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Record 1351 thru 1400 of 1792

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Philip, Callaway Co MO Callaway 7/15/1884 Fred Nailer Eliza W. Nailer Bliza W. Harvy Detail
Jno.Lewis Nickell Fulton MO Callaway 8/17/1885 Luther Urban Nickell Lena W. Nickell Lena W. Wheeler Detail
Newsome, Calaway Co MO Callaway 1/29/1885 James Newsom Maggie Newsom Detail
Nevins, Callaway Co MO Callaway 5/4/1885 Baxter S. Nevins Sarah H. Nevins Dozier Detail
Norris, 9 MP Tsp Callaway 8/13/1886 Jno. Garland Norris Kate Norris Armstrong Detail
Nickins, Cedar Tsp Callaway 8/22/1885 Matilda Nickens Nickens Detail
Nichols, Summit Tsp Callaway Co Callaway 9/7/1885 Norris N. Nichols Mary J. Nichols Glennen Detail
Neal, NE of Calwood Callaway 10/4/1885 Henry Neal Barbary Neal (still born) Carter Detail
Neff, Jackson Tsp Callaway 10/12/1885 Annie Neff Neff Detail
Lillie B. Nickles Fulton MO Callaway 11/21/1885 B???? Nickles Hallie Nickles Bianer Detail
Nunnelley, Williamsburg Prec Callaway 1/27/1886 Wm. Thos. Nunnelly Arlash Nunnelly Dyson Detail
Not Provided Millersburg Callaway Co Callaway 6/28/1886 James Mattison Nichols Priscilla Baker Nichols P. B. Griffith Detail
Not Provided Guthrie MO Callaway 10/7/1886 Loc[r] Nevins Phoebie Ellen Nevins Long Detail
McKinney, Reform Callaway Co Callaway 1/19/1887 Jas. W. McKinney A. M. McKinney A. M. Stucker Detail
Wheeler McCall JR. Near Reform Callaway 1/10/1887 Wm. H . McCall Juli P. McCall J. P. Halley Detail
Eff????? Nichols Fulton MO Callaway 1/23/1887 Alex Nichols Mary Nichols Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co MO Callaway 11/12/1883 Elisha Owen S. A. Owen S. A. Maggert Detail
Not Provided Readsville ???? Callaway 12/19/1883 Isaac C. Oliver Louisa Frs. Oliver Louisa Frs. Wilfly Detail
Oliver, Callaway 3/2/1884 Henry [N] Oliver Ann Oliver Ann Dawson Detail
Oliver, City of Fulton MO Callaway 4/1/1884 William G. Oliver Mary Catherine Oliver M. C. Hafey Detail
Olson, Reform MO Callaway 6/16/1885 ?aren Olson Julia M. Olson J. M. Worley Detail
Maria Owen Fulton Mo Callaway 10/29/1884 Jack Owens Lena Owen Lena Barber Detail
Owen, Near Bachelor Callaway 1/21/1885 David Miller Owen Sarah Ann Owen Sanders Detail
Oliver, Nine Mile Prairie Tsp Callaway 2/6/1885 S. F. Glover Zelia Owen Zelia Glover Detail
Owen, Near Bachelor Callaway 5/19/1885 Wm. S. Owen Catharine Jane Owen Detail
Owens, St. Aubert Tsp Callaway 5/24/1885 John Owens Lydia Owens Hord Detail
Cora Bell Osfahl Fulton MO Callaway 8/24/1885 John Osfahl D. Osfahl Camerman Detail
Olson, 9 MP Tsp Callaway 12/2/1885 Saml Olson Julia M. Olson ???ley Detail
Owos, Fulton Callaway 2/27/1886 Jack Owos Lena Owos Barber Detail
Oliver Henry Callaway 2/5/1886 Henry Nelson Oliver Ann Oliver Ann Dawson Detail
Oliver, Guthrie MO Callaway 12/21/1886 W. G. Oliver Mollie Oliver Detail
Pasley, Callaway 7/18/1883 T. J. Pasley T. F. Pasley J. F. Dillon Detail
Clarra Payne Callaway Co MO Callaway 8/11/1883 Elias T. Payne Virginia F. Payne V. F. Muir Detail
Gracie Patton Fulton MO Callaway 8/6/1883 Chas. A. Patton Laura V. Patton L. V. Myers Detail
Chas. H. Polard Holts Summit Callaway 9/27/1883 Saml Howard Pollard Nancy Jane Pollard N. J. Jessie Detail
Not Provided Callaway Co MO Callaway 9/22/1883 Willburn H. Pugh Mollie Pugh Willi???? P???? Detail
Pumphery, St. Aubert Tsp Callaway Co Callaway 10/6/1883 Edward W. Pumph Mary E. Pumphery M. E. Horton Detail
Susan Pomie Millersburg Callaway Co MO Callaway 11/17/1883 John Pome' Mary Ann Pomie M. A. Adair Detail
Not Provided Fulton Tsp MO Callaway 12/2/1883 E. H. Pierce Joana Pierce J. Cooper Detail
Not Provided Millersburg MO Callaway 12/7/1883 Wm. S. Price Martha Price Silby Detail
Not Provided Caldwell Tsp Callaway 10/10/1883 Wm. A. Powell Mary Powell Cheatham Detail
John Talbott Parks Home Callaway 1/26/1883 Henry Parks Margaret Parks Margaret C????? Detail
Potts, Fulton MO Callaway 1/?/? Thos. Potts Mrs. Potts Detail
Payton (Twins) Boydsville MO Callaway 2/15/1884 Lewis Martin Payton Mary Elizabeth Payton M. E. Hall Detail
Payne, St. Aubert Tsp Callaway 3/6/1884 Patric F. Payne Mary F. Payne Mary F. Lynes Detail
?, Fulton MO Callaway 3/13/1884 Jos. Wm. Parson Martha A. Parson M. A. Massy Detail
Palmer, Callaway Co MO Callaway 4/21/1884 M. A. Palmer Amanda M. Palmer A. M. Potter Detail
Ulah Leigh Pigg Liberty Tsp Callaway Co MO Callaway 5/10/1884 William Pigg Clementina Pigg C. F???? Detail
Sarah Ella Payne Reform MO Callaway 1/17/1884 Jno. S. Payne Sallie W. Payne S. W. Jackson Detail
Not Provided Shamrock MO Callaway 6/26/1884 William Auston Poage Jennie A. Poage Jennie A. Nelson Detail
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