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Record 1 thru 50 of 1792

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 8/8/1883 William E Hall Mary Hall Mary Collins Detail
Not Provided Calwood Twp Callaway 8/30/1883 William Henry Hull Emma Hull Emma Baity Detail
Chester Austen Brown Cedar Twp Callaway 8/27/1883 Gidion Brown Jennie Brown Detail
John Lafayette Baker Liberty Twp Callaway 8/12/1883 Robert L. Baker Lillie A. Baker Lillie A. Miller Detail
Bartley, St. Aubert Callaway 7/24/1883 Andrew J. Bartley Sophia C. Bartley Sophia Bennett Detail
Baker, Fulton, MO Callaway 8/13/1883 N.F. Baker MaryAnn Baker Mary Culbertson Detail
Boyer, Callaway Co Callaway 8/24/1883 William Boyer Elizabeth Boyer Elizabeth Williams Detail
Woodson, Callaway Co Callaway 7/7/1883 Robt Woodson Anna Woodson Anna Strother Detail
Tinsley, Caldwell Twp Callaway 7/25/1883 James W. Tinsley Sarah Tinsley Sarah Griffin Detail
Susie Belle Tharp Fulton Twp Callaway 7/22/1883 Robert Franklin Tharp Thirzy Newel Tharp Thirzy Evens Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 7/28/1883 Stump Detail
Ora Bell Roberts Bachelor, MO Callaway 7/2/1883? William S. Roberts Emma F. Roberts Emma Scree? Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 7/18/1883 T.J. Pasley J.T. Pasley? J.T. Dilon Detail
Nichols, Caldwell Twp Callaway 7/25/1883 Alexander J. Nichols Harriet Nichols Harriet Carrington Detail
Martha Jane Ketch Cedar Twp Callaway 7/1/1883 William Ketch Mary Ellen Ketch Hudson Detail
Not Provided McCredie, MO Callaway 7/15/1883 Peter Kemp Kemp Fullington Detail
Willie Johnston Idle Callaway Co Callaway 7/11/1883 William Idle S. Fanny Idle S. Fanny Jonston Detail
Rosie May Dodd Bachelor, MO Callaway 7/5/1883 William Newton Dodd Harriet Catherine Dodd H. King Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 7/29/1883 Millard Debo Mattox Detail
Everet Truman? Dunn Cedar Twp Callaway 7/26/1883 Napolean Bonapart Dunn Martha Eliza Dunn Martha Eliza Majors Detail
Cornell Crews Callaway Co Callaway 7/31/1883 Wensell? Russell Crews Salley E. Crews Salley E. Landrum Detail
Not Provided Cedar Twp Callaway 7/28/1883 Will? C. Boyd Amanda Boyd Scott Detail
Not Provided Hord, P.O. Callaway 9/26/1883 William J. Smith Della Smith Della Griffin Detail
Not Provided Callaway 9/27/1883 Martin L. Pentman Sarah J.Pentman Sarah J. Blackamore Detail
Not Provided Hord, MO Callaway 9/30/1883 Haywood Smith Bettie Smith Betty Foy Detail
Kemp, St. Aubert Callaway 9/22/1883 Thos H. Kemp Annie L. Kemp A.L. Galwith Detail
Not Provided Williamsburg Callaway 9/16/1883 Wiley Christopher Laura Christopher Laura Kemp Detail
Not Provided Cedar City Callaway 9/29/1883 Wm King Martha Ann King Martha Ann Hart Detail
Not Provided Callwood Twp Callaway 9/6/1883 Samuel S. Craghead Mattie A. Craghead Smith Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 9/22/1883 Willburn H. Pugh Mollie Pugh Williamson Detail
Charles Harding Pollard Holt Summit Callaway 9/27/1883 Samuel Howard Pollard Nancy Jane Pollard Nancy Jane Jessie Detail
Not Provided Bachelor, MO Callaway 9/1/1883 George Washington Kemp Ellen Josephine Kemp E.J. Carrington Detail
Laura V. Bell Fulton, MO Callaway 9/28/1883 Jno P. Bell Laura V. Bell L.V. Pugh Detail
Hall, Callaway Co Callaway 9/29/1883 Amos Hall Ann Hall Culbetson Detail
Not Provided St. Aubert Twp Callaway 9/28/1883 Richard Link Lula Link Bryan Detail
Not Provided Millersburg, MO Callaway 9/27/1883 James Loyd Nancy Loyd Wilkerson Detail
Not Provided Bourbon Twp Callaway 9/7/1883 Henry Hancock Babe Hancock Renoe Detail
Not Provided Millersburg, MO Callaway 9/21/1883 Dennis Jackson Hester Jackson Detail
Not Provided Fulton, MO Callaway 9/24/1883 James E. Shusley Emma C. Shusley Gingrich Detail
William Ellis Samson Callaway Co Callaway 9/1/1883 Hugh Sampson Elizabeth Sampson Elizabeth Kemp Detail
Not Provided Fulton, MO Callaway 9/7/1883 Leonard Backer Mary Backer Anderson Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 9/15/1883 William Rootes Alice Rootes Alice Caleson Detail
Luther Edward Todd Cedar Twp Callaway 9/19/1883 William Todd Annie Elizabeth Todd Annie Elizabeth Woods Detail
Claude Robt Henderson near Guthrie Callaway 9/7/1883 Robert M. Henderson Mary Ann Henderson Mary Ann Turner Detail
Annie May Liberty Twp Callaway 8/26/1883 Nathan Henderson Frances Henderson Frances Harris Detail
Beula? Patterson Liberty Twp Callaway 8/27/1883 Thomson Patterson Addie Paterson Addie Thornhill Detail
George Wilkerson Guthrie, MO Callaway 8/15/1883 Francis Wilkerson Nellie Rodgers Detail
Not Provided Cedar Town Callaway 8/28/1883 Loyd Wingate Lucy Jane Wingate White Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co Callaway 8/18/1883 Tayler Detail
Lucy Jane Saunders Cedar Twp Callaway 9/17/1883 George W. Saunders Sarah Araminta Saunders Hudson Detail
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