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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Cunningham, MO Chariton 01/01/1885 Lewis Ware Nancy J. Ware Nancy J. Edwards Detail
Not Provided Salt Creek TP Chariton 01/07/1885 William F. Collett Sarah L. Collett Sarah L. McKanna Detail
Not Provided Bee Branch Twp. Chariton 01/26/1885 Jno. W. Porter Rosetta Porter Resetta Jackson Detail
Not Provided Wayland TP Chariton 01/18/1885 Oscar Fray Annie E. Fray Annie E. Rice Detail
Holland Cortney Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/10/1885 Millard Cortney Susan O. Cortney Susan O. Smith Detail
Sarah Isabelle Craig Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/26/1885 George Washington Craig Charity Ann Craig Charity Ann Swearingan Detail
Florence Garrison Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/14/1885 Mattison Jones Garrison Sarah Isabelle Garrison Sarah Isabelle Vaughan Detail
Not Provided Salisbury, MO Chariton 11/26/1884 Andrew Hyde Cordie Hyde Cordie Pitts Detail
Not Provided Salisbury, MO Chariton 01/03/1885 Not Known Date Ellington Date Ellington Detail
W. Matthew Lanton Triplett, MO Chariton 11/2?/1884 Stephen Lanton Jane Lanton Jane Bedwell Detail
Thomas Jesse La??(abie) Triplett, MO Chariton Julius La??a(bie) Celia La??a(bie) Celia Jennings Detail
John C. Wyette Westville, MO Chariton 01/05/1885 John Wyette Hannah Wyette Hannah Penrod Detail
Not Provided Clark Twp. Chariton 01/12/1885 A. W. Martin Elnora Martin Elnora Hudson Detail
John Otis Miller Triplett, MO Chariton 12/30/1884 Orlonzo Millier Sally E. Miller Sally E. Herring Detail
Not Provided Triplett, MO Chariton 12/22/1884 Not Known Jane Brook Jane Brook Detail
Annie Maria Buchanan Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/19/1885 Geo. W. Buchanan Maria Buchanan Maria Guthridge Detail
Loran B. Allen Cunningham, MO Chariton 01/16/1885 John D. Allen Mollie F. Allen Mollie F. Naylor Detail
Not Provided Wayland TP Chariton 02/03/1885 John William Turner Margaret E??e Turner Margaret E??e Ga??? Detail
Theresa Marck Cockrell TP Chariton 09/20/1884 Joseph Marck Anna Marck Anna Poschel Detail
John William Johnson Bee Branch Twp. Chariton 08/19/1884 John ? Johnson Wilhelmina Johnson Wilhelmina Shoning Detail
Joseph Long Bee Branch Twp. Chariton 01/15/1885 George Long Mary A. Long Mary A. Match Detail
John N. S(eaman) Bee Branch Twp. Chariton 09/11/1884 Adalbert S(eaman) Theresa S(eaman) Theresa Hoegle Detail
Michael J. L. Koester Wien, MO Chariton 09/06/1884 Theodore Koester Theresa Koester Theresa Huber Detail
Cle(mentz) Denn?? Bee Branch Twp. Chariton 10/20/1884 Bernard Denn?? ???beth Denn?? ??beth Ost??dor Detail
Eliza Ann Lancaster Chariton 02/09/1884 Dannie Lancaster Lizzie Lancaster Lizzie Cox Detail
Daniel Pratt Huckeby Chariton 02/12/1885 Geo. Huckeby Hanna Huckeby Hanna Hill Detail
Susan Jane Sipps Chariton 01/15/1885 C. Sipps Sophronia Sipps Sophronia Cox Detail
Grover Cleveland Schell Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/30/1885 Chas. Schell Bertha Schell Bertha Fo?? Detail
Not Provided Keytesville, MO Chariton 01/24/1885 Lee Pippin Louisa Pippin Louisa Williams Detail
Not Provided Cunningham, MO Chariton 02/19/1885 Johnston Keys Esther Keys Esther McNair Detail
Not Provided Near Dalton Chariton 02/28/1885 Peter D. Miller Annie Miller Annie Raymond Detail
Not Provided Near Dalton Chariton 02/26/1885 F. M. DeJarnett Ella G. DeJarnett Ella G. Johnson Detail
Not Provided Near Dalton Chariton 01/30/1885 Matthew Carter Rebecca Carter Detail
Huff, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/2?/1883 Charles Huff Detail
H??? Logan Tooley Brunswick, MO Chariton 01/31/1883 Alonzo T. Tooley Kate E. Tooley Davis Detail
Paisley, Salisbury, MO Chariton 12/13/1883 Wm. Paisley Nancy Paisley Lusher Detail
Freeze, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/29/1883 Geo. T. Freeze Freeze Detail
Passig, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/21/1883 Annie Passig Detail
Early Doss Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/30/1883 James Doss Lydia Doss Terrell Detail
Ray Wackley Triplett, MO Chariton 12/24/1883 John J. Wackley Blanche Wackley Marsh Detail
Cynthia Fleetwood Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/27/1883 George Fleetwood Dena Fleetwood McLa?? Detail
Rime, Cunningham, MO Chariton 12/24/1883 C. S. Rime Fannie Rime ?a???t?? Detail
Oscar Freis? Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/01/1883 Wm. W. Freis? Eva Halge Freis? Halge Detail
Thrash, Keytesville, MO Chariton 12/14/1883 Wm. H. Thrash Susan E.Thrash Sanderson Detail
Stith, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/24/1883 A??? T. Stith Mary Elizabeth Stith Hodges Detail
Jones, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 12/29/1883 Sam Jones Susan Jones Dabney Detail
????, Chariton Co., MO Chariton 10/20/1883 J?? ???? ??? ??? ???? Detail
Chas. B?? Hindly Mussle Fork Chariton 10/20/1883 David Hindly Martha Hindly Lewis Detail
Not Provided Chariton 11/05/1883 Robt. ? C????ham Detail
Bettie Mulinix Chariton Co., MO Chariton 11/11/1883 Jonathan Mulinix Bettie ? Mulinix McCall??? Detail
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