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Record 2101 thru 2150 of 2165

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Moore, Kings Point Dade 15 Jan 1885 John Moore Lucy D. S--ry Detail
Sue Ellen McCulley Cedar Twp. Dade 31 Jan 1885 Joshiah H. Mc Culley Elizabeth W. Polstaff Detail
-- William Wright Centre Twp. Dade 10 Dec 1884 Monroe Wright Nancy Elizabeth Trindle Detail
Irwin, South Twp. Dade 19 Nov 1884 R.M. Irwin --- A. Proctor Detail
Scott, South Twp. Dade 19 Jan 1885 John Scott --estine --yes Detail
Malory, South Twp. Dade 15 Jan 1885 John M. Malory Martha E. Hill Detail
Sara May Slwalter Lockwood Dade 29 Nov 1884 Harold Shawalter Susana Hopp Detail
Grace Newell Lockwood Dade 26 Dec 1884 Perry Newell Sarah J. I--near Detail
Kelly, Kings Point Dade 15 Dec 1884 Ge0. W. Kelly Ida Adams Detail
Cowan, Lockwood Dade 29 Nov 1884 James Cowan Hanelle Daughtry Detail
Lann---, Dadeville Dade 1 Jan 1885 Elijah Lann--- Elizabeth Ann H---lton Detail
Nelson, Dade County Dade 14 Jan 1885 John Od-- Nelson Adaline Smith Detail
Kirby, Morgan Twp. Dade 13 Jan 1885 Frank Wilfred Kirby Loretta Walker Detail
Smith, Dade County Dade 8 Jan 1885 William McCormuck Smith Irlena Dunaway Detail
Granthan, Dade County Dade 22 Dec 1884 James Mathew Granthan Mora Eliza Griffins Detail
Williams, Cedar Twp. Dade 12 Jan 1885 Geo W. Williams Shoemaker Detail
Lawrence, Cedarville Dade 31 Dec 1884 Thos Lawrence Julia A. Duckett Detail
Cardwell, B--Twp. Dade 29 Jan 1885 James Cardwell Marsha Elizabeth Hudson Detail
Asburn, Dade County Dade 8 Nov 1884 Wm Silas Asburn Carrie E. Wood Detail
Murrey, Ash Grove Dade 16 Dec 1884 Joseph Murray Fannie Stanford Detail
Hoffman, North Twp. Dade 29 Jan 1885 H.J. Hoffman Jane Arbogash Detail
Man--- Mason Dade County Dade 26 Jan 1885 Jessie F. Mason Mary J. Henry Detail
Hurbert M. Smith Dade County Dade 24 Jan 1885 --- W. Smith --- Vanhouser Detail
Haywood, Sac Twp. Dade 30 Dec 1884 John Haywood Sicily Montgomery Detail
Pyle, Sac Twp. Dade 30 Jan 1885 Ormend F. Pyle Susan M. Hayword Detail
Brown, Polk Twp. Dade 1 Jan 1885 Wm P.C. Brown Marsha G. Allisoon Detail
Turnell, Morgan Twp. Dade 19 Jan 1885 James E. Turnell Laura Smith Detail
Brown, Morgan Twp. Dade 22 Jan 1885 Wilson W. Brown Ellena Burris Detail
Morgan, Dadeville Dade 30 Jan 1885 Perry Morgan Mary Elizabeth Vanhoover Detail
Mate, Dadeville Dade 31 Jan 1885 Joseph Franklin Mate Josie Dodson Detail
Lula May Buress Dade County Dade 11 Feb 1885 George Burress Zrilla --- Detail
Cayner, South Twp. Dade 8 Jan 1885 Joseph E. Cayner Loomy Robertson Detail
Mitchell, North Twp. Dade 24 Jan 1885 W.R. Mitchell Jane Mc---son Detail
Stapp, South Twp. Dade 29 Jan 1885 William A. Stapp --- Bowles Detail
Renfro, Washington Twp. Dade 26 Jan 1885 George Renfro --marcha Nowland Detail
Taylor, Washington Twp. Dade 7 Feb 1885 Y.J. Taylor Mary Ellen Stephens Detail
Faulkner, Lockwood Dade 7 Feb 1885 Krisy -- Faulkner Maggie Gibson Detail
Hederman, Lockwood Dade 5 Feb 1885 Fred Henderman Mary Br---pole Detail
Patterman, Lockwood Dade 13 Feb 1885 Wm W. Patterman Mary Keller Detail
Evans, Lockwood Dade 13 Feb 1885 Wm Evans Emma Gray Detail
No entry South Twp Dade 01/29/1885 Stapp, William a. Stapp, Loucinda Bowles Detail
Renfro, Blane Washington Twp Dade 01/26/1885 Renfro, George Renfro, Samantha Nowland Detail
Sarah Ann Washington Twp Dade 02/07/1885 Taylor, Y. J. Taylor, Mary Elin Stephens Detail
No entry Lockwood Dade 02/07/1885 Faulkner, King H. Faulkner, Maggie Gibson Detail
No entry Lockwood Dade 02/05/1885 Hederman, Fred H. Hederman, Mary Brunpole Detail
No entry 10 miles SW Lockwood Dade 02/13/1885 Patterman, Wm w. Patterman, Mary Keller Detail
No entry 6 miles N Lockwood Dade 02/13/1885 Evans, Wm Evans, Emma Gray Detail
Cedar Twp Dade 11/28/1883 Hagins, Dudley Manford Hagins, Martha Jane Detail
Cedar Twp Dade 05/21/1884 Farmer, James Farmer, Ida Detail
South Twp Dade 05/29/1884 Simpson, Chas. W. Simpson, Rebecca Detail
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