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Record 2101 thru 2150 of 2165

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
No entry Lockwood Dade 02/05/1885 Hederman, Fred H. Hederman, Mary Brunpole Detail
No entry 10 miles SW Lockwood Dade 02/13/1885 Patterman, Wm w. Patterman, Mary Keller Detail
No entry 6 miles N Lockwood Dade 02/13/1885 Evans, Wm Evans, Emma Gray Detail
Yoder, Grant Twp Dade 17 Sep 1883 John Samuel Yoder Barbara Fry Detail
Palley, Dade Twp Dade 16 Oct 1883 C W Palley Sarah Ann Neal Detail
ONeal, Dade County Dade 26 Oct 1883 Jasper N ONeal Emily Carney Detail
Cagaris, Cedar Twp Dade 6 Oct 1883 Samuel Belle Cagines Elvisa Devine Detail
Lintan, Cedar Twp Dade 31 Oct 1883 Th-- P. Lintan Pauline C-- Detail
Russell, Grant Twp. Dade 8 Nov 1883 Si-- Russell Carry C. Chambers Detail
Keidwell, Greenfield, Mo. Dade 12 Oct 1883 Anderson Keidwell Detail
F----, Centre Twp. Dade 14 Oct 1883 Jul- F---- Baldwin Detail
Yerry, Centre Twp. Dade 21 Oct 1883 C.G. Yerry Detail
Badgley, Greenfield, Mo. Dade 9 Nov 1883 C.A. Badgley Georgia Mc Connell Detail
Janes, Dade Co. Dade 27 Oct 1883 J.B. Janes Mary E. Scott Detail
Gear, South Twp. Dade 23 Oct 1883 George Gear Louisa Winkle Detail
Patterson, Dade County Dade 25 Oct 1883 Moses Patterson Jane Detail
Bell, Dade County Dade 27 Oct 1883 John Bell Mary Irby Detail
Fryer, Dade County Dade 1 Nov 1883 Robert Fryer --asan Burton Detail
Osburn, Dade County Dade 13 Nov 1883 James Osburn Martha Sharp Detail
Witterman, Dade County Dade 16 Nov 1883 N.B. Witterman Margaret M. Baker Detail
Johnson, Sac Twp. Dade 2 Nov 1883 John L. Johnson Ellen Riddle Detail
Barnett, Sac Twp. Dade 9 Nov 1883 James Barnett Mary Stewart Detail
Carlock, Sac Twp. Dade 28 Oct 1883 J.M. Carlock E.A. Vaughn Detail
Knight, Lockwood Twp. Dade 30 Nov 1883 John A. Knight Ida L. --- Detail
Woods, Lockwood Dade 6 Nov 1883 James B. Woods Lora --- Detail
Smith, Morgan Twp. Dade 2 Dec 1883 William Mc Cormick Smith Arlene Ganaway Detail
McDanell, Morgan Twp. Dade 2 Dec 1883 William McDanel Elizabeth C. Waggoner Detail
Farrant, Greenfield Dade 6 Dec 1883 John Farrant Mary N. Thurman Detail
Davis, Greenfield Dade 10 Dec 1883 Davis Davis Detail
Daughitery, Washington Twp. Dade 7 Dec 1882 Baba Daughitery Aldham Detail
Shelton, Washington Twp. Dade 7 Dec 1883 J.M. Shelton Linley Detail
Lock, Dade County Dade 10 Dec 1883 William Lock Sarah Jane --irney Detail
Olive Waugh Morgan Twp. Dade 15 Nov 1883 Wm Carrey Waugh Caldonna C. L---ts Detail
Shaw, Sac Twp. Dade 15 Nov 1883 William E. Shaw Sarah Barnett Detail
Finley, Dadeville Dade 10 Dec 1883 Robert McCliff Finley Eliza Jane Stockton Detail
Neelly, Grant Twp. Dade 5 Dec 1883 William Moore Neelly Luiza Shipman Detail
Beggs, Grant Twp. Dade 19 Dec 1883 Samuel Bell Beggs Jane Neale Detail
Boules, South Twp. Dade 26 Dec 1883 John Baker Boules Faney B. Berry Detail
Sooter, South Twp. Dade 28 Dec 1883 Thomas J. Sooter Martha L. Speer Detail
Cielt, Marian Twp. Dade 19 Dec 1883 John C. Ceilt Sarah E. Renfro Detail
Kirby, Greenfield Dade 8 Dec 1883 John Blue Kirby Martha Ann Gray Detail
Allie Edith Stephens Greenfield Dade 12 Dec 1883 W.C. Stephens Martha Jane Perkins Detail
Cheek, Morgan Twp. Dade 26 Nov 1883 William Barue Cheek Nancy S. Stackren Detail
Sarah Lou Vaughn Sac Twp. Dade 3 Dec 1883 Wm Dewitt Vaughn Sarah Adelia Diggins Detail
Burton, Cedar Twp. Dade 28 Dec 1883 William Burton Nancy Ann Vaughn Detail
Donham, Cedar Twp. Dade 20 Nov 1883 Geo. Washington Danham Bell Bagley Detail
Divine, Cedar Twp. Dade 24 Dec 1883 James Monroe Divine Arlena Jane Clayton Detail
Lockwood Twp Dade 02/20/1884 Clark, Gideon P. Clark, Susan E Detail
Greenfield Dade 03/16/1884 Ready, J. A. Ready, Kate V. Detail
North Twp Dade 03/28/1884 Hill, Jas. Hill, Cara Detail
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