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Record 2151 thru 2165 of 2165

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Dade Co Mo Dade 09/01/1883 Roope, Daniel No entry Detail
Dade Perrot, John No entry Detail
Dade Co Dade 05/13/1884 Fanning, James Fanning, Susana Detail
Cedar Twp Dade 11/28/1883 Hagins, Dudley Manford Hagins, Martha Jane Detail
Cedar Twp Dade 05/21/1884 Farmer, James Farmer, Ida Detail
South Twp Dade 05/29/1884 Simpson, Chas. W. Simpson, Rebecca Detail
Mo Dade 10/16/1884 Mills, Andrew Mills, Savanda Detail
South Twp Mo Dade 11/24/1884 Higgins, David Higgins, Eliza Detail
Greenfield Dade 12/08/1884 Howard, E. Bent Howard, Rosa Belle Detail
Smith Twp Dade 01/05/1885 Dewbery, George W. Dewbery, Nancy M. Detail
Greenfield Mo Dade 01/27/1885 Brown, Ada Clark Brown, Mary Jane Detail
5 mi NW Lockwood Dade Co Mo Dade 12/22/1884 Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Arabella Detail
Polk Twp Dade co Mo Dade 01/27/1885 Huych, Arthur? Huych?, Susan E. Detail
Dade 12/22/1883 Thurman, John A. No entry Detail
Dade Co Mo Dade 12/05/1883 Lawrence, Thos Lawrence, Mrs Detail
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