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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Ball, North Twp. Dade Feb 1884 Robert Ball Lucinda --- Detail
Barker, James Dade County Dade Dec 1884 S.M. Barker S.M. Little Detail
Box, Milla May Morgan Twp. Dade 31 Mar 1884 James C. Box Susan --- Detail
Bro-dale, North Twp. Dade 11 Apr 1884 John A. Bro-dale J.E. Barnard Detail
Bryant, North Twp. Dade Mar 1884 Cal--bush Bryant Adaline W---uire Detail
Boyd, Laura Rina Morgan Twp. Dade 13 Mar 1884 Levi Boyd D W. --- Detail
Biggs, Margaret Cedar Twp. Dade 30 Mar 1884 John Briggs Martha Piatt Detail
Brown, Dade County Dade 14 Apr 1884 Wa--il Brown Dinah Pearee Detail
Brais--tt, Greenfield Dade 27 Apr 1884 J. Brais--tt Detail
Bawels, M---non Twp Dade Mar 1884 Austin Bawles Alice Mc-selusff Detail
---fields, Dade County Dade 11 May 1884 William ---field Mary --- Detail
Brown, Washington Twp. Dade 11 May 1884 Geroge W. Brown Mary Spain Detail
Davidson, George Ray Washington Twp. Dade 1 Jun 1884 George W. Davidson Missouri [Weneese] Detail
Bird, South Twp. Dade 19 May 1884 Andrew Bird Julia --- Detail
Sutton, South Twp. Dade 28 May 1884 Miles Sutton Mary Wood Detail
Bird, -- Kings Twp. Dade 31 Jul 1884 William Bird Sarah [Soatin] Detail
Barnes, Polk Twp. Dade 17 Jul 1884 B.C. Barnes C.J. Stewart Detail
Bishop, Dade County Dade 14 Aug 1884 Jefferson Bishop Edna King Detail
Blankenship, Saretta Morgan Twp. Dade 16 Aug 1884 J.A. Blankenship Mary [Mate] Detail
Boyd, Dade County Dade 18 Aug 1884 C.W. Boyd W.E. -uff Detail
Burnett, Greenfield Dade 18 Aug 1884 H. Burnett D. Gardner Detail
Budd, Lockwood Dade 27 Mar 1884 Andrew Budd -- Barhl Pane Detail
Beny, Morgan Twp. Dade 14 Sep 1884 F.M. Beny B. Smith Detail
Church, Alice Dade 2 Feb 1884 Walter E. Church R.E. ---- Detail
Chappell, Dade 14 Feb 1884 Ernest Chappell Sarah Strickland Detail
Corn, Dade 5 Feb 1884 Unknown Alice Corn Detail
Cale, --- Dade Dade Jan 1884 Wa--- Cale Susan Walker Detail
Clark, --- Cedar Twp Dade 8 Mar 1884 John Isaac Clark Detail
Claypool, Missouri Dade 28 Mar 1884 J.C. Claypool F-ly Shackelford Detail
Blankenship, Morgan Twp. Dade 12 Apr 1884 John A. Blankenship Bertha Wack Detail
Barnel, Missouri Dade Apr 1884 Josh Barnel Sarah C. Morris Detail
Cook, Cedar Twp. Dade 4 Apr 1884 Joseph C. Cook Detail
Clevenger, Gracy May Dade Mar 16 1884 Clevenger, Jeremiah Clevenger, Louisa E. Wardlow, Louisa E. Detail
Cantrell, Polk Twp. Dade 26 Jun 1884 James Cantrell Caroline E. Detail
Calfer, Dade County Dade 21 Jul 1884 H.C. Calfer Fannie Hughes Detail
Cox, --- Twp. Dade 10 Aug 1884 ---ley Cox Maggie A. [Gorman] Detail
Cheek, Morgan Twp. Dade 25 Sep 1884 C. Cheek H. Spencer Detail
Carter, Dadeville Dade 4 Sep 1884 George Carter W.C. Detail
Callens, Lockwood Dade 14 Sep 1884 C.M. Callens C. J. -annis Detail
Carson, Cedar Twp. Dade 22 Aug 1884 G. Carson S.K. Epperson Detail
Crow, Morgan Twp. Dade 15 Sep 1884 B.B. Crow M.H. Co---minock Detail
Cantrell, North Twp. Dade 15 Oct 1884 A.J. Cantrell R.A. Farris Detail
Campbell, North Twp. Dade 15 Oct 1884 G.A.Campbell C. Detail
Clark, South Twp. Dade 17 Oct 1884 William T. Clark Mahala A.Louis Detail
Cook, Greenfield Dade 15 Oct 1884 Willy Cook R.S. Peabody Detail
Clark, Dade County Dade 15 Oct 1884 Thomas Clark Detail
Carrica, South Twp. Dade 12 Dec 1884 John D. Carrica Martha Novell Detail
Cardwell, Morgan Twp. Dade 16 Dec 1884 Bloomfield L. Cardwell Louisa W. James Detail
Cantrell, Alkana Cormer Rock Prairie Twp. Dade 29 Dec 1884 J.T. Cantrell W.E. York Detail
Collens, Ira Jacob Lockwood Dade 19 Dec 1884 John Timothy Collens Yanni Rodyons Detail
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