/Sep/1888 William H. Stammer Matilda Stammer Hahs Detail
Matilda Belle Seabaugh White Water Twp. Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 22/Aug/1888 William Henry Seabaugh Hannah Margaret Seabaugh Hannah Margaret Crites Detail
Archie Thurman Statler Bollinger Mill Bollinger 22/Sep/1888 Albert Statler Sarah M. C. Statler Bowman Detail
Frank Joseph Thele Lorance Twp. Bollinger 31/Jan/1885 Herman Thele Dena Thele Fiscer Detail
Not Provided Bollinger Co., Mo. Bollinger 07/Mar/1885 Benjamin A. Tinnin Martha J. Gibbs Detail
Daten Teely White Water Twp. Bollinger 21/Mar/1885 Frederick Teely Adaline Hahs Detail
Not Provided Lutesville Mo. Bollinger 10/May/1885 Bayard Taylor Julia Taylor Russell Detail
Albright, Castor Mo. Bollinger 18/Sep/1883 Christian John Thomas Albright Martha June Albright M. J. Hawn Detail
Matilda Jane Bollinger Co., Mo. Bollinger 20/Aug/1885 William Ferdinand Tinnin Margaret C. Reagan Detail
John Tenholder Lorance Twp. Bollinger 07/Sep/1885 Henry Tenholder Anna Tenholder Steinerd Detail
Henry Cleveland Eugene Shell Madison Co. Bollinger 22/Aug/1885 Samuel Albert Hill Shell Lucrecia Tinnin Detail
Wm. John Smith Liberty T. Bollinger 07/Sep/1885 John Schmitt Anna Schmitt Arngen Detail
Anna Armitta Tippett Liberty Twp. Bollinger 30/Oct/1885 Thomas M. Tippett Lofelia Josiafean Tippett Collins Detail
Doria Avert Tanksley German Twp. Bollinger 25/Dec/1885 Levey W. Tanksley Lizey Jane Tanksley SaSapaup Detail
John Tenholder Bollinger 24/Jan/1886 John Tenholder Denia Tenholder Denia Saundrin Detail
James Albert Taylor Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 21/Jan/186 Cannon Taylor Synthia Caroline Taylor Lad Detail
Alma Margarette Lutesville, Mo. Bollinger 29/Mar/1886 John B. Thompson Louise Thompson Sander Detail
Harry Hale Tallent Bollinger Co. German Twp. Bollinger 19/Nov/1886 Francis Marion Tallent Sufphire Tallent Tankersley Detail
Mary Elizabeth Bollinger Co., Mo. Bollinger 07/Nov/1886 Henry B. Tinnin Catherine V. Gibbs Detail
Amanda Jane Bollinger Co., Mo. Bollinger 23/Oct/1886 William M. Trentham Sibelah e. Yount Detail
Elmer Tucker Lutesville Mo. Bollinger 10/Jan/1887 Frank Tucker Laura Tucker Laura Farlow Detail
Minnie Belle Tuck Lorance tp. Bollinger 22/Jan/1887 Paul P. Tuck Lydia Belle Tuck Francis Detail
Thomas Lafayette Teeters Liberty Township Bollinger 9/Feb/1887 P. L. Teeters Sarah Luvina Teeters Crites Detail
Silas Ethsel Tuck Bollinger County German Township Bollinger 24/Mar/1887 Falble Tuck Allise Tuck Drange Detail
Ida May Thompson Union Township Bollinger 15/Apr/1887 Francis Marion Thompson Larries Thompson Rollins Detail
Enoch H. Thacker Liberty Tp No1 Bollinger 07/Sep/1887 Thomas B. Thacker Sarah Thacker Sarah Revelle Detail
Francis Elisabeth Bollinger Co. Bollinger 12/Jul/1887 Benjamin Allen Tinnin Martha Jane Gibbs Detail
Fred. Ambrose Thornton near Lutesville Mo. Bollinger 17/Oct/1887 Jas F. Thornton Rebecca May Spence Detail
Mary Twelman Vinemount Mo. Bollinger 18/Jan/1888 Geo Twillman Hendricka Twillman Hendricka Eftink Detail
Francis Luise Trenkle Leapold Bollinger 12/Feb/1888 Christian Trenkle Mary Trinkle Lambieh Detail
Myrtle E. Bollinger co Mo. Bollinger 17/Feb/1888 Jesse M. Tallent Ruth Idel Shell Detail
Effa Adline Theile Bollinger Co Mo. Bollinger 26/Sep/1888 Fredric Theilew Adline Theile Adline Hahs Detail
Not Provided Bollinger Christian Ely Vasterling Emma Katharina Vasterling Emma K. Killman Detail
Columbus Underwood Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 06/Aug/1884 Joseph A. Underwood Elizabeth A. Underwood Rickman Detail
Not Provided German Twp Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 26/Nov/1885 Robert Irvin Upchurch Hannah M. Upchurch Hannah M. Aldrich Detail
George Underwood Wayne Twp Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 01/Dec/1885 Isaac Underwood S. A. Underwood S. A. Steele Detail
Leander Underwood 31 Bollinger 14/Apr/1886 Joseph A. Underwood Elizebeth Adline Underwood Breckenman Detail
Amanda Belle German Twp. Bollinger 23/Feb/1887 Robert I. Upchurch Francis C. Fullbright Detail
Vasterling, Fredricka Doretta Marble Hill, Mo. Bollinger 13/Sep/1883 Christian Ely Vasterling Emma Katharina Vasterling Emma K. Killman Detail
Mary Vandeven Bollinger Co. Mo. Bollinger 11/Feb/1883 Martin Vandeven Mary Vandeven Hinkebins Detail
Johnnie Vandevin Liberty Twp. Bollinger 28/Aug/1884 Henry Vandevin Dina Brewer Detail
Denia Mary Vandeven 4 miles from Vinemount Bollinger 15/Jan/1885 Henry Vandeven Hanah Vandeven Gaustenveld Detail
Johnnie Vandevin Liberty Twp. Bollinger 03/Mar/1885 Robert Vanganop Rosa Schwenue Detail
Cory J. Winchester Liberty Twp. No.1 Bollinger 29/May/1885 Wiley Winchester Lucinda E. Winchester Lucinda E. Revelle Detail
Lucy Vandeven near Vinemount Bollinger 05/Jul/1885 Martin Vandeven Mary Vandeven Hinkabine Detail
Frederick William Vasterling Lutesville Bollinger 25/Dec/1885 C. E. Vasterling E. C. Vasterling Hileman Detail
Ellen Docra Vance Bollinger Co. Bollinger 09/Mar/1886 Robert Vance Penicia Jane Vance Beasly Detail
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